It Took Way Too Long but We Finally Have a Vagina Museum

If vagina owners don’t know about, or can’t talk about, our anatomy, what happens when we need to talk to a partner about our pleasure or a doctor about our health? This...

8 Ways to Turn Yourself on for More Satisfying Sex

Sometimes getting turned on means getting yourself in the mood. Here are 8 awesome ways to show yourself a little love and get yourself in the mood.

The Holidays Are Coming: 3 Gifts for That Special Someone

If you really want to show someone how much they mean to you, ZALO is here for you. Besides, giving someone a sex toy is basically giving them orgasms, and we can't...

Sex Stories We Love: Doctor's Orders, Sex Shops Ain't Sleazy, & Pets on the Naughty List

In this week's edition of Sex Stories We Love, we're catching up on recent news related to sex toys!

It’s Okay to Take a Sex Break

If the idea of prioritizing or engaging in sex—or particular types of sex—is causing you intense anxiety or frustration, it may be a good time to take sex off the table...

Sex Blogger of the Month: Anne Stagg

This month's featured blogger delivers both skin tingling erotica and insightful conversations about sexual wellness and social stigmas. Learn more about the blog here.

Black Friday: Treat Yo Self With These Amazing Discounts on the Hottest Toys

Black Friday is here and we want to help you celebrate with some awesome discounts on amazing toys! Check out the deals the Kinkly Shop has going on this weekend!

Welcome to the Dungeon: How to Join the BDSM Community

How do you find the BDSM community? One of the best resources to find your part of the BDSM community is online.

7 Fun Ways to Use Flavored Lube

Zero-calorie dessert during sex? Welcome to the world of flavored lubricants! Here are seven fun ways to use flavored lubricant!

6 Ways Sex Toys Can Help You Get Through the Holidays

Sex toys have the power to instil in us wonderment the likes of which you haven’t known since you were young enough to actually enjoy the holidays, stress-free.

Sex Stories We Love: Misunderstandings about BDSM & Rough Sex

In this week's Sex Stories We Love, we're examining recent misunderstandings about BDSM and rough sex.

Super O: What Is It and How Can I Have One?

A Super O involves an extremely intense orgasm that doesn't involve ejaculation. Yep, you heard that right. Here's how you can have one!

The Cliteracy Quiz: How Well Do You Know the Clit?

Think you know the clitoris? Take our quiz to find out!

6 Awesome Sex Positions to Try on Your Couch

Here are 6 sex positions to help you turn your inviting and comfortable sofa into a just-about-perfect sex stage.

11 New Sex Toys Released in 2019 That Make Awesome Gifts

These 11 toys are so damn amazing that you and your partners should try them before 2020 rolls around.


How can I last longer in bed?

Lasting longer in bed is something that many people with penises feel concerned about. They think that to please their partner and be a great lover, they must last as...

I'm interested in becoming a sex educator. Where do I begin?

Congratulations on realizing that sex education is part of the work you want to do to make the world a better place! I remember being fascinated by sex education as a...

Sexual health for survivors? What does that even mean?

Sexual health for many of us is overlooked and under-supported in many spaces. It can also be underlooked, so to speak, in the case of survivors.Sexual health for...

How do I advocate for myself during doctors visits, if I am a sexual assault survivor?

I wish that I could say that all of us will be held and handled the same in a doctor's office. Unfortunately, that is not the case. I have had a lot of questions and...

bondage rope

Rather than thinking what is the best type of bondage for a beginner, I would ask what is the best type of bondage for me. I’ve tried to break down bondage into...


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