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Technophilia is a term for a strong attraction to technology. While the term is often used to connote an enthusiasm for technology, it refers more specifically to a sexual interest in technology. People... (Read on)

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I am really sorry to hear that you’re experiencing this. I can imagine it is frustrating. When it comes to performance anxiety or erectile dysfunction, there are several factors... (Read on)
Your Kinky Bucket List: 10 Things to Try Tonight

Forget Valentine's Day gifts like chocolate and even sex toys. Here are the top 10 activities to help you get your kink on. 
Penis Transplantation: It's Personal

Scientific advances in penis transplants have brought to light just how personal we find this body part to be. 
Don't Have Anal Sex If ...

Anal sex can be healthy - and orgasmic - but only if you do it right. 
The Ultimate Guide to Buying Sex Toys for Other People

Want to buy someone special a sex toy as a gift this year? Read this first. 
Sex Stories We Love: Coming Out to Yourself, Sex Ed at Home & Safe Rides

In this week's Sex Stories We Love, you'll read about coming out to yourself, sex ed at home, and what condoms and seat belts have in common! 
Keeping It Clean: Top Tips for Sex Toy Sanitation

Sex toys might be your dirty little secret, but using them should be good, clean fun. Get some tips on how to safely clean and sanitize your toys here. 
Sex Blogger of the Month: Lilly of Dangerous Lilly

This month's Sex Blogger is Lilly of Dangerous Lilly, a top sex toy reviewer and passionate advocate for sex toy safety. 
10 Kink Toys for Those on a Tight Budget

Kink doesn't have to be costly. We've compiled a list of handy household items you can pervert for your pleasure. Enjoy! 
8 Tips for Having Sex When You Have a Chronic Illness

Diagnosed with a chronic illness or disability? It doesn't have to end your sex life. 
How to Have a Conversation About Kink With Your Partner

Ready to talk about kink with your partner? Swallow your fears and get some tips for expressing your kinkiest desires! 
Sex Stories We Love: Calling Out Rape Culture, Pumping...Weights, & Pucker Up!

In this week's Sex Stories We Love, we talk about a rapper who is standing up against rape culture, extra sexy fun at the gym, the intricacies of kissing, and so much more! 
9 Things You Don't Know About the Mighty Foreskin

Foreskin is pretty fascinating stuff. Here are nine nifty things to know about it. 
Redefining What S-E-X Means As We Age

Sex is more than just penis in vagina. Here's why we should redefine sex, especially as we age. 
Dress Up Your Favorite Dick With This Penis Tuxedo

The day of penis pride is upon us; you can now buy a tuxedo for your favorite penis. 
How to Find Lingerie That Makes YOU Feel Sexy

Want to find lingerie that makes you feel amazing? We've picked the brain (and closet) of a burlesque performer to help you think outside the rack. 
Dick Pics: This Is Not Your Grandfather's Exhibitionism

Are crotch shots just flashing gone digital or is genital photography really a thing in the legitimate art world? 
Consent and Catharsis: Coping With Trauma That Comes Up During Rough Play

Consent can allow for revisiting memories and trauma in a safe space, but it requires communication, compassion and vulnerability. 
Sex Stories We Love: The Bowie Situation, Drying up Lube Myths, & Break-ups 101

In this week's Sex Stories We Love, we'll explore the sadness and anger expressed by the death (and life) of Bowie, wild lube claims, how to dump someone like an adult, and so much more! 
9 Ways to Super-Charge Your Sexual Connection

Ready to have better sex with your playmate? Here are 9 ways you can boost intimacy - and super-charge your sex life! 
Safe, Sexy Spanking Tips for Two

Feel like a spanking? Here's how to deliver one both safely and soundly. 
The Top Sex Trends for 2016

Sex hasn't changed much, but how we think about and approach it definitely does. Check out what's on the horizon for 2016! 
Fluffy Bunny: My Foray Into Furry Sex

Ever wondered what it's like to have furry sex? This author provides a first-person account of her first experience. Enjoy! 


Shagable is an adjective that denotes someone attractive enough to have sex with, or colloquially, to "shag". A person of any gender can be deemed shagable.... Read more 


Smexy is an adjective used to indicate that a person is attractive, both physically and intellectually. The term is a portmanteau of the words smart and sexy.As a... Read more 


Technophilia is a term for a strong attraction to technology. While the term is often used to connote an enthusiasm for technology, it refers more specifically to a... Read more 

Tentacle Fetish

Tentacle fetish is a sexual interest in tentacles and the (real or imagined) creatures that have them. People with a tentacle fetish tend to spend an inordinate... Read more 

Multilateral Sexuality

Multilateral sexuality is an umbrella term that encompasses all of the sexual activities that individual members of a couple may, with the knowledge and consent of... Read more 
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