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Jail Bait

Jail bait is a phrase used to describe an individual who is under the legal age of sexual consent, while also implying that that person may be considered sexually attractive. The term is used for both... (Read on)

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There are some definite things that you need to talk about: how you’ll communicate with each other and the limits of things you both will or won’t do are very important. It’s one... (Read on)
Why Not Thinking About Transgender Issues Is a Form of Discrimination

Discrimination doesn't always refer to overt acts of prejudice. Ignorance can be just as oppressive - and damaging. Find out how this author discovered - and moved beyond - passive transphobia 
Own It! How to Take Back, Accept and Even Love Your Body

Being body positive isn't about gender or having a perfect body. It's about learning to love yourself. We provide some tips. 
Squeeze Box: A Guide to Heavenly Breast Play

Tits are more than just eye candy - they are an essential erogenous zone. Find out how to use breast play to boost arousal and have the hottest sex ever. 
Think Sex Toys Are Just for Women? Think Again!

Think sex toys are just for women? Think again! There are amazing sex toys for adults regardless of gender identity! 
I Was Diagnosed With MS. Here's What It Did to My Sex Life

Being diagnosed with MS is a major blow to anyone. It can also affect your sex life. Here's how one woman copes with it. 
Sex Stories We Love: Don't Help Me, Ronda, Simulated Cinematic Sex, and Working Together on Sex Ed

In this week's Sex Stories We Love, you'll find out about the one thing you don't want Ronda Rousey to help you with, simulated cinematic sex, and how some religious leaders and educators are working together for the benefit of sex ed. 
A Shy Girl's Guide to Domination

Don't think you have what it takes to be a Dominatrix? We disagree. Find out how to embrace your shy personality and still be a great Domme. 
Coming to Terms With Kink and Violence: One Feminist's View

Violence as abuse and the appearance of violence in kink are completely different things. Here's how one feminist came to terms with kink and violence. 
6 Reasons Why Orgasms Need to Be Part of Your Morning Routine - Starting Now!

Forget fiber cereal and coffee - and orgasm is the best way to start the day, hands down. Check out the six major benefits to daily pleasure. 
The 5 Different Types of Kinksters In the Scene

New to the kink scene? It's just full of interesting niches and subcultures. Here's what to expect. 
Sex Stories We Love: The Best of the 2015 Top Sex Blogging Superheroes

In this week's Sex Stories We Love, we list the best of our 2015 Top Sex Blogging Superheroes. 
Sexy Excerpt:  'The Corset' by Dorothy Freed

In this Sexy Excerpt from the collection 'Dirty Dates' edited Rachel Kramer Bussel, Geri gets ready for a party in an outfit that Duncan picked out, one that bares a little more than just her soul. 
Drawing the Line on Sex Ed

Sex ed is a hotly debated topic. Should schools teach kids about sex or should parents do it? Should it be a joint effort? 
Sex Blogger of the Month: GJ of Girly Juice

November's Sex Blogger of the Month is both girly and cute - and a tough, unapologetic sex-positive feminist. Learn more about her blog - and her best tip for great sex. 
Our Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2015

The best, most well-read blogs in the sex-blogging community are just like good sex: creative, fun and sexy as hell. 
Vampire Bites: The Other Penetrative Sex Act

Vampires used to be evil villains, not sexy seducers. See how the vampire bite became the other penetrative sex act. 
Bar Etiquette: How to Spot a Bad Lover

Getting to know the opposite sex can be awkward. Here's how to avoid turning her off when you first meet her. 
Sex Stories We Love: Alone With Your Thoughts, Kinky Knights, and Unlikely Lubes

In this week's Sex Stories We Love, we'll examine just how sex, how we think about sex, and historical sexual information affects all of us. 
An In-Depth Look at Pony Play

Pony play? What's that all about? We take an in-depth look at this sexy fetish. 
Multitasking During Orgasm?  How Does THAT Work?

Great sex is probably among the most enjoyable things we do in a given day. So, why is it that sex doesn't always get our full attention? 
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Rape is a form of sexual assault involving sexual activity without the victim's consent. Rape is often assumed to be perpetrated by physical force or violence, but... Read more 


Kinesophilia is a paraphilia where the sexual arousal hinges around human movement and exercise. The arousal might be based in the movement of others, or the... Read more 


Olfactophilia is a paraphilia that involves sexual arousal based on scents, particularly those emitted from the human body. Typically, the arousal is more intense... Read more 


Ozolagnia is a condition that involves a sexual arousal that hinges on smells. Arousal can be based on one particular smell or a variety of smells.  

HIV Point of Care Test

An HIV point of care, also known as a "rapid" test, is a means for screening for HIV in which pre-test counseling, blood testing, and delivery of results all occur... Read more 
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  • Sex is full of lies. The body tries to tell the truth. But, it's usually too battered with rules to be heard, and bound with pretenses so it can hardly move. We cripple ourselves with lies.
    - Jim Morrison

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