Woman hands holding present box with red bow on pastel pink background with multicolored confetti

Want to buy someone special a sex toy as a gift this year? Read this first.

Passionate couple holding hands having sex on bed

Think you know about external stimulation? Take our quiz to find out.

Clitoral vibrator: panties and a wand vibrator

You might assume that clitoral vibrators have just one use. Not so! Here are some other fun places to put 'em.

Sex Blogging Superheroes Mosaic2

Looking for sexy content? We read hundreds of sex blogs and rounded up the best sex blogs on the web.

Strap-On-Me Vibrating Bendable Strapless Strap-On: Sex Toy Review

Kinkly reviews the Strap-On-Me Vibrating Bendable Strapless Strap-On double ended dildo. Spoiler alert: it's all kinds of fantastic.

Hands pulling rope playing tug of war

Whether you are a longtime member of the kink world or a newbie just exploring, you may have noticed something somewhat concerning. Kink has an issue with elitism. Yet...

Blue and pink silicone kitchen utensils n pink and blue background

Get some play time on the cheap with pervertables — using these common household items as sex toys.

NTTK B Swish BHandy

The B Swish BHandy Sleeve is a masturbation sleeve for penises that makes getting a handjob (or giving yourself one) an extraordinary treat. Here's why.

Betty Dodson Headshot

Betty Dodson died on October 31, 2020, but the gifts of pleasure and education she gave to vulva owners are timeless. Here are some of the lessons she taught.

consent: a group of people hold up cardboard cut outs in the shape of thought bubbles and speech bubbles

Consent is an important part of a sexual relationship (probably THE most important part) but it goes far beyond sex. How far? Read on.

The LELO Sila: New Toy to Know

The LELO Sila gently draws pleasure from your body. The soft waves of delight are why this toy is one you need to know!

Masturbation Quiz: Do You Know the Facts?

Think you're pretty savvy about masturbation? Take our quiz to find out how much you know about self-love!

sensual aroused woman in dark monochrome

Stay on the edge of orgasmic bliss with edging...the practice of nearing then backing away from all out sexual release. It's hot and here's how to do it.

Motorbunny ride on sex machine

Ride-on-top sex machines come with a plethora of attachments and a ride that just won't quit. Here's what to look for when you're ready to saddle up!

beautiful stylish blonde girl talking by yellow vintage phone

Dirty talk is a skill that even you can master. A veteran phone sex operator shares tips and tricks for hot aural sex.


How do we stay connected in a time of anxiety?

Times of crisis, of any kind, can create intense reactions to everyday scenarios and heighten our emotional needs. The tricky part is that we are often matched with...

Top surgery has caused me to lose feeling in my erogenous zones. What can I do?

Loss of sensation after any surgery is common and equally disheartening if not traumatic. We often hear from our doctors that it is a possible side effect only in...

I've never been able to orgasm through sex with my partner, but I'm afraid to tell them. What should I do?

Orgasming with a partner is something that movies and social narratives tell us is oh so easy, when, in fact, it poses and a continual challenge for many, especially for...

How can I last longer in bed?

Lasting longer in bed is something that many people with penises feel concerned about. They think that to please their partner and be a great lover, they must last as...

I'm interested in becoming a sex educator. Where do I begin?

Congratulations on realizing that sex education is part of the work you want to do to make the world a better place! I remember being fascinated by sex education as a...


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