Blender rod with pink meringue on a blue background

With some patience and some strong sex toys, blended orgasms can be yours! Here's everything you need to know about having blended orgasms.

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The most sexual satisfied people are those who took the time to explore different sexual identities before settling on their own. Find out why here.

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Sex education is important at every step in our lives, not just in our youths. Here's how sex ed helps us discover and grow our sexuality and pleasure.

Sex Stories We Love: Look Out Below & the Bold and the Blow Up

In this week's Sex Stories We Love, we're taking a break and having a laugh...because we all need it since 2020 is a giant, raging dumpster fire.

Lesbian couple kissing in bed

New to the world of strap-on sex? This guide covers everything you need to know to help get you started!

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The new Le Wand Stainless Steel sex toy collection features three double end dildos you need to try!

Nexus Revo Extreme Review

We tried the new Nexus Revo Extreme prostate massager. Here's why we gave this amazing toy five stars out of five.

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Sapiosexuality is when someone is emotionally or sexually aroused by another person’s intelligence. Here's a look at this kind of attraction!

Sex Stories We Love: Equal Rights Is Right & the Art of Pride

In this week's Sex Stories We Love, we're talking about the revolutionary and glamorous 2020 Pride Month!

Cheerful gay pride and lgbt festival

Here are three ways to be a present and an active ally that enhances Pride instead of detracting from it.

new sex toy to know nexus revo extreme

You haven't tried anything like the Nexus Revo Extreme, and that's exactly why you need to know about this amazing new prostate massager.

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We tried the e-stim Kinklab Thunderclap Paddle. Here's why we gave this electrifying impact toy five stars out of five!

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Pride parades may be cancelled this year, but you can celebrate Pride virtually! Here are 11 ways you can celebrate pride in 2020!

Sex Stories We Love: Sex Worker Struggles Amid COVID-19

This week's Sex Stories We Love sheds light on the hardships and challenges faced by sex workers struggling with the new normal created by COVID-19.

Dad helping daughter with homework at home

How does one teach sex education to their children? Here are four tips for making sex education homeschooling a positive and productive experience.


How do we stay connected in a time of anxiety?

Times of crisis, of any kind, can create intense reactions to everyday scenarios and heighten our emotional needs. The tricky part is that we are often matched with...

Top surgery has caused me to lose feeling in my erogenous zones. What can I do?

Loss of sensation after any surgery is common and equally disheartening if not traumatic. We often hear from our doctors that it is a possible side effect only in...

I've never been able to orgasm through sex with my partner, but I'm afraid to tell them. What should I do?

Orgasming with a partner is something that movies and social narratives tell us is oh so easy, when, in fact, it poses and a continual challenge for many, especially for...

How can I last longer in bed?

Lasting longer in bed is something that many people with penises feel concerned about. They think that to please their partner and be a great lover, they must last as...

I'm interested in becoming a sex educator. Where do I begin?

Congratulations on realizing that sex education is part of the work you want to do to make the world a better place! I remember being fascinated by sex education as a...


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