Couples' Privilege Is a Thing and It's a Toxic Experience for Poly Practitioners

Couples' privilege is the acceptance of certain polyamorous relationships over others. And it can be toxic.

Sex Stories We Love: A Big Shout Out to Our Bisexual Friends and Lovers

In this week's Sex Stories We Love, we pay homage to our bisexual friends and lovers who are so often overlooked by society!

Sex Toys and Consent: How Using Them With a Partner Can Start Important Conversations

A simple discussion over sex toys is a fun and sexy way to reveal ourselves to our partners and find consensual middle ground.

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If you’re open to sexual exploration, here are nine toys designed with partnered play in mind.

5 Sweet Sex Positions, Just in Time for Valentine's Day

Maybe you aren't into heart-shaped cards or candy, but Valentine's day comes with other, less commercial, perks: It's a great day for getting laid. Here are five...

pink panties

In this very sexy excerpt, a woman is teased to the edge of orgasm by a vibrating pair of panties - but ordered not to come.

Sex Stories We Love: Sex Toys Around the World, Tip of the Tongue, & Fickle or Fleshlight?

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, we're looking at some sexy grown up fun!

bound woman

Bondage can be really romantic and sexy! Here are a few simple products to help you fulfill your bondage fantasies.

Top 6 Underrated Erogenous Zones to Discover

Want to break out of your foreplay rut? Here's our guide to the body’s most underrated erogenous zones to help spice up your sex life.

Kevin Patterson Poly Role Models

February's Sex Blogger of the Month is Kevin Patterson of Poly Role Models. Here's 10 questions with Kevin to help you discover why we love Poly Role Models so much.

5 Games for Teasing Your Partner in Chastity

Have a partner in chastity that is bored of the same old lock-and-key games? Here are 5 games to play with your partner to spice up your chastity play.

5 New(ish) Things That Have Made Having a Vagina Way More Fun

Vaginas are amazing. Here are a few things that help keep them - and the humans attached to them - healthier and happier.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Giving Your First Pegging

Pegging can be nerve-racking for first timers - whether you're giving or receiving. But with some planning, research and practice, pegging can be an enjoyable experience...

Sex Stories We Love: Orgasm Edition!

This week, we're looking at the climax of most sexual activity...and yes, pun intended!

A Beginner’s Guide to Nipple Play

Nipples can often be overlooked. And they absolutely shouldn't be! Here's a beginner's guide to nipple play to help boost your foreplay game and get your partner closer...


One bad night is ruining my sex life. Help!

That sounds super frustrating for you. From what I see in my practice, there are a few things I would consider for you. First of all, how did you and she handle it in...

Sexual violence is hard to talk about. How can I get more comfortable with this topic?

The first thing that you can do for yourself as an ally/accomplice is never stop learning. As cheesy as it sounds, knowledge is truly power. Sexual violence can be...

How can I support a male who has identified themselves to me as a sexual assault survivor?

If you have a friend that is male-identified how would you support them?Would it be any different than supporting a female-identified friend?No, someone is still coming...

heterosexual couple in therapy session

Sex therapy is the clinical treatment of sexual dysfunction and sexuality-related concerns. Sex therapy occurs in outpatient psychotherapy with a unique focus on...

How can I check in with my partner after a group experience and make sure we're feeling grounded in our relationship?

After any kind of threesome or group play, it's really important to find a way to have a check-in with your partner. For some people, that means you spend the night...