Updated: MAY 29, 2022
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on April 19, 2022

Gooning is a state achieved after a prolonged edging session, when a person becomes completely focused and entranced by the sensation coming from their actively-masturbated genitals (such as the penis, clitoris, vagina, or butt). Since this state can only be achieved after edging (the sexual practice of bringing someone to a point of orgasm but postponing it over space and time in order to create heightened arousal), the erection is incredibly intense while gooning. Any touch or caress leads to an explosive sensation of elation.

Hardcore fanatics of this practice claim to fall into a trance-like or semi-meditative state. The goal of gooning is to avoid orgasm, and stay in the heightened, pre-orgasm state for as long as possible. For some people, this can mean several hours.

More About Gooning

Mastering and achieving a state of gooning requires the ability to prolong sexual arousal and get in tune with one's sexual responses. Gooning threads on Reddit are filled with advice on how to do this, what it feels like, what (if any!) toys to use, and how to prolong the experience.

Gooning often includes pornography, or even multi-screen porn setups referred to as "goon caves." It can also involve the use of drugs to enhance the experience, including marijuana and "poppers." Gooning overlaps with "bating" and the "bator" community, masturbation enthusiasts, some of whom have chosen masturbation as their key source of sexual pleasure.

The origins of the term gooning are not known, but it first appeared in the Urban Dictionary in 2005.

Because gooning can take up so much time, there is concern about addiction in the gooning community.


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