masturbate in cyberspace

You can now get off just like the sci-fi movies promised. Here's what you need to know to totally nail it.

From Little Orgasms to Badass Ones: How I Learned to Be More Orgasmic

A few months ago, I had my first orgasm. Now, thanks to more sex ed and the ultra-powerful Sola Sync vibrator, I'm on to bigger and better orgasms.

Sex Stories We Love: Sex Ed From the Set, Don't Fuck the Police, & A New View

This week, we ponder whether sex workers would make better educators, police officers without restraint, and a sexy art project.

pornography computer

Is it collective shame? More new porn viewers? Or are people using porn as sex ed? We dig into the what might be behind this shift.

menstrual products

Surveys indicate that most people cannot even identify major parts of female reproductive anatomy, which can lead to sexual health problems and even abuse

woman being handcuffed

Dating can be hard. But while dating as a kinky person presents some unique challenges, many of them are just a different twist on the usual.

The First Vibrator to Surprise Me in 15 Years

Despite my enduring cynicism, I can still be pleasantly surprised by a new sex toy.

Sexy woman holding condom

This contraceptive staple isn't only safe, it can make your sex life sizzle - if you know a few simple tricks. Discover the steamier side of safe sex here.

Sex Stories We Love: All That Is Red, Sex Writers Regaled & the In and Out

In this week's edition of Sex Stories We Love, we've rounded up some sexy Valentine's Day tips, tip our hat to sex writers, and sexy personas!

sensual touch

Touch is often overlooked during a sexual encounter. Here's how a male escort uses touch to arouse more than the body.


Think you know the clitoris? Take our quiz to find out - and enter to win one of the hottest clitoral sex toys, the LELO SONA Cruise.

couples sex toys

Get your sexy on together with these top-rated couples' sex toys.

Sex Toy Sales! All the Best Valentine's Day Deals, Sales and Coupon Codes

Looking for a sweet deal? We've got everything you need, whether you're buying a gift for a special someone, or flying solo.

valentines day calendar

Valentine’s day is on the way this month. So, as a gift to your partner – and yourself – try one of these challenges every day for 14 days.

Red Hot Suz

Red Hot Suz provides sizzling hot, yet insightful, content. Check out her responses to Kinkly's questions about her blog.


Do most people experience pain during intercourse? Isn't it just inherently painful?

Here's the truth: Having painful vaginal penetration may be common for some, but it should never become the norm for you. If penetrative sex is painful for you, you...

I know BDSM is all the rage, but the idea of tying someone up and spanking them totally freaks me out! Am I abnormal, or what?

First, I think you have to recognize that your fear around BDSM and some of the things it involves probably comes from a real place. If you've experienced unwanted...

Are sex toys a new thing or have people been using them for a long time?

Sex toys have been around for a very long time - and we have the artifacts to prove it! Read the news and you will see - it seems like you can't do an archaeological...

I've heard that some sex toy materials are dangerous. Which sex toy materials are good and which are not so good?

There are lots of different sex toy materials out there and, as you said, some are not so good for our bodies. Beyond materials like wood, glass and metal, which are...


Dryness is more common than not and should be addressed from the inside out. You want to look at all possible resources to find one that works best with your body. When...