human papilloma virus hpv

75% of sexually active women will have HPV at some point in their lives. Here's how to talk about it with a partner.

sex toy storage

Here's how to tuck those goodies away in a way that's organized, accessible and, if need bet, private.


There's nothing wrong with pursuing pleasure. But focusing on it also misses something: appreciation for where you are and what you have now.

Sex Stories We Love: The Sex Ed Edition

This week's Sex Stories We Love is all about issues facing sex education and some movement to make it better.

sex couple

If your partner's into G-spot stimulation, these positions will have her howling at the moon.

large sex toys

Just like penises, sex toys come in all sizes. It's a good thing, too, because so do people's preferences. If you consider yourself a size queen, here are a few great,...

std testing

We've gathered seven other not-so-deadly myths about STIs: explained, decrypted and vetted for your educational benefit.

hiv ribbon

Over the past three decades, HIV has shifted from a fatal diagnosis to a chronic illness managed with medication. Perspectives are (slowly) shifting too.

survival kit

Here's how you can stay emotionally balanced while practicing kink.

Sex Stories We Love: We Must Talk About Sex, Difficult Truth & Dirty Thirties

We're just going to treat this week's Sex Stories We Love like a band-aid. It is all about the painful side of sex - personal and social.

LELO LUNA Beads Noir

Thinking about buying some Kegel balls? Not sure where to start? These six steps will have you exercising your pelvic floor - and experiencing greater pleasure - in no...

Cara Sutra of

It's April and our Sex Blogger of the Month is no fool! This month, we're excited to feature Cara Sutra of! Cara's website is informative, fun, and very...


Wand style vibrators may seem clunky and cumbersome but it’s precisely those attributes that make them so orgasmically versatile.

sexting woman in bed

Words have power. Here's how to master using them in the sexiest text messages.

erica garza

We sit down with the author of a new book about pornography addiction - and the sexual shame that fed it.


Sometimes when I'm about to orgasm I feel like I really have to pee. I'm worried that if I don't stop, I'll wet the bed!

Here's the thing: People are built to either have sex or go pee, but not do them at the same time. If you did have big muscular contractions and a lot of pressure...

The sex toy I bought doesn't work for my body. What should I do?

Maybe the toy doesn't work for you. That's totally OK - all bodies are different. But I always tell people that if they haven't tried a toy at least five...

Sometimes I get a stabbing sensation during penetrative sex with my partner. Is something wrong?

If it only happens occasionally, you are likely normal and healthy. In fact, this is likely just your partner hitting up against your cervix. Most people, when they'...

I'm freaked out by his costume requests! What do I do?

I want to start by asking you, if this is new and you are totally freaked out, is it enough to just end the relationship? Or is this a guy that you like enough about...

Do most people experience pain during intercourse? Isn't it just inherently painful?

Here's the truth: Having painful vaginal penetration may be common for some, but it should never become the norm for you. If penetrative sex is painful for you, you...