Fingers art. Concept boys kisses of girl on cheek.

At age 48, I was curious but nervous about having my first threesome (FMF). I tried it, I loved it, I learned 5 crucial things. Here they are.

Sex Stories We Love: Celebrating Bisexuality Day

This week's Sex Stories We Love takes a deep dive into bisexuality!

affordable sex toys

Yes Virginia, there is such thing as body-safe and affordable sex toys! Here's what to look for (and what to compromise on) when you shop.

Review Nexus Eclipse

The Nexus Eclipse is a penis vibrator that focuses on the most sensitive part of the penis. Will it give you or your partner the buzz you need?

Portrait of a young girl with a big smile throwing confetti in the air

Solo sex toys can make your me-time even more satisfying. These toys add some bang for your buck when you want someone to join in the fun too!

Thrusting Vibrators: Are they better than the real thing?

Are thrusting vibrators the ultimate lazy-day sex toy? It depends on your preferences. Here's what to look for and some of our top suggestions.

Sex Stories We Love: Gaining from Grindr & Dick Pic Penance

In this week's Sex Stories We Love, we're exploring some of the ways we learn about sex

LGBT movement of young people wearing sweaters with their gender pronouns

Gender affirmation can be tricky, but it's worth taking the time to get it right. Here are some thinking points to help!

Review Tenga Spinner

The Tenga Spinner yanked a top spot in the heart and hand of our reviewer. Read on for why this sleeve earned a 5-star review.

Electosex 101

Electro Sex can add the zing to your sex life you've been looking for. Here are the hows and whys and what to buys when it comes to electrosex.

Young female doctor in white coat sitting at the table and listening to patient sitting in front of her at office

Many kinksters avoid coming out to their healthcare providers, from physicians to therapists, because they either think it's none of their business or they fear judgment...

Sex Stories We Love: All About Our Bodies Pleasures & Challenges

In this week's Sex Stories We Love, we're exploring stories about the human body, its potential for pleasure, and its challenges.

Why I Started Doing Online Sex Work During COVID

Sex Work During COVID may not be the first thing you think of when it comes to combating pandemic induced isolation, but our writer found fun and empowerment!

New Toy to Know: XR Brands Squeeze-It Products

Squeeze-It products from XR Brands offer a pliable, temperature play friendly option when your regular sex toy routine is feeling a little too rigid.

Sex Ed

Got sex ed questions? You aren’t alone and there is great information out there, so keep asking.


How do we stay connected in a time of anxiety?

Times of crisis, of any kind, can create intense reactions to everyday scenarios and heighten our emotional needs. The tricky part is that we are often matched with...

Top surgery has caused me to lose feeling in my erogenous zones. What can I do?

Loss of sensation after any surgery is common and equally disheartening if not traumatic. We often hear from our doctors that it is a possible side effect only in...

I've never been able to orgasm through sex with my partner, but I'm afraid to tell them. What should I do?

Orgasming with a partner is something that movies and social narratives tell us is oh so easy, when, in fact, it poses and a continual challenge for many, especially for...

How can I last longer in bed?

Lasting longer in bed is something that many people with penises feel concerned about. They think that to please their partner and be a great lover, they must last as...

I'm interested in becoming a sex educator. Where do I begin?

Congratulations on realizing that sex education is part of the work you want to do to make the world a better place! I remember being fascinated by sex education as a...


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