The cervix can be an orgasmic area - if you know how to stimulate it and are willing to take the time to do so.

sexy woman lingerie

I’ve never quite gotten over my shyness, but he’s the Dominant, I’m the submissive and this is our agreement. When he says masturbate, I do.

Nexus Revo Slim Prostate Massager

This vibrating, rotating prostate massage is likely to please most people thanks to its slim shape and intense stimulation.

woman applying lubricant to hand

Wetter sex is better sex - but only if you pick the right lube for the job. We provide the details on which lube is best for every sexual scenario.

b-vibe anal training set

If you're interested in anal play, this high-quality, body-safe anal training kit from b-Vibe is like Anal 101.

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Think you know everything about your sexual anatomy? Take our Masturbation Quiz and test your knowledge.

Put a Ring On It: 7 Steps to Buying a Cock Ring

With so many options on the market, sex toy shopping can be a daunting affair. With these 7 steps, we've made it easy for you to stop browsing and start enjoying!

womanizer duo

This unique dual-stimulation vibrator is beautiful, easy to use and oh-so-effective.

31 Fascinating Facts About Orgasm

Orgasms are fun to have - and fascinating to read about! Here are 31 facts you may not know.

10 Sweet Reasons to Get It on with Yourself

Why masturbate? There are lots of good reasons, both physical and mental. Here are a few of our favorites.

Sex Stories We Love: What Comes After You Come?

In this week's Sex Stories We Love, we're looking at what comes after you do (and, yes, pun intended...).

Water Masturbation - Have You Tried This Yet?

What's better than some sexy solo fun in the bath or shower? Here are some ideas to try.

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When we avoid talking about masturbation, we make it feel abnormal, taboo and shameful. Here's why we should all open up about self-pleasure

New Toy to Know: Gaia Collection by Blush Novelties

Blush's recent Earth Day promotion of Gaia and Eco showcase the first vibrators (that we know of) that really have environmental impact in mind.

depressed woman

For some, is already an emotional minefield full of performance anxiety, fear, guilt and shame. It can be even more traumatic for those dealing with depression. Here are...


woman with handcuffs

One of my main goals with "The Ultimate Guide to Bondage" was to make bondage accessible to everybody. So, most of the materials that I use for the tutorials...

sexual assault exam

SART stands for sexual assault response team. This is the medical exam that is given to sexual assault survivors if they decide to go to a hospital to get evaluated. It...

handcuffed hands

One of the beautiful things about power exchange is that vulnerability that you can find. But yes, it is really important to make sure that whoever you are trusting with...

therapy circle

With any job that has to do with working with individuals it is important to know why you are doing the job and or want to do the job. When working with people it is...

sexual assault

When I talk to survivors after they have experienced an assault, they tend to have had plenty of people talking at them and never actually listening to what they needed...