Sex Stories We Love: The #AnalAugust Edition!

It's #AnalAugust! This week's Sex Stories We Love focuses on bum fun!

How Toxic Masculinity Hurts Everyone’s Sex Lives

Toxic masculinity is bad for people, society and our sex lives. Here's why.

The 6 Key Ingredients That Make a Great Sex Toy

The sex toy revolution is upon us, but not all sex toy companies make the grade. Here are six things consumers should look for when shopping.

Top Sex Educators to Follow on Twitter

Our favorite sex educators' feeds are divers, but what they have in common is that they're all awesome!

BDSM and Mental Health: When Kink Clears Your Head

While there’s a documented link between good mental health and BDSM, kink can help our mental health too - but it's no substitute for therapy.

6 Sex Positions for Great Anal Sex

Little adjustments can make a huge difference. Here are a few positions that are sure to please backdoor enthusiasts.

Sex Stories We Love: Pleasure as Purpose, Diet Desire & Fantasy Fascination

Sex is rarely something that just happens. Here are some ways that sex connects to other parts of our lives!

Rocks Off Ruby Glow

This unique sex toy won this year's Consumers' Choice Award. Here's why it rocks.

9 Creative Ways to Reinforce Your D/s Dynamic Using Sex Toys

Ordinary sexy toys can be a fun way to reinforce your power exchange dynamic. Consider these simple ways to incorporate your favorite sex toys into your play.

When Sex Dries Up, How to Get Your Sexy Back

If you aren't having the sex life you want to have, it often seems easier to just settle and get used to it. The truth is, you won't. Here's what to do when you aren't...

When it Comes to Sex, Slow is the New Fast

Simply slowing down can be enough to turn sex into a transcendent experience. Find out how.

8 Steps to Picking a Dildo That'll Rock Your World

Want to spice things up with a dildo? We've got you covered, from length to material to sanitation - follow these 8 steps and find the perfect fit for you.

Sex Stories We Love: The Funny Side of Sex

In this week's Sex Stories We Love, we encourage you to laugh with us! Embarrassing, funny sexy-time situations happen to everyone!

Holy Clit, Batman! 9 Amazing Facts About the Clitoris

You'll be surprised by how much this organ packs under the hood. Check out the most surprising facts about the clitoris.

top wand vibrators

These big-headed, powerful vibrators stimulate way deep down, ensuring some of the biggest, best (and fastest!) orgasms you'll ever have. Here are our top picks.


What are some good sex positions when using a butt plug?

Great question! This is a common issue but there are a lot of variables that come into play here. What positions have you tried already? How full is the inflatable butt...

My orgasm keeps getting stuck during sex. How do I stop this from happening?

That does sound quite frustrating, although not uncommon. I actually hear this more frequently from people than you might think, and it isn’t just from women. More...


Desire; desire is the first thing because you’re dealing with muscles that you have to have the ability to relax, and if you can relax these muscles, the body is...

bed wetting

Here's the thing: People are built to either have sex or go pee, but not do them at the same time. If you did have big muscular contractions and a lot of pressure...


Maybe the toy doesn't work for you. That's totally OK - all bodies are different. But I always tell people that if they haven't tried a toy at least five...