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Fanta Flesh

Fanta Flesh is a TPR based material used in various sex toys. It is a life-like material that mimics human skin in both look and feel.

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The super-fun thing about fetishes that involve everyday items is that your play doesn't have to be limited to the bedroom; you can take it out into the world completely... (Read on)

5 Reasons Men Over 50 Love Blow Jobs

Oral sex can be a great way to expand our sexual repertoires as we age. Here are five reasons why men love it so much.
Sex After Sexual Assault: How to Find Joy After Trauma

It's still possible to find joy in your body after experiencing trauma. Here are some things that might help.
How to Practice Electrosex Like a Pro

Electric play is all about exploring fear, excitement and even pain. Get more insight in this excerpt from BDSM: A Guide for Explorers of Extreme Eroticism.
The Ultimate Guide to Having Anal Sex

Anal sex is one of the most common fantasies people have, but getting it right involves some preparation - and practice. We provide everything you need to know to get started.
Sexy Excerpt: 'Chocolate Dipped'

As sweet as chocolate, this Valentine's Day erotica excerpt will leave you hungry for more.
Why We Need to Stop Bashing '50 Shades of Grey' Already

50 Shades changed the game of sex. Here's why it is a bad idea to continue to bash the series.
Sex Industry Insiders Share the Top Sex Toy Trends of 2017

Wanna hear about what new-fangled things are being developed to help you pleasure your party bits this year? We asked sex industry insiders what's on tap. Here's what they had to say.
Opening the Floodgates: Now We Can Talk About Watersports

Ever since the world was introduced to the possibility that Donald Trump, the newly minted President of the United States, just might be interested in a particularly taboo sexual practice, it has become a buzzword of epic sexual proportions.
Sex Stories We Love: Rape Culture Persists, Hard Day's Night, & Magical Masturbation

In this week's Sex Stories We Love, we talk about an obvious example of rape culture, how many times in a day people get it on, and an option for magical masturbation!
Expert Tips for Taking the Pressure Off Valentine's Day

When we all start assuming that Valentine's day (or any day, for that matter) needs to include sex, it can create a bit of a high-pressure situation. And pressure is a major boner-killer. Here's how to take the pressure off and have fun.
Kaboom: Why I Love Edged Orgasms

Edged orgasms are a sexy way to play while hitting on multiple kinks!
Sex Stories We Love: Fetlife Fail, Excited and Intersex, & No Penal Pleasure?

In this week's Sex Stories We Love, you'll learn about a new change to Fetlife, a model who is excited to be intersex, and why masturbation is not allowed in prison!
Luxury Sex Toys: What Makes Them Worth It?

Sex educator Ducky Doolittle examines the 10 criteria for what makes an adult product a 'luxury' product. And sometimes, as she notes, it's not necessarily the price point.
Sex Stories We Love: 1 in 5, Pink Pill Faux Pas, & Understanding Consent

In this week's Sex Stories We Love, we look at some crazy statistics, problems with the libido pill for ladies, and consent.
BDSM Myths

It's not unusual to be afraid or judgemental about what we don't know - here we help set the record straight about the commonly misunderstood practice of BDSM
Sexy Excerpt: 'The History of Sexy Curvy Gals'

For several decades, a thinner physique was the apex of sexual desirability. But today, curvy is seeing a resurgence. Read about how curvy girls can find their own brand of sexy.
Yoni egg

Have you heard of Yoni Eggs and wondered how they could benefit you or why you should use them? Read this and find out how these shiny rocks can rock your world.
All The Deals! Check Out Valentine's Day Sales on Sex Toys From Our Partners!

If you want to spice things up this year, consider wrapping up one of these great deals.
Sex Blogger of the Month: Dave from The Big Gay Review

As a reviewer of male toys, this blog is in a bit of an elite group to begin with, but what really sets it apart is its fun yet thoroughly analytical reviews. Read the profile here.
Fifty shades of grey

If you've read the 'Fifty Shades' trilogy, chances are you're curious about a few of Anastasia's racy encounters. In preparation for the new movie release, we dish on some of this book's dirtiest scenes.
23 Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Relationship With Your Vibrator

Maintaining a healthy relationship with your favorite appliance will ensure that it remains your battery-powered BFF for years to come. We show you how.
Sex Toy Reviewers Share Their Top Toy Picks for Valentine's Day

Want a sexy sex toy gift? We got recommendations from people who've tried a ton of them.
8 Violet Wand Sensations You Need to Try

Violet wands will electrify your sex life! Here are 8 violet wand sensations you need to try right now!
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Everything You Need to Know About Masturbation

Curious about masturbation? Here's everything you need to know about getting it on with yourself! 
BDSM 101

Class is in session! It's time to learn all the basics about BDSM. C' know you want to! 
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A butterfly board is a masonite and foam board with a hole large enough for a penis and scrotum to pass through. These body parts are pinned to the board as part of... Read more

Vibrator torture is a practice where a dominant reinforces their control over a submissive using a vibrating sex toy. This toy may be a traditional vibrator or... Read more

A vibrating dildo is a penis-like vibrating toy used for sexual stimulation. A vibrating dildo differs from a traditional dildo because it can vibrate. Some have... Read more

Speculum play is any sexual interactions involving the use of the medical devices called speculums. During speculum play, a dominant partner typically takes on the... Read more

Sterling silver is a metal made from a blend of 92.5 percent silver and 7.5 percent another metal, usually copper. Sterling silver is durable, yet malleable enough... Read more
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    - Mason Cooley

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