Positions for big beautiful bodies: a couple lounge in bed

Sometimes it feels like sex positions are created for a certain shape of body. Not all of them! Here's eight awesome sex positions for big, beautiful bodies!

665 Vibrating Inflatable Plug

Do you like 'em thicc or thin? Yes, we mean butt plugs. The 665 Vibrating Inflatable Plug expands to fill in just how you like it.

sexy red bra on a pink background

American women spend billions each year on lingerie - clothes they can rarely show off. Here's why.

woman in bra with hands on chest

It is never too late to discover your sexual pleasure! Here's how to start discovering what you really enjoy during sex!

Step Tranovich of Cute Little Fuckers

This brand-new sex toy brand just completed a successful Kickstarter campaign thanks to their gender-neutral values - and absolutely adorable products.

Satisfyer Double Joy Review

The Satisfyer Double Joy vibrator aims to give you good vibes inside and out. It falls shy of making top marks; here's what our reviewer had to say:

How well do you know your libido? A person with red lipstick eats a piece of dragonfruit with a fork

High sex drive or not so much? Either can be normal, but that's not all there is to know if you really want to know your libido. Take the quiz to learn more!

best flexible sex positions: several pretzels against a green background are shown

A knee here, elbow there, little spin and you've got it. Try one of the best flexible sex positions with your partner tonight!

sex toy functions: a finger underlines the word vibrator in the dictionary

Sex toys can be as complicated or as straightforward as you please. We break down some of the sex toy functions we are big fans of here.

New Toy to Know Liberator Black Label Wedge

The Liberator Black Label Wedge is the secret to just-right positioning in the boudoir. The included restraints and blindfold just add a little spice!

New Toy to Know Le Wand All That Glimmers Petite Wand Massager

The Le Wand All That Glimmers Wand Massager is a limited edition vibrator that comes with fun accessories in a sparkly case.

What does libido mean? The chest of a person in soft blue lingerie is shown

The term 'libido' is tossed around a lot, but do you really know what it means? And what do you if you aren't happy with yours?

Beautiful curvy women with good body image

Want to find lingerie that makes you feel amazing? The key to feeling great in lingerie is defining your own version of sexy.

Blush Play with Me Candy Hearts Plugs: pastel colored butt plugs with naughty messages on them

Sometimes a plain ol' butt plug doesn't sufficiently convey your intentions. Get the message across with these cheeky Blush Naughty Candy Hearts plugs.

bondage: a person kneels with arms tied above their head

You already know you want to explore bondage. You've got the basics down and conquered Bondage 101, so what do you do next?


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I've never been able to orgasm through sex with my partner, but I'm afraid to tell them. What should I do?

Orgasming with a partner is something that movies and social narratives tell us is oh so easy, when, in fact, it poses and a continual challenge for many, especially for...

How can I last longer in bed?

Lasting longer in bed is something that many people with penises feel concerned about. They think that to please their partner and be a great lover, they must last as...

I'm interested in becoming a sex educator. Where do I begin?

Congratulations on realizing that sex education is part of the work you want to do to make the world a better place! I remember being fascinated by sex education as a...


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