Sex Stories We Love: Pics and Pecs, All You Have to Do Is Dream & Good Therapist Relationships

This week, we look at whether the evolution of attraction can REALLY be determined by creepy public pic taking, what your sex dreams may mean, what sex is like for sex...

Practical Ways to Reduce Your Sexual Shame

We live in a world that shames people for having sexual desires. Here some tips on how to confront that shame and free yourself from it.

Bullet Vibrators

If orgasms are so beneficial, why not have them whenever - and wherever - we can?

Sex Blogger of the Month: Sunny Megatron

December's Sex Blogger of the Month is also our Sex Blogging Superhero of 2017! Read about Sunny Megatron here.

For Better Orgasms, Flex This Muscle

Want a simple method to increase the strength of your orgasms? Try Kegel exercises.

Sex Stories We Love: When Mother of Dragons Speaks, Gender Fluid Fabulous & Write Sexy, Right? Wrong!

This week's edition includes stories on how celebrities affect how society views sex, a smoking hot gender-fluid lingerie model, and the worst sex writing of 2017!

The Future of Sex: 4 Things We Are Likely to See (Along With Robots)

High-tech sex toys, apps and virtual reality can mean new avenues of sexual exploration, whether alone or with a partner.

12 Threesome Terms You Need to Know

Seeking a threesome experience? These terms will help you navigate one - and better understand what you're getting into.

b-Vibe snug plug anal plug

There are thousands of butt plugs on the market. Here's why we chose to highlight the b-Vibe Snug Plug.

4 Reasons Why You Have Better Sex Than Your Grandparents

Sex has changed throughout every generation. The good news is, it's changed for the better. Learn more here.

Woman black friday shopping with laptop in bed

Want to capitalize on all the Black Friday deals and sales on sex toys? Here are tips to help you get something you'll love.

All the Best Black Friday Sex Toy Deals of 2017

The best Black Friday deals, sales, packages and coupon codes all in one place.

Sex Stories We Love: Good Yea Mates, Contractually Yours & Sexytime Snacks

This week in sex news: Australia legalized gay marriage, a look at the world's oldest prenup, and sexytime snacks!

Sexy couple in bed happy

Sex toys are a great way to bring a little adventure into the bedroom, to experiment with new experiences and to share them with your partner. Here are five things to...

How to Choose a Sex Toy Gift for That Super Special Someone

Sex toys can be the gift that keeps on giving, but that’s only true if the gift you give is a high-quality toy that will not only do what it does well, but also do it...


How can I convey to my children that I have sexual feelings and thoughts without embarrassing them?

Embarrassment can be a very natural and normal response. I recommend developing a balance of being both honest and private. Let them know sex is just another life skill...

My husband and I have stopped having sex, but want to stay together for the kids. Can we make this work?

I want to commend you and your husband for at least knowing that you want to continue co-raising your children, and being aware of their needs. Staying married for the...

Woman licking candied lips

Well, no two munches are the same. Some are held in bars or pubs, some in restaurants and some in coffee shops. Most are held in public spaces although some munches are...

Can rebound sex help me get over my ex?

First, this answer depends substantially on what the nature of your relationship and break-up was like. Did you really love this man? Did you see yourself spending a...

I am uncomfortable revealing my sexual history to new partners. What can I do?

I would have to say that the majority of what goes into this decision is your comfort level, as well as what is relevant. Personally, I am not comfortable with sharing...

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