gender spectrum

The move towards gender-neutral toys mirrors an important transformation in how society interacts with sex, gender and orientation.


So which flavor of BDSM is right for you? And which toys go with it? Take our quiz to find out!

5 Tips for Finding Kinky Play When You Travel

Finding kinky play in a new city can be difficult, but it can also be really exciting. These 5 tips will help you make the best of your kinky time while you're...

Masturbation Each Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Masturbation isn't only a source of pleasure - it's a form of physical and mental therapy that keeps you in good health.

Sex Stories We Love: The State of Sex Ed Around the World

In this week's Sex Stories We Love, we're looking at the state of sex ed around the world!

faking orgasms survey

More than 1,200 people told us when and why they faked their orgasms - and why many of them wish they hadn't.

Sex Toy Review: We-Vibe Melt

Masturbating with We-Vibe's Melt is without a doubt a novel and superlative experience. Here's why we think this new suction vibrator is pretty damn nifty.

4 Lube Fouls (and How to Have Hot, Fun, Slippery Sex)

Lube is pretty darn fantastic, assuming you're using the right kind in the right way. Here are four lube fails you want to avoid!

Erotic Hypnosis and the Hands-Free Orgasm

You definitely can have an orgasm through your mind alone, and erotic hypnosis can get you there. Here's what you need to know about the practice.

Sex Stories We Love: Why Aren't We Having as Much Sex as Previous Generations

What is stopping us from having sex? In this week's Sex Stories We Love, we look at stories from around the web that address this issue.

It's Time to Vote for This Year's Sex Blogging Superheroes!

October brings cool fall weather, costume parties and the kickoff to finding this year's Sex Blogging Superheroes!

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Your Prostate Health?

Take a moment to take our quiz and test your knowledge, or learn some important facts about how to keep your prostate healthy.

'Period Brain': Is It Really a Thing?

We can do anything while bleeding ... but should we? We did into the idea of slowing down instead of digging in, and the potential benefits behind it.

Power Up: Batteries, Cords, and Rechargeables...Oh My!

Should you power your vibrator with batteries, by plugging them in, or recharging them? Let's break it down!

New Toy to Know: Simul8 by Nexus

Ever wished you had more hands and more sex toys for your penis during prostate massage, masturbation, or sex with your partner? Simul8 by Nexus is here to solve those...


Sexual health for survivors? What does that even mean?

Sexual health for many of us is overlooked and under-supported in many spaces. It can also be underlooked, so to speak, in the case of survivors.Sexual health for...

How do I advocate for myself during doctors visits, if I am a sexual assault survivor?

I wish that I could say that all of us will be held and handled the same in a doctor's office. Unfortunately, that is not the case. I have had a lot of questions and...

bondage rope

Rather than thinking what is the best type of bondage for a beginner, I would ask what is the best type of bondage for me. I’ve tried to break down bondage into...

Why do people feel that there is a hierarchy to trauma?

The definition of hierarchy is a system or organization in which people or groups are ranked one above the other according to status or authority. The definition of...

female anatomy

The pudendal nerve is attached to the perineum, which is the area of skin between the anus and the vagina. It connects the genitals to the spine. This nerve sends...


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