woman's orgasm face

If intense sensation is your jam, being 'tortured' to orgasm might be the best sexual experience you'll ever have.

sore butt

Giving great anal is an art. Here's how to approach it with a partner who's had a bad experience but is still interested in giving it a go.

fact or fake

Just because you read something doesn't make it true. Here are 4 common 'facts' with little or no data to back them up.

abusive relationship

There are different types of abuse that can be present in a relationship. Here's how to spot some of the differences so that you can get help and get out.

Sex Stories We Love: Kinky Takeover, Porn on the Go & Fetishizing Ethnicity

In this week's Sex Stories We Love, we're talking about kink, fetish and where they stand both in and out of the home.

A Bushel of Dominants: What Kind of Top Are You?

Here are a few key topping styles. Find where you fit - or get inspiration for developing a style of your very own.

2019 balloons

The New Year is here. Are these trends right around the corner?

Why I Lived & Loved Sex Work - and Why I'm Now Ready to Quit

An online financial Domme and fetish video model recounts the best and worst moments of her sex work career and why she's ready for a new path after an awakening...

question marks

Ever heard the term sexual colonization? We take a look at what it means - and how it impacts our beliefs and behaviors around sex.

How to Use Your Orgasm to Manifest Your Dream Life

What if you could use your orgasm as a magic spell to create the life of your dreams? Learn more about 'sex magic' and how to add a little to your life.

New Year sign

From better communication to better mental health, improving these key skills will help you have the happiest, sexiest year yet.

Sex Stories We Love: Predicting Sex Trends, What's New in Sex Toys, & Bringing Up the Rear

Happy New Year! This week's Sex Stories We Love looks ahead to the coming year and how sex might play a big part in your life (if you're so inclined)!

woman writing in journal

Could sex journaling make your sex life better? It sure can.

tie on blue pearls on pink depicting male and female preferences

From inconsistent views of nudity to stigma around sex toys, here are a few sexual double standards that we need to debunk.

threesome playing with spreader bar

Spreader bars are simple, sexy and can make bound sex better than ever. Here are a few key sex positions to try.


heterosexual couple in therapy session

Sex therapy is the clinical treatment of sexual dysfunction and sexuality-related concerns. Sex therapy occurs in outpatient psychotherapy with a unique focus on...

How can I check in with my partner after a group experience and make sure we're feeling grounded in our relationship?

After any kind of threesome or group play, it's really important to find a way to have a check-in with your partner. For some people, that means you spend the night...

Is there an organic way to facilitate a threesome?

Well, this one comes up a lot. People want sex and threesomes to happen spontaneously and organically. And, well, I won't say that never in the history of threesomes...

How do you navigate communication and relationship if you're a highly sensitive person and the other person isn't?

For starters, I would say that you're on the right track already being in touch with yourself and knowing what you need. If you know that you're a sensitive...

I want to make my blindfolded submissive partner feel like there's a third person in the room. Any suggestions?

Using fantasy and dirty talk is a great way to incorporate experiences into your sex life that may be either logistically impractical or simply outside of your comfort...