Guys, Here's How to Hit the P-Spot Using a Toy

Hitting your p-spot can result in a mind-blowing prostate orgasm. Here we look at how prostate stimulating toys can help get the job done.

Anal Fisting: An Educated Look at Performing a Famous Porn Move

Anal fisting is a common occurrence in porn. If the idea interests you, there are some things you need to know to play safe!

Rainbow Delights: New Ways You Can Use Gender in BDSM Play

Gender roles are totally made up, but they can be a great way to spice up your next BDSM scene.

Better Sex: 10 Things to Start Doing Right Now

The old saying: bad sex is still good sex. The truth: you can do these 10 things right now to have a better sex life.

A Sexologist Explains How Full-Body Orgasms Come from the Sympathetic Nervous System

Our brains are our biggest sex organ. In order to have the best orgasms, you need to ensure your brain and body are working in tandem.

Sex Stories We Love: Spectacular Sex Positions

In this week's Sex Stories We Love, we're giving you the low down on some spectacular sex positions! Which one will you try?

outdoor sex

Summer might make us feel universally sexy, but some of us just aren't outdoorsy types. Don't worry: You don't have to feel left out. Check out three of the hottest...

Are Cannabis Products The Key to Embodied Sexuality?

Discover how cannabis and weed products are changing the way we experience our sexual pleasures.

New Toy to Know: Geisha Balls by Mystim

Kegels used to be kind of boring, but not anymore. Mystim's new e-stim Geisha Balls line will change your sighs of boredom into screams of pleasure.

5 Trends Your Naughty Bits Are Better Off Without

Your naughty bits are sensitive! Here are 5 things that you should NOT put inside of them despite current trends.

woman with flogger

Feel like a spanking? Here's how to deliver one both safely and soundly.

It's OK to Have Casual Sex on Your Summer Vacation - Here's How to Do It Safely

There’s really no good reason for casual sex to be fraught with such a stigma. Here's how to hit the road and have safe, casual sex.

Sex Stories We Love: A New Sex Trend, Hot Water, & Lookin' for Leather

In this week's Sex Stories We Love, we're looking at some sexy things that are currently trending!

pregnant woman in bathing suit

Many people are fascinated and awed by pregnancy and lactation. So, maybe we shouldn't be surprised that this is also a common fetish. Learn more about it here.

Why You Get Horny After An Argument

Anger and passion can be closely linked. Here's why an argument can turn into passionate makeup sex.


As a sexual assault survivor, I find all the recent allegations of sexual assault in the news really upsetting and triggering. What can I do to survive them?

The last few years have been really hard, especially if you are a survivor or someone who falls under the marginalized identity structure. And goodness forbid you fall...

unhappy couple

This may look different for everyone depending on what feels “safe” for you, as well as what your needs are. There are some things that you may want to look...

woman with handcuffs

One of my main goals with "The Ultimate Guide to Bondage" was to make bondage accessible to everybody. So, most of the materials that I use for the tutorials...

sexual assault exam

SART stands for sexual assault response team. This is the medical exam that is given to sexual assault survivors if they decide to go to a hospital to get evaluated. It...

handcuffed hands

One of the beautiful things about power exchange is that vulnerability that you can find. But yes, it is really important to make sure that whoever you are trusting with...


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