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Micro Fetish

A micro fetish is sexual arousal caused by either being small or having a partner who is significantly smaller than oneself. Micro fetish can be related to macro fetish which involves attraction to much... (Read on)

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You want more licking, rubbing, thrusting, hips pointed up to the ceiling super-hot sex? I’ve got some ideas on how to create more of that in your life. My list of possibilities... (Read on)
Sex, Tech, & Style: Your 2016 Sex Toy Trend Report

The vibrators and kink products of yesteryear pale in comparison to today's tech-geeky, fashion-forward, could-double-as-artwork pleasure accessories. Check out some of the latest things to hit the market.
Sex Stories We Love: Redefining Relations, Adding Up to Anal, & Future of Sex Ed

In this week's Sex Stories We Love, we talk about genetic sexual attraction, a math formula to choose your next butt plug, and the future of sex ed.
Man seducing woman in bed

Check out this sexy excerpt from a book about a friendship with benefits, a new attraction and an explosively sexy love triangle.
Humiliated woman

Humiliation can be really exciting but it's also a taboo topic, which can make it really hard to address with a partner. Here are some tips for bringing it up.
Woman caressing neck

Enjoying a better sex life is all about inviting desire. Doing that involves being honest with yourself - and your partner.
Why Does He Need Porn When He Has ME?

If you are threatened because your partner or lover watches porn, you need to ask yourself why. Amy Jo Goddard provides some insight into what often drives these feelings.
Asexuality Is a Mystery. Why?

The key to understanding asexuality, like with any orientation, is education. Knowledge is sexy. Knowledge is power!
7 Tips for Choosing Bondage Rope

Rope bondage offers all the creativity and flexibility a kinky mind could ever want. Here's how to choose the right rope for you.
Banana and oranges arranged to resemble male anatomy

Sex ed isn't comprehensive across the country. Here are 6 common misconceptions that adults have about sex.
7 Super-Sexy Undercover Sex Toys

Even if you’re loud and proud about your sex toy collection, it can be nice to have a few pieces that fly under the radar. Here are a few picks that are as sexy as they are subtle.
Sex Stories We Love: Sex Product Policing, Required Research, & Score!

In this week's Sex Stories We Love, we explore lots of different ways that sex affects our lives...including why you should get it on before your next athletic event!
Woman sexting in bed

Great sext involves communication, consent, class and foreplay! Here are some tips on how to get it right.
Photo of Asa Akira

Think porn is all bad? Here's how getting involved in the porn industry saved one woman's life.
Steamy mirror with sex and handprint

Are you ready for some steamy visuals during your next playdate? Check out these 5 mirror sex positions!
Man and pregnant woman

Parenthood can have a major effect on a couple's sex life, but there are still plenty of ways - and reasons - to connect. This excerpt provides helpful tools and reminders to help couples get back to a happy, healthy sex life.
Two frogs mating

Getting it on in new and interesting ways can be great...or not so great.
Woman reaching under the bed for her vibrator

Take a look at these classic sex toy favorites! Which ones did you hide from your parents?
Sex Stories We Love: Orgy Offerings, Hysterical Sex History Lessons, & Poke-Me-Mon?

In this week's Sex Stories We Love, we learn about the orgy experience, some hilarious past sex and dating lessons, Pokemon inspired sex toys, and more!
Woman kissing man on forehead in bed

Sexual surrogacy involves taking your heart on an adventure. You don’t know where you will journey or where you will end up. But if you are open to it you will reap the beauty of the shared experience.
Sex Blogger of the Month: Jill of In Bed With Married Women

It's August. That means it's time for us to reveal another super sexy, super fun, and super informative sex blogger to you. This month's featured blogger is Jill of In Bed With Married Women. Check it out!
Woman holding a condom in bed

Building a condom display for the window of a sex shop leads to a more exciting display after hours. Read this Kinkly exclusive erotic short story here.
Woman peeking into man pants

Think that you can't be intimate with your partner because you can't get an erection? Think again. Here are some ideas to boost intimacy without sex.
Woman enjoying an orgasm

Discovering your edge and playing along it makes for great sexual exploration - and great fun when you decide to jump off. We provide tips on how to discover your edge.
OhMiBod Lovelife Cuddle G-spot vibrator

This cute G-spot vibe offers power and performance at a lower price point. Check out the full review here.
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Everything You Need to Know About Masturbation

Curious about masturbation? Here's everything you need to know about getting it on with yourself! 
BDSM 101

Class is in session! It's time to learn all the basics about BDSM. C'mon...you know you want to! 
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Sexual aversion disorder is a psychological condition that causes people to feel distressed about sexual contact. People with sexual aversion disorder feel fearful... Read more

Rape trauma syndrome is the medical term for the response most rape survivors have following their attacks. As rape trauma syndrome is the body’s natural response... Read more

Chancroid is a sexually transmitted infection caused by the bacterium Haemophilus ducreyi. It causes ulcerous sores on the genitals and swollen glands in the groin.... Read more

Hypophilia is a condition where individuals are lacking in sexual responsiveness or interest. This syndrome is often caused by a problem with the person’s genitalia... Read more

Hyperphilia is a condition which gives individuals a higher than normal level of sexual response or desire. As a result, people with hyperphilia, known as... Read more
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