Sex Stories We Love: A Wilde Story, Unlearning Sex, & Horney Immortality

In this week's Sex Stories We Love, we look at different eras of sex: the past, the present, and the future!

fat body BDSM

Whips and chains didn't just excite me, they helped me love my body. Learn about how kink can provide a space for people to find their confidence.

So, You Think You're Too Old for Sex?

Too old for sex? Not so fast, there. Sex is important even as you get older! Here are some tips on how to bring intimacy back into your life.

SURVEY: Have You Ever Faked an Orgasm? Tell Us Why!

Have you ever faked an orgasm? Tell us why in this survey and help us explain why this something so many of us do!

Poly Diaries: Why We Became Poly Again

Poly, monogamy, and poly again. Here's why we did it.

Sex Stories We Love: #WeTheNipple, Empowerment Through Erotic Photography, & Deepfake Is Disturbing

In this week's Sex Stories We Love, looks at our societal love of sexual imagery and some current trends, some of which have the potential to cause a lot of damage.

So Many Sex Toys, So Little Space: The Best Sex Toy Storage Solutions

It's a conundrum many of us have faced: sex toys abound and no where to put them. Until now! Check out these genius sex toy storage solutions for ideas on how to...

5 Great Steps for Men for Better Sex After 40

Looking to make 40 the new 30? Or even 20? Here are some tips for having your best sex life ever.

G in lights

G-spot vibrators are far more versatile than their name implies. Here are a few other amazing ways to use them.

Help One of Our Readers' 10 Favorite Sex Toys Win an Award!

If one of these 10 toys tops your lists, show it some love by helping it win our Consumers' Choice Award.

Yeah, Bob, We Get It. You Like BDSM. Why You Shouldn't Push Kink on Vanilla Folks.

Be a force of good by considering the greater 'us' while deciding when, where, and around whom you sprinkle your kinky pixie dust.

It's National Sex Day! Is Your Sex Life Worth Celebrating?

This unofficial holiday is a good time to take a look at your sex life and whether it's delivering what you're looking for, whether it's more pleasure, more orgasm, more...

woman shopping

You can now buy toothpaste, toilet paper ... and sex toys! Here's why that's a good thing for everyone's sexual health.


Sex education teaches a very narrow view of sex and sexuality, one that leaves many things - and people - out of the picture.

How to Get Weed Lube If You Can't Get Weed

Want to try weed lube but don't live in a state where recreational marijuana is legal? There are other options.


As a sexual assault survivor, I find all the recent allegations of sexual assault in the news really upsetting and triggering. What can I do to survive them?

The last few years have been really hard, especially if you are a survivor or someone who falls under the marginalized identity structure. And goodness forbid you fall...

unhappy couple

This may look different for everyone depending on what feels “safe” for you, as well as what your needs are. There are some things that you may want to look...

woman with handcuffs

One of my main goals with "The Ultimate Guide to Bondage" was to make bondage accessible to everybody. So, most of the materials that I use for the tutorials...

sexual assault exam

SART stands for sexual assault response team. This is the medical exam that is given to sexual assault survivors if they decide to go to a hospital to get evaluated. It...

handcuffed hands

One of the beautiful things about power exchange is that vulnerability that you can find. But yes, it is really important to make sure that whoever you are trusting with...


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