Considering people have probably been fiddling with their junk since they had hands that could reach it, it's pretty amazing that there are still new things out there to...

couple in bed

Masturbation is not just an alone-time activity. Self-love with a partner is fun, hot and a great learning experience for both of you.

bondage toys

Curious about different types of femdomme personas? Here's a list of some of the more popular roles you could take on.

Sex Stories We Love: Masturbation Month & the Love That Speaks Your Own Name

Masturbation Month is in full swing. This week's Sex Stories We Love is all about self-love!

People Share the Hottest Fantasies They Masturbate To

Need a little fodder for the spank bank? We got a few people to open up about the steamy fantasies they use to get themselves worked up.

What We Teach Women When We Tell Them Not to Be Easy

We need to stop teaching women not to be easy, because when we do, we also teach them these destructive ideas.

orgasm woman

Masturbation is like a party in your pants and, while no one else is invited, we highly recommend putting in the effort to ensure it goes off with a bang.

Our Readers' 10 Favorite Sex Toys: Vote One the Winner of Kinkly's Readers' Choice Award

Is one of your top sex toys on our list? Show the super-cool company who made it some love by giving it a vote!

g spot toys

Thinking about trying a G-spot toy? Here are 20 - yes, 20! - of the very best ones money can buy.

couple in bed

Masturbation is fun if it's just you, but it's even more fun with your partner. Here's why.

Sex Stories We Love: Stories About Mixing Things Up in the Bedroom

In this week's Sex Stories We Love, we look at some new possibilities for changing up sex and how we view it.

spanking paddle

A good paddlin' is definitely part of the popular BDSM repertoire. Learn about the different paddle types, and how to use them safely.

flirting couple

Whether you're wooing a new lover or spicing things up with an old one, flirting can be a great way to send a sublte message - with major impact.

touching hands

Americans tend to believe that physicality should be reserved for only the closest relationships: family and partners. That can leave some people starved for touch.

squirting in bed

Squirting and not squirting are both normal. So let's all just chill out about it, OK?



Desire; desire is the first thing because you’re dealing with muscles that you have to have the ability to relax, and if you can relax these muscles, the body is...

bed wetting

Here's the thing: People are built to either have sex or go pee, but not do them at the same time. If you did have big muscular contractions and a lot of pressure...


Maybe the toy doesn't work for you. That's totally OK - all bodies are different. But I always tell people that if they haven't tried a toy at least five...

couple having sex

If it only happens occasionally, you are likely normal and healthy. In fact, this is likely just your partner hitting up against your cervix. Most people, when they'...

I'm freaked out by his costume requests! What do I do?

I want to start by asking you, if this is new and you are totally freaked out, is it enough to just end the relationship? Or is this a guy that you like enough about...