Masturbation Positions for People with Penises

Published: MAY 24, 2024 | Updated: MAY 28, 2024
There are so many ways to make masturbation feel amazing from the tried and true and the truly wild. Let's go over some of the best positions to jerk off in — from the ones you've probably used thousands of times to some lesser-known options that will spark some inspiration.

Tired of your tried-and-true masturbation routine? Love the excitement of experimenting with different sex positions and want to bring that excitement to your solo bedroom time? Turns out, sex positions aren't just for couples and groups. Adapting these positions for masturbation can make a big difference in your solo playtime too.


Not only do different ways to wank make your masturbation session feel different, but they also feel new. Our brains are hard-wired for novelty, and that's true in the bedroom too. By trying something new before or while jerking off, you're going to get that all-too-desired bump in arousal, making your resulting play feel even more amazing.

(Plus, a new masturbation position can give you access to pleasure spots you don't normally hit. How's that for awesome benefits?)

Check out our list of the best masturbation positions for men and start rolling in those pleasure benefits.


Author's Note: These masturbation positions can work for anyone with a penis. While gender is often used within this article, it's only to ensure the people who want this information can find it. If you have a penis or enjoy masturbating in ways that penis-owners do, these masturbation positions are for you! And if you don't have a penis, these vulva masturbation positions are for you. I got you covered either way!

Best Masturbation Positions for Men

There are so many ways to make masturbation feel amazing from the tried and true and the truly wild. Let's go over some of the best positions to jerk off in — from the ones you've probably used thousands of times to some lesser-known options that will spark some inspiration.

Between the Cushions Position

Between the Cushions position. A person with kneeling in front of a couch, kneeling directly in the spot where two cushions meet. Their hips are pushed forwards, like they are sliding their penis in-between the two couch cushions. | Kinkly

Have a couch? Well, you're about to turn it into a piece of sex furniture. Simply slide your shaft in between two couch cushions to enjoy doggy-style sex anytime you want!


I just recommend protecting your couch ahead of time. Wear a condom or tuck a puppy pad in between the couch cushions to ensure that you're grinding up against a soft surface and don't have to worry about ruining the most expensive piece of furniture in your living room.

Make it better: This masturbation position is asking for a penis stroker. Slide any penis stroker between the couch cushions, and you'll have a DIY sex toy mount, perfect for squeezing out new ways to enjoy your stroker using the furniture you already have.

From the Back Position

From the Back sex posiiton. A person is laying on the side with their knees pulled up towards their shoulders. They are reaching around behind them, from the back, to slide an anal toy into their butt. It looks like they're laying in the fetal position. | Kinkly

If anal play is part of your masturbation experience, let me introduce you to the From the Back position. Not only can you enjoy the comfort of your bed, but it also makes it easier to hit the prostate while you're doing it. It's a two-for-one!


Pulling the knees up in the fetal position makes it easier to access the prostate, and the from-the-back angle for controlling the toy actually helps angle it directly into that P-spot. Plus, if you're ever sharing your sexy time with a partner, this position can look extra hot.

Make it better: While the From the Back position shows a person actively manipulating a toy, you don't have to. This is one of the basic positions that a prostate massager was built for. If you don't want to go the massager route, a strand of anal beads or a butt plug will allow you to slide the toy in, open your legs, and stroke yourself, if desired.

Kneeling Kneading Position

Kneeling Kneading sex position. A person is kneeling on a bed, stroking their penis. | Kinkly

It can be easy to "default" to lying or sitting on the bed, but when you want a change of pace, why not try kneeling? Not only does it make your same-ol' stroking feel a bit different, but it can also make it easier to thrust into your hand, letting you get into a great headspace during your stroke-off session.


Make it better: The Kneeling Kneading position is *chef's kiss*. If you've ever wanted to do a cum tribute or if you're turned on by the idea of splattering the orifice of your penis stroker, this position can easily make those fantasies come true.

Doing It Doggy Position

Doing It Doggy sex position illustration. A person is kneeling upright, their hands off the ground. A square-shaped sex furniture piece is in front of them, holding a stroker. The person is gripping the sides of the square-shaped sex toy mount to slide into the stroker like Doggy style. | Kinkly

Simulating doggy-style sex during solo play can be difficult, but that's where the Liberator Top Dog comes in. This unique sex toy mount holds a penis stroker at the perfect height to come in "from behind." The sturdy, high-density foam holds the stroker in place while simultaneously giving you "hips" to grip onto, simulating that partnered position from start to finish.

Make it better: The Top Dog can go anywhere in your house, and I really recommend placing it in front of your TV while a doggy-style adult video plays. It can make the entire experience feel ecstatically realistic.


Stroke and Scroll Sex Position

Stroke and Scroll sex position illustration. A person is sitting at a desk chair in front of a computer screen. One hand is using the mouse on their computer while their other hand is stroking an erect penis. | Kinkly

Any list of penis masturbation positions that doesn't include the Stroke and Scroll is just kidding itself. We all know that jerking off in front of your computer screen is one of the most common ways to get there — and there's a good reason! You get a screen that's way bigger than your phone, you're seated comfortably, and you can easily browse your favorite content without fear of dropping your phone.

Just make sure to take occasional breaks! The Stroke and Scroll position can be so comfortable that it's easy to lose yourself in the sensations and realize that an hour has passed without you noticing. (Some gooners specifically love it just for that reason!)

Make it better: Honestly, the Stroke and Scroll is amazing exactly how it is. If you're into the idea of online play, though, this can be a great way to add Bluetooth-enabled sex toys like Lovense toys. Using their Bluetooth dongle on a PC can bring your sex toy experience off your phone and onto your computer.

Bed Humping Sex Position

Bed Humping position illustration. A person is laying, face down, pretending to hump. An anal plug is in the person's butt. | Kinkly

If you've ever woken up from a sexy dream and found yourself grinding into the bed, you might have done the Bed Humping sex position without even realizing it. Simply find a bed, lie face down on it, and grind your penis against the mattress.

If you love adding even more pleasure (I don't know many people who'd answer "no" to that!), the Bed Humping position can also be a great fit for an anal toy, as shown. I recommend selecting a toy that stays well between your cheeks. The constant humping movement can accidentally push your plug outwards with some anal toy styles.

Make it better: If your mattress is on the firmer side, you might consider slipping a pillow between your penis and the bed. If your mattress has a pillow top, though, you might already be golden.

Hole Lot of Love Position

Hole Lot of Love sex position. A person straddles the sex furniture piece with a dildo held upright in the piece of furniture. They can now use the toy hands-free.

If riding a dildo hits some of all your physical and mental pleasure spots, you're probably going to love the Hole Lot of Love position. It uses a sex toy mount to hold a dildo upright, anchoring it anywhere you want, so you can kneel and ride it. This leaves your hands free for penis stroking, sexting on your phone, or anything else you had in mind.

Make it better: If you're someone who enjoys nipple play, adding nipple clamps to the Hole Lot of Love can be amazing. You'll have penis pleasure, anal pleasure, and nipple pleasure all at the same time!

Seated Stroking Position

Seated Stroking sex position. A person is sitting on a dining chair without arms. They are stroking their erect penis up and down. | Kinkly

Have a chair? Well, you can masturbate! The Seated Stroking position uses any chair you can find as your next masturbation location. Really: any chair! You can jerk off in camping chairs, that single chair you can find in any hotel room, or even in the middle of the dining room, if that's your jam.

Make it better: Having a chair underneath you offers more sensation options. You can slide an anal toy into yourself and sit on top of it. You can use a sit-on vibrator to add sensations externally while seated. You can use larger, heavier toys like the KIIROO KEON with the added real estate on your thighs. It's all up to your sense of adventure!

Other Creative Ways to Masturbate

Trying new masturbation positions is just one way to revitalize your jerk-off sessions and make them feel new. You can also play around with how you masturbate! If you want some extra credit, consider some of these fun ways to add even more pleasure to your masturbation sessions.

Guided Masturbation

We all know how awesome masturbation feels in our bodies, but when you're looking for a more meditative, mind-body experience, I'd recommend trying guided masturbation. Open one of the several guided masturbation apps out there, and listen in as the calming voice leads you into yourself, helping you drop into your own body.

If masturbation has felt too rushed and genital-focused lately, guided masturbation might be the solution you're looking for to occasionally transform it into a transcendental experience.

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Finish with a flourish

Remember the early days when you used to ejaculate into whatever was functionally nearby? Now, you probably have some sort of system down, ejaculating and cleaning up as efficiently as possible to go on with your day.

Instead, of doing your tried-and-true method, consider mixing it up for an instant reward of arousal. Does it sound hot to cover a sex doll in your cum? A printed picture of your girlfriend? Aimlessly shooting all over the floor with the plan to clean it up afterward?

By simply changing up where you'll finish and spending a bit of time thinking about it while you're enjoying your new masturbating pose, you can make the masturbation feel more intense and primal.

Use a powerful vibrator on your penis

The Magic Wand is often touted as a great option for clitoral pleasure, but did you know that it actually can work just as great for your penis? While powerful, stationary vibrations (as opposed to the movement of stroking) can take a bit to get used to, the earth-shattering vibration that makes people worship their Magic Wands can give your shaft pleasure like you've never experienced before.

Just take a Magic Wand and hold it up against the frenulum. Grind against the wand massager or hold it in place, letting it work its magic. Really, that's it!

If you want to get a little fancier about it, the Kinklab Hammerhead is an attachment for a full-sized Magic Wand specifically crafted for penis owners. This attachment secures to the head of your wand massager, attaching a small penis sleeve to the tip of the wand. This can offer vibrations that wrap around the entire shaft instead of just pressing up against one spot.

Swap up your grips

You probably have a dominant hand that's become your stroking workhorse over the years. By simply swapping up your grips (and how you stroke your length), you can make any masturbation position feel completely new.

Add in a bit of lube, and start experimenting! Swirl your hand around the shaft. Go two-handed. Use a twisted grip. Vary the tightness. Go palm-only. Really, there are hundreds of different grips out there, waiting to be explored.

Need inspiration? This GIF-filled resource can get you going on the right track.

Now go forth, newly equipped with creative ways to masturbate and masturbation positions to make the experience truly mind-blowing!

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