Even the savviest most sex-positive people can be victims of sexual assault. And it's never their fault.

Sex Stories We Love: Sexual Assault Awareness Month

In this week's Sex Stories We Love, we honor April as Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

hacking attack

Are you aware of what you might be revealing? Yes, some sex toys are likely hackable and it's worth being aware of.

women with legs intertwined in bed

Here are six vulva-on-vulva sex positions of varying difficulties that you need to try.


If bisexuals watch more porn does that mean watching porn causes bisexuality? Nope.

woman praying

Can being kinky and a person of faith co-exist? We take a look at religion in the kink community.


The development of a drug for female sexual desire may be an important step, but this particular drug has faced lots of criticism.

Sex Stories We Love: Legalese Made Easy, Safety in Decriminalization, & Sex Workers on Film

In this week's edition of Sex Stories We Love, we look at one of the most hotly debated topics: sex work!

woman with hearts over eyes

Polyamory? We're sure you know what that is ... but have you ever heard of ambiamory? Here's what you should know about it.

Got an STI? Here's How, When and Why You Should Disclose That

STI stigma makes disclosure difficult, but you have to do it anyway.

female dominance

If our gender-based social interactions worldwide involved women-led spaces and female domination protocol, would the world be a better place?

two women fooling around

Think consent is black and white? Think again. Here's how one person learned the intricacies of consent by hosting sex parties.

Sex Stories We Love: Casual Sex Edition

In this week's Sex Stories We Love, we're looking at the attempts, successes, and mishaps that come along with casual sex.

unhappy couple in bed

Not sure if you're in an abusive relationship? These behaviors are subtle signs of sexual abuse.

fetish lingerie

Express yourself! Whether you dig leather and latex or not, the world of kinky fashion is your oyster.


sexual assault

When I talk to survivors after they have experienced an assault, they tend to have had plenty of people talking at them and never actually listening to what they needed...

My partner often wants to have sex when I don't. Should I go through it to please them or just tell them I'm not into it?

Yes to both. It is always OK to say no – ALWAYS. Being pressured to have sex when you aren’t in the mood is never sexy but there are some exceptions. There...

black man looking proud and cheeky

We all have an inner critic. Rarely do we realize how impactful that critic can be. When it comes to desire, arousal and pleasure our inner critic can short circuit...

depressed woman

Trauma can be a psychological, emotional and/or physical response to an event or multiple experiences that are distressing and disturbing. Trauma is just a guideline...

stressed woman in bed

Stress is the antithesis of desire and pleasure. Therefore, when you are stressed sex will be at the bottom of your emotional and physical to-do list. If you want to...

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