Suction sex toys

Looking to give a suction-based sex toy a try? Here are seven that'll have you celebrating the clitoris!

4 Stereotypes About Female Sexuality That Hurt Your Sex Life

These female stereotypes are damaging to relationships, sex lives and women's lives in general.

submissive woman

Predicament bondage. An activity that requires someone to make decisions and pay the price for them. Here's an introduction to predicament bondage.

Sex Stories We Love: Dealing with Painful Sex, Older Folks Like to Fuck, & Legal Bone-ifications

Sex isn't always perfect. In this week's Sex Stories We Love, we're looking at some of the realities that impact our sex lives.

group sex

Like most sex acts, group sex can be a thrilling experience with proper planning and safety measures in place.

Sexy Sounds and Lurid Listens: The Top Audio-Only Porn Online

Hearing sex and sexy sounds definitely drives people wild. We provide some top picks for audio porn.

Meet Cameron Glover, the Sex Educator Working to Make Sex-Ed More Inclusive for Black Women and Femmes

We spoke to this writer, sex educator and podcaster about her work - and equity within the sexual health community.


Piercings can up the intensity of all kinds of play. Here we cover a few popular places to pierce.

7 Women Share How They Dropped Sexual Shame

While sexual shame may not be our fault, we also have a choice about whether we decide to hold onto it, or let it go. These seven women who did just that.

Sex Stories We Love: The Wonderful & Wild World of Sexual Liberation

In this week's Sex Stories We Love, we're taking a peek at the wonderful and wild world of sexual liberation!

woman kneeling in front of St. Andrew's Cross

In this excerpt, new lovers share a hot moment of dominance, submission and release.

vagina problems

We are often taught or socialized to believe these problems are no big deal. In fact, many can - and often should - be solved.

Trauma Queen Podcast

It's March! This month, we're highlighting Jimanekia Eborn of the Trauma Queen Podcast, a show that addresses trauma and healing in a compassionate, inclusive way.

three hearts in a line representing metamours and polyamory

Want to be a decent metamour in your polyamorous relationship? Here are some things you should do.

book with pages forming a heart

These books demystify Tantra to bring infinite orgasmic bliss within your reach.


stressed woman in bed

Stress is the antithesis of desire and pleasure. Therefore, when you are stressed sex will be at the bottom of your emotional and physical to-do list. If you want to...

I have anxiety and it's affecting my sex life. What can I do about it?

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health issues related to sexual dysfunction. At one point, anxiety was seen to be the leading cause of sexual dysfunction. When...

A friend says they want 'healthy boundaries.' What does that mean?

This is a great conversation to be having with your friends. I wish more people were talking about having conversations with their friends about boundaries.What are...

One bad night is ruining my sex life. Help!

That sounds super frustrating for you. From what I see in my practice, there are a few things I would consider for you. First of all, how did you and she handle it in...

Sexual violence is hard to talk about. How can I get more comfortable with this topic?

The first thing that you can do for yourself as an ally/accomplice is never stop learning. As cheesy as it sounds, knowledge is truly power. Sexual violence can be...