Sex Stories We Love: First Hookups That Changed History, Sex Through the Ages & Click and Trick

In this week's Sex Stories We Love, we examine how sex has shaped the world as we know it and what might come in the future.

Tips for Having Awesome - and Pain-Free - Hand Sex

Say goodbye to pain and start embracing pleasure, with these tips on how to make manual stimulation less uncomfortable.

How Long Should Sex Last?

There's definitely an average but the real answer is more personal.

Seven Sexy Facts to Help you Reach Cervical Climax

The cervix is best known for its role in childbirth or for becoming cancerous. It's orgasmic potential is often overlooked. Here are seven sexy facts to help us learn...

cartoon strap-on sex toy and harness

Good strap-on sex comes down to communication - and well-chosen gear. Here's how to find the right fit for you.

gelatin eggs

Expelling gelatin eggs from sexual orifices? The Ovipositor may not be everyone’s kinky cup of tea, but that goes for any sexual fetish.

Quiz: Test Your Knowledge About Foreplay

Foreplay is all about drawing out the stuff that won't necessarily get you to the finish line, but still feels damn good. Learn more about it!

Sex Stories We Love: Why Women Don't Report

In light of the recent controversy of an alleged attempted sexual assault by a nominee for the Supreme Court of the United States, this week's Sex Stories We Love looks...

Sex Blogger of the Month: The Black Pomegranate

October's Sex Blogger of the Month: The Black Pomegranate!

Reach Out and Spank Someone: How to Participate in Long-Distance BDSM

Being separated from playmates doesn't have to be sad and frustrating if you use technology to turn it into a whole new avenue of BDSM play. Here are some ideas on how...

So, You're Having an STI Scare? Here's What to Do

A positive diagnosis can invoke shame, fear and concern about what to do. Here's how to handle it.

5 Steps for Choosing Nipple Clamps

Here are some tips to make shopping for your first pair of nipple clamps less intimidating and more titillating!

Sex Stories We Love: Exploring Sexual Aids

In this week's Sex Stories We Love, we look at some sexy stories that feature sexy helpers!

four people sitting closely on a couch

Not all fulfilling relationships are monogamous. Here's what the research has to say about it.

7 Things to Know About Couples' Vibrators

Couples' vibrators are designed to make intercourse explosively pleasurable - for both partners. Find out how they work.


My girlfriend doesn't believe I am just not that interested in sex. Help me!

Repeat after me: you are not broken! More often than one might think, I see males in my office that just don’t have the “sex drive” society has...

I'm too anxious to enjoy sex. Can you help?

You sound like a lot of people I see in my practice. I say that to say, what you are going through is relatively normal. Especially if you deal with anxiety in other...

What are some good sex positions when using a butt plug?

Great question! This is a common issue but there are a lot of variables that come into play here. What positions have you tried already? How full is the inflatable butt...

My orgasm keeps getting stuck during sex. How do I stop this from happening?

That does sound quite frustrating, although not uncommon. I actually hear this more frequently from people than you might think, and it isn’t just from women. More...


Desire; desire is the first thing because you’re dealing with muscles that you have to have the ability to relax, and if you can relax these muscles, the body is...