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Looking for the top sex blogs on the web? We’ve got ‘em! Our Sex Blogger Directory includes hundreds of the best sex blogs around, compiled and ranked based by an algorithm that includes four key data points: site traffic, domain authority. inbound links and scoring from our most recent Sex Blogging Superheroes list. You can also filter this list based on your preferences, singling out bloggers who review sex toys, tell personal stories, write erotica and more!
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Girl on the Net is a London-based sex blogger, writing real life sex stories, a dash of erotic fiction, plenty of feminism, and the occasional venture into Kinky DIY. GOTN also creates audio porn (to make sex stories more accessible to people with vi...

Kinkly Rank 1
94.53 Ranking Score
78,008 Linking Domains
507,684 Alexa Rank
4.50 Moz Rank

Queer kink erotica, D/s power dynamics, and personal writings since 2006

Kinkly Rank 2
90.91 Ranking Score
38,797 Linking Domains
1,326,920 Alexa Rank
4.90 Moz Rank

Epiphora has a very discerning vagina. For over 10 years, she has been testing sex toys and writing about them on the internet. Her popular blog, Hey Epiphora, is filled to the brim with relentlessly honest sex toy reviews, matter-of-fact masturbatio...

Kinkly Rank 3
87.99 Ranking Score
53,347 Linking Domains
594,245 Alexa Rank
4.60 Moz Rank

I'm a sex nerd, a queer poly kinkster, and a femme princess. I write about sex, kink, relationships, fashion, beauty, self-improvement, and pretty much anything that informs or is informed by sexuality!

Kinkly Rank 4
87.69 Ranking Score
14,182 Linking Domains
496,130 Alexa Rank
4.00 Moz Rank

Oh Joy, Sex Toy is a weekly comic that updates every Tuesday to bring you reviews of everything that relates to sex, sexuality and the sex industry. From toys to workshops to birth control and much more, no stone will be left unturned, no vibrator le...

Kinkly Rank 5
85.95 Ranking Score
57,777 Linking Domains
856,073 Alexa Rank
5.00 Moz Rank

I'm somewhat OBSESSED with sex toys. I like taking pretty pictures of them, I like testing their level of awesomeness, and I like telling you about it. I also enjoy going on about consent, material safety, and about how the sex toy industry can a...

Kinkly Rank 6
82.75 Ranking Score
3,119 Linking Domains
481,868 Alexa Rank
3.50 Moz Rank

Quinn Rhodes (ze/hir/he/him) is a queer, trans, and disabled sex blogger. Ze's a sex nerd with vaginismus who writes about his vagina anxiety, mental illness, and adventures in learning to fuck without fucking up. Quinn is also a student who enjo...

Kinkly Rank 7
81.83 Ranking Score
19,624 Linking Domains
1,895,932 Alexa Rank
3.50 Moz Rank

On being a dominant woman, on beatings & sex, on power & vulnerability, on love & pain... all that...

Kinkly Rank 8
81.55 Ranking Score
33,145 Linking Domains
1,314,030 Alexa Rank
3.80 Moz Rank

Future of Sex provides insights into the fascinating topic of the future of human sex and sexuality. It looks at how communication, interface, biological and other technologies are enabling new expressions of human sexuality, and the individual and s...

Kinkly Rank 9
80.09 Ranking Score
5,577 Linking Domains
732,530 Alexa Rank
4.20 Moz Rank

Slutty Girl Problems aims to entertain, educate, and empower young women to feel confident, take control, and discuss their sex lives openly. We have humorous content, educated advice columns and guides, sex-positive resources, and an interactive env...

Kinkly Rank 10
79.12 Ranking Score
1,672 Linking Domains
250,789 Alexa Rank
3.80 Moz Rank

I'm a critic of sex toys with a penchant for cervical orgasms. Not only have I reviewed OVER 200 of them with brutal honesty — I've also helped readers discover the wonders of deep penetration. My guides to cervical orgasms and the A-sp...

Kinkly Rank 11
77.33 Ranking Score
2,856 Linking Domains
849,138 Alexa Rank
3.10 Moz Rank

Molly Moore blog is marriage of words and images and most of her writing is based on her own experiences and contains strong autobiographical content. Molly is the founder of Sinful Sunday; a project to encourage bloggers to have fun with their camer...

Kinkly Rank 12
76.93 Ranking Score
11,420 Linking Domains
838,130 Alexa Rank
5.00 Moz Rank

Cara Sutra is a multi award winning sex blog and magazine from the UK (ETO Awards Best Erotic Journalist 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2017- and previously, Xcite Books' Best Sex Blog 2012).This daily updated blog includes sex toy reviews, sex industry...

Kinkly Rank 13
75.80 Ranking Score
17,021 Linking Domains
1,035,779 Alexa Rank
4.00 Moz Rank

Poly Land features new content daily related to polyamory and other forms of non-monogamy, other kinds of relationships, psychology, kink, and general self-improvement -- and always in a sex-positive way.

Kinkly Rank 14
74.28 Ranking Score
2,407 Linking Domains
869,503 Alexa Rank
3.80 Moz Rank

Pegging is a sexual practice in which a strap-on dildo is used to penetrate a prostate-owner's anus. Join me while I explore the physical, emotional and psychological aspects of pegging. Pegging has the potential to be a powerful tool in revitalizing...

Kinkly Rank 15
73.66 Ranking Score
4,893 Linking Domains
1,709,313 Alexa Rank
4.10 Moz Rank

Sunny Megatron is a sexuality educator, sex and relationship writer, media personality, Youtuber, and sex toy expert. She co-hosts and produces the American Sex Podcast and also is also the host and executive producer of the Showtime original televis...

Kinkly Rank 16
71.55 Ranking Score
12,808 Linking Domains
1,228,252 Alexa Rank
4.10 Moz Rank

I write sometimes confessional, always sex-positive articles about sex, masturbation, relationships, and porn. My content is aimed at anyone who wants better sex, a stronger relationship, and who doesn’t mind a little bit of vulnerability. I also...

Kinkly Rank 17
70.05 Ranking Score
103 Linking Domains
166,173 Alexa Rank
2.60 Moz Rank

I'm a Australian based sex blogger and adult product reviewer who wants to help spread my love of sex toys down under. My blog serves as a accessible way for my fellow Australian's to get to know sex toys, and I put a focus on body-safe and a...

Kinkly Rank 18
69.93 Ranking Score
518 Linking Domains
1,000,637 Alexa Rank
5.45 Moz Rank

Sex and Psychology is a popular blog that focuses on providing scientifically-based information on sex, love, and relationships for the general public. The goal is to provide readers with accurate and responsible information that can help correct the...

Kinkly Rank 19
68.73 Ranking Score
386 Linking Domains
290,021 Alexa Rank
4.10 Moz Rank

Submissive Feminist started off as a personal blog on Tumblr back in March of 2011. Since then, it has grown to be a place to connect with the online community, share experiences and knowledge in kink and sexuality, and teach the importance of self-e...

Kinkly Rank 20
68.58 Ranking Score
4,324 Linking Domains
1,404,173 Alexa Rank
2.90 Moz Rank

I'm Joanne, the writer, editor, re-editor, spelling corrector and creator of sexmachinereviews.co.uk a blog that I hope will help people as I share my personal experiences of the products you see on my site. I am very sexually liberated and have...

Kinkly Rank 21
66.60 Ranking Score
2,081 Linking Domains
3,341,642 Alexa Rank
3.30 Moz Rank

Providing sex toy reviews to make knowledgeable sex toy purchases and to practice BDSM skillfully and safely.

Kinkly Rank 22
66.46 Ranking Score
3,319 Linking Domains
123,137 Alexa Rank
4.40 Moz Rank

Arousibility.com covers many topics ranging from general sex ed, sex and disability, accessibility within the bedroom, to how to have sex with TMJ (jaw pain). We don’t shy away from the taboo! We also very much enjoy picking apart sex toys to...

Kinkly Rank 23
66.33 Ranking Score
7,208 Linking Domains
5,307,116 Alexa Rank
1.90 Moz Rank

I do a lot of male sex toy reviews, specializing in prostate milking guides and prostate toy reviews. At this point, I've reviewed every Aneros toy and am about halfway reviewing all the fleshlights. I love writing and helping to smash down stigm...

Kinkly Rank 24
66.28 Ranking Score
65,280 Linking Domains
422,547 Alexa Rank
4.00 Moz Rank

Phallophile Reviews is all about body-safe silicone sex toys. The Silicone Dildo Guide compares the squishiness many brands, plus lists quality suction cup toys and other aids for hands-free masturbation. The blog's author, Felicity, is always on...

Kinkly Rank 25
66.00 Ranking Score
1,321 Linking Domains
673,970 Alexa Rank
3.00 Moz Rank

Educational videos on Sex, Kinks , Fetishes and Relationships

Kinkly Rank 26
64.69 Ranking Score
5 Linking Domains
2 Alexa Rank
6.10 Moz Rank

Betty Butch is a queer, nonbinary blogger on the autism spectrum. She writes sex toy reviews, personal essays, guides, and the occasional erotica. Reviews include toys for vulvas, kink gear, and porn of various mediums. Essays are on a range of topic...

Kinkly Rank 27
64.64 Ranking Score
1,351 Linking Domains
2,877,329 Alexa Rank
2.60 Moz Rank

I spent the first half of my life ill at ease with sex and my sexuality, trying to squish myself into boxes others told me I needed to fit into. Now I'm ready to embrace and learn all there is to learn in the realm of sex positivity. Sex is suppo...

Kinkly Rank 28
64.60 Ranking Score
1,847 Linking Domains
2,920,617 Alexa Rank
3.10 Moz Rank

This site is dedicated to helping submissives understand themselves and the service they wish to provide; from sexual to domestic, personal assistant to pain slut and everything in between.

Kinkly Rank 29
63.71 Ranking Score
38,578 Linking Domains
1,008,760 Alexa Rank
4.90 Moz Rank

Rain DeGrey is an international educator, writer, podcaster, presenter and performer that has been writing articles and teaching classes, focusing on kink and sex education, since 2009. After getting her start as a fetish model and Pro Domme, she was...

Kinkly Rank 30
62.02 Ranking Score
1,797 Linking Domains
1,604,927 Alexa Rank
3.10 Moz Rank

Girl Boner is a blog and podcast (Girl Boner Radio) that explores sexual empowerment with a focus on pleasure. Headed by August McLaughlin, journalist, sex educator and author of "Girl Boner" and "Girl Boner Journal," the blog inc...

Kinkly Rank 31
60.02 Ranking Score
8 Linking Domains
1,178,247 Alexa Rank
2.70 Moz Rank

Your #1 source for sex toy reviews. We uncover the truth through deep research, so you don't have to invest the time.

Kinkly Rank 32
59.87 Ranking Score
- Linking Domains
258,891 Alexa Rank
1.20 Moz Rank

I am an erotic author, sex blogger, podcaster, freelance writer, an opinionated marketer, and speaker. You can find me online sharing my innermost sexual thoughts and experiences, teaching other bloggers how to make money writing about sex, and helpi...

Kinkly Rank 33
59.51 Ranking Score
21,353 Linking Domains
1,575,711 Alexa Rank
4.00 Moz Rank

Infernal Monkey is a blog dedicated to wanking with blobs of textured Japanese rubber, known as onaholes.Think Fleshlights, except (usually) much more elaborate and packaged in colourful boxes adorned with anime tits.Somewhere deep within the endless...

Kinkly Rank 34
59.03 Ranking Score
1,397 Linking Domains
6,993,905 Alexa Rank
3.00 Moz Rank

Off the Cuffs is a Kink and BDSM podcast and our blog is an extension of the show. Here we post additional content like sex toy reviews, interviews and personal writings on kink and sexuality.

Kinkly Rank 35
58.72 Ranking Score
2,471 Linking Domains
1,591,708 Alexa Rank
2.80 Moz Rank

This website is devoted to personal narrative, erotic fiction, photography, and a few sex toy reviews. Regular features include The Erotic Journal Challenge (a monthly meme), Brigit's Bedtime Stories (an erotica podcast), and loads of posts about...

Kinkly Rank 36
58.04 Ranking Score
6,517 Linking Domains
2,687,473 Alexa Rank
3.40 Moz Rank

Liz BlackX is an author of sexually themed articles, reviews of sextoys, and BDSM erotica. This website is where you can find her blog posts, the hottest stories and links to her books.

Kinkly Rank 37
57.44 Ranking Score
1,116 Linking Domains
4,265,129 Alexa Rank
3.10 Moz Rank

A blog about sex, BDSM, kink, relationships and mental health. You can read reflections around different kinks, my own sex experiences, my opinion on sex-related things, how sex and mental health very much co-relate and the occasional erotic story. I...

Kinkly Rank 38
57.37 Ranking Score
8,135 Linking Domains
6,749,672 Alexa Rank
3.10 Moz Rank

PopMyCherryReview is a savvy sex toy review blog run by sex blogger, sex writer, sex coach and sex toy reviewer Domina Doll. The main content on this sex blog is sex toy and erotica book reviews. We also have many articles on women's sexuality in...

Kinkly Rank 39
55.72 Ranking Score
24,965 Linking Domains
942,878 Alexa Rank
4.20 Moz Rank

Sexpert.com is for sexy, smart, sex-positive people who want to explore their fantasies, desires and kinks so they can enhance their sex lives and intimate relationships. Sexpert.com is the leading sexual education site for adults by real Sex Expe...

Kinkly Rank 40
55.46 Ranking Score
52 Linking Domains
208,327 Alexa Rank
3.60 Moz Rank

Clitical.com is a sexuality blog with articles about sex education, sex toy reviews, erotic stories and more...

Kinkly Rank 41
54.74 Ranking Score
22,486 Linking Domains
1,537,748 Alexa Rank
4.30 Moz Rank

EMandLO.com is a daily blog about sex, love and everything in between. Each week you’ll get intimate advice; horoscopes (only slightly tongue-in-check); manly insight from our Wise Guys; very personal confessions from our contributors; sexual health...

Kinkly Rank 42
54.54 Ranking Score
14,630 Linking Domains
1,969,670 Alexa Rank
4.90 Moz Rank

Sex Toy Reviews… from the Male Perspective. David is just your average happy, healthy married gay guy who just happens to love sex, sex toys and talking about sex toys. If you are looking for down to earth, honest reviews on toys for guys - you’ve co...

Kinkly Rank 43
54.10 Ranking Score
195 Linking Domains
971,414 Alexa Rank
3.20 Moz Rank

“Is monogamy dead?” is a question being asked by almost every major news publication and magazine over the last two years. Awareness of alternatives to traditional monogamy is at an all time high, as more people are seeking resources to intelligently...

Kinkly Rank 44
53.46 Ranking Score
12,890 Linking Domains
2,406,878 Alexa Rank
4.90 Moz Rank

My blog follows my journey from the discovery of my submissive self in 2012 to the present date. During that time, I have had an extramarital affair, ended my marriage and met the man I am now slave to. Along the way, there have been physical and emo...

Kinkly Rank 45
53.46 Ranking Score
2,823 Linking Domains
2,383,528 Alexa Rank
3.40 Moz Rank

Here you’ll find original spanking stories for the theatre between your ears. Some are short stories, tasty treats that can be devoured in minutes; others are longform stories that might create a whole world within your imagination. My ambition...

Kinkly Rank 46
53.30 Ranking Score
48 Linking Domains
2,778,966 Alexa Rank
4.89 Moz Rank

There are so many blowjob machines on the market and you want to make sure your purchase counts - which is why I’ve put together a list so you can get the best blowjob machine that's right for you.

Kinkly Rank 47
53.01 Ranking Score
14,526 Linking Domains
864,382 Alexa Rank
3.70 Moz Rank

Spices of Lust is a blog created by Leja and Luka, a couple in their 20s. Initially, Spices of Lust was supposed to be a place to share our journey exploring sexuality, but it evolved to be so much more. Both of them enjoy crafting content related...

Kinkly Rank 48
52.21 Ranking Score
21 Linking Domains
2,922,206 Alexa Rank
1.80 Moz Rank

I'm a bisexual, submissive-leaning rope bottom, and I write about my kinky life and imaginings.

Kinkly Rank 49
52.12 Ranking Score
304 Linking Domains
2,927,847 Alexa Rank
2.70 Moz Rank

Dildo Or Dildont is a blog where you can learn to expand your sexual repertoire without shame or judgement. Carly S. The Queen of Wands, sex educator, porn star, model, sex blogger, and bad bitch from the Bronx. Manager of some of NYC’s hottest...

Kinkly Rank 50
51.69 Ranking Score
5 Linking Domains
4,114,791 Alexa Rank
3.10 Moz Rank

Jayne Renault is a Montreal-based writer and resident Smut Queen at Bellesa — an adult entertainment and lifestyle website by women. Her writing is intimate fiction (sometimes erotic; always sexy) that tends to feature self-assured bisexual bab...

Kinkly Rank 51
51.03 Ranking Score
8 Linking Domains
2,583,368 Alexa Rank
1.60 Moz Rank

JoEllen is a writer, speaker, researcher and mental health advocate whose work explores the impact of depression on sex and relationships. Since 2012 she has written about sex, mental health, and how none of us are broken on her award-winning site Th...

Kinkly Rank 52
50.98 Ranking Score
11,111 Linking Domains
2,442,146 Alexa Rank
3.90 Moz Rank

In Bed With Married Women is a blog about sex in all its boring, strange, funny, smoking hot glory.

Kinkly Rank 53
50.45 Ranking Score
9,338 Linking Domains
4,960,386 Alexa Rank
3.30 Moz Rank

Hi, I’m Kelvin! I’m a queer intersex trans man, and my pronouns are he/him/his. I started writing about sex on the internet in 2017, with the intention of posting toy reviews from a transmasculine point of view. While most of this blog content is sti...

Kinkly Rank 54
50.06 Ranking Score
8 Linking Domains
1,588,950 Alexa Rank
1.50 Moz Rank

Our focus at Bending the Bookshelf is on authors and stories that bend gender and sexuality, express our unique identities, and celebrate our diverse lives and loves. From mainstream and genre fiction to the kinky corners of fetish and erotic fiction...

Kinkly Rank 55
49.84 Ranking Score
30,584 Linking Domains
3,178,775 Alexa Rank
4.10 Moz Rank

The Perverted Negress - It ain't just the hair that's kinky! The uncensored life of an Executive Pervert. Funny. Friendly. Foulmouthed. Fabulous. Submissive, Slave, Overachiever, Ass-Kicker, Retired Drunkard, Activist, Fat Fetish Model &...

Kinkly Rank 56
49.35 Ranking Score
13,118 Linking Domains
2,612,797 Alexa Rank
4.00 Moz Rank

Free BDSM Pictures, BDSM Galleries with 100′s of Pictures of Spanking, Fetish, Bondage, and Kinks. A Huge Story Section with short stories, picture-stories, full-length BDSM novels, and poetry. A Resource Section with beginners guides to BDSM,...

Kinkly Rank 57
48.95 Ranking Score
1,075 Linking Domains
276,143 Alexa Rank
4.40 Moz Rank

What is My Body Doing is a web series hosted by Eva Bloom about all things sexuality, relationships, sexual health and more! On this channel you'll find short videos that are anti-oppressive, sex-positive, and evidence-based. With a background in...

Kinkly Rank 58
48.68 Ranking Score
198 Linking Domains
2 Alexa Rank
6.50 Moz Rank

We are talking out loud about senior sex, celebrating the joys and addressing the challenges of sex and aging. Joan Price is the author of The Ultimate Guide to Sex after 50: How to Maintain -- or Retain -- a Spicy, Satisfying Sex Life, Naked at Our...

Kinkly Rank 59
48.19 Ranking Score
5,284 Linking Domains
16,525,357 Alexa Rank
3.40 Moz Rank

Hi! My name is Storm. My pronouns are she/her. I am a cisgender, pansexual, queer, menopausal woman. I write about my sex life, my romantic life, and I write sex toy and lingerie reviews. You will find that I post a lot nude and lingerie pictures. I...

Kinkly Rank 60
47.89 Ranking Score
1,773 Linking Domains
1,603,600 Alexa Rank
3.40 Moz Rank

Hertoysreview.com is a site dedicated to sex toy review. In this site I offer honest and reliable reviews about sex toys that are safe to use and interesting to my taste.Besides, I ONLY review and recommend good-quality sex toys that are made of 100%...

Kinkly Rank 61
47.69 Ranking Score
6 Linking Domains
990,942 Alexa Rank
2.10 Moz Rank

Writing about sex, desire, lust, kink, and all things erotic.

Kinkly Rank 62
47.67 Ranking Score
217 Linking Domains
5,989 Alexa Rank
5.30 Moz Rank

Run by queer sex educator and chronic illness advocate Rachael Rose, Hedonish talks openly about sexuality, sexual health, chronic illness and disability, sex toys, and whatever else strikes our fancy.Want to work together? Contact us at goo.gl/fG5bH...

Kinkly Rank 63
47.43 Ranking Score
708 Linking Domains
5,309,968 Alexa Rank
2.90 Moz Rank

DoctorClimax is a sexual health & sex toy review site aimed at increasing sexual education on topics both simple and complex with body positivity & freedom of sexuality being some of the core tenets I, Angela Watson, and my husband Don Watson...

Kinkly Rank 64
45.93 Ranking Score
1,684 Linking Domains
415,015 Alexa Rank
3.20 Moz Rank

I'm a kinky queer woman with a full heart, and an urge to capture delicate moments. Sex-positive. Ethically non-monogamous. Fiercely feminist. Awkwardly anxious. A smart ass with a sweet ass. In my spare time I throw parties inspired by my daydre...

Kinkly Rank 65
45.59 Ranking Score
646,427 Linking Domains
7,123,393 Alexa Rank
5.30 Moz Rank

Couple of Secrets is a window into our sexual experiences: an ordinary couple on a journey to expand its sexual space. We simply refuse the premise that, as relationships advance, sex becomes humdrum and boring.

Kinkly Rank 66
45.38 Ranking Score
219 Linking Domains
2,716,514 Alexa Rank
2.40 Moz Rank

Juicy Sex Stories is a source of free quality erotica. Includes a free facebook style community. Members can post stories and include a link back to their blog or website from their profile picture. Regular contests with cash prizes.

Kinkly Rank 67
44.31 Ranking Score
596 Linking Domains
574,391 Alexa Rank
3.60 Moz Rank

Personal experiences in the world of Male Chastity

Kinkly Rank 68
44.28 Ranking Score
13,343 Linking Domains
3,877,507 Alexa Rank
3.40 Moz Rank

The "personal" diaries and adventures of a London Hotwife. A wife, lover, swinger, mistress & authoress of real-life erotica diairies. ''Sex should be like life, it should be FUN''.---------------------------------------...

Kinkly Rank 69
44.17 Ranking Score
7,153 Linking Domains
3,281,018 Alexa Rank
3.60 Moz Rank

Adultsmart Blog provides sex positive information that can be used to enhance your sexual lifestyle. Bringing to you at least 1 new article a day. Content is all original and authentically written from personal experiences and professional knowledge....

Kinkly Rank 70
43.60 Ranking Score
606 Linking Domains
686,665 Alexa Rank
3.80 Moz Rank

Nuance was created in response to a lack of representation of (im)migrant voices in popular sex, sexuality, and sexual health media and has grown to become a platform for underrepresented voices. We exist to diversify and expand the sexual health con...

Kinkly Rank 71
43.13 Ranking Score
13 Linking Domains
143 Alexa Rank
5.30 Moz Rank

Reviews of sex toy and other sex related products that range from quirky to mainstream, with the occasional smattering of Erotica thrown in for good measure.I also write adult film features (award winning even!) and a list of my work can be found the...

Kinkly Rank 72
43.09 Ranking Score
1,709 Linking Domains
7,687,776 Alexa Rank
3.30 Moz Rank

A resource for some of the hottest gay comics, erotica, discuss gay art & history! From cockrings to Handjobs Magazine, male masturbation, & ball stretching, Badwolf/Blog talks about everything that gets us boned, and how amazing it is to be...

Kinkly Rank 73
42.61 Ranking Score
33,724 Linking Domains
4,611,741 Alexa Rank
3.10 Moz Rank

Raising orgasmic awareness. Author. British expat in Spain. Sex blogger. La Sex Teacher in A3media TV. Sex toy tester & designer. Fetishist. Feminist. Vegan. Yogi. Zen.

Kinkly Rank 74
42.35 Ranking Score
868 Linking Domains
1,202,448 Alexa Rank
3.70 Moz Rank

A blog with orgasm denial, enforced male chastity, open relationships, and the occasional rant.

Kinkly Rank 75
42.22 Ranking Score
59,650 Linking Domains
6,485,119 Alexa Rank
3.80 Moz Rank

Lingerie reviewer for curvy women on a budget. Discussions about sex and relationships.

Kinkly Rank 76
42.15 Ranking Score
22 Linking Domains
5,989 Alexa Rank
4.70 Moz Rank

Bedbible.com strives to improve the americans lovelife by leading the way in transparency and technology.

Kinkly Rank 77
41.88 Ranking Score
1,938 Linking Domains
1,056,801 Alexa Rank
2.60 Moz Rank

Ms Naughty's blog, online since 2004, documents news relating to women's erotica and porn in general, censorship and feminism.

Kinkly Rank 78
41.63 Ranking Score
17,306 Linking Domains
5,925,691 Alexa Rank
3.80 Moz Rank

Mischa Eliot - Office Superhero by Day, Smutty Erotica Author by Night, bringing you the hottest stories.

Kinkly Rank 79
41.40 Ranking Score
621 Linking Domains
5,441,076 Alexa Rank
3.20 Moz Rank

I started writing porn because what I found online didn’t speak to me. Words and ideas turn me on more than anything else, but I couldn’t find erotica that wasn’t juvenile, unrealistic, or grossly unappealing. So I decided to write...

Kinkly Rank 80
41.37 Ranking Score
2,050 Linking Domains
2,077,970 Alexa Rank
2.90 Moz Rank

Kink, sex, and life ... but not always in that order. - A blog about sexuality and BDSM lifestyles

Kinkly Rank 81
40.99 Ranking Score
5,805 Linking Domains
6,439,547 Alexa Rank
4.60 Moz Rank

Stories and essays about gay men, sex and friendship in a post PrEP world.

Kinkly Rank 82
40.91 Ranking Score
- Linking Domains
143 Alexa Rank
4.90 Moz Rank

connecting the dots by editing and writing erotica

Kinkly Rank 83
40.84 Ranking Score
7,604 Linking Domains
4,555,585 Alexa Rank
3.40 Moz Rank

AdultBlog.io is a new blog run by Daniel Hayden, an adult industry expert who is sharing his tips and tricks on how to succeed in the world of online porn.

Kinkly Rank 84
40.83 Ranking Score
434 Linking Domains
245,033 Alexa Rank
3.00 Moz Rank

E. L. Byrne writes about relationships, travel and ethical non-monogamy, especially polyamory. There is a lot about travel because travel adventures, maybe misadventures, are a big part of her life and dating in another country is super exciting!

Kinkly Rank 85
40.78 Ranking Score
4,731 Linking Domains
4,831,467 Alexa Rank
2.60 Moz Rank

If you enjoy a fun and educational approach to sexuality then Erotic Scribes is sure to please. No boring, dry articles here. From Passionate Sex to Smart Porn, the news, articles and opinions on sex-related topics are interesting and entertaining. A...

Kinkly Rank 86
40.75 Ranking Score
360 Linking Domains
270,416 Alexa Rank
3.20 Moz Rank
40.51 Ranking Score
3,103 Linking Domains
4,765,439 Alexa Rank
4.10 Moz Rank

Submissive writing about BDSM, kink, relationships and identity. Focuses on BDSM and power exchange relationships. Written by an agender queer with over 30 years of kink experience.

Kinkly Rank 88
40.51 Ranking Score
32 Linking Domains
317,063 Alexa Rank
1.70 Moz Rank

A leap of faith tells the story of how the barefoot sub became the woman she is today. There is also plenty of body positivity, rope and general mischief thrown in.

Kinkly Rank 89
40.32 Ranking Score
9,077 Linking Domains
4,497,283 Alexa Rank
3.10 Moz Rank

Feisty Fox Films is a sexuality site that focuses on LGBTQ-inclusive sex and kink education, product reviews, and personal essays on relationships, kink, gender, disability, and mental health, among other things. It is run by Taylor J Mace, a nonbina...

Kinkly Rank 90
40.31 Ranking Score
1,785 Linking Domains
5,057,437 Alexa Rank
2.90 Moz Rank

This blog is all about my journey in submission...lots of kinky sex, spankings, and fun ahead!

Kinkly Rank 91
40.17 Ranking Score
8,124 Linking Domains
4,962,031 Alexa Rank
3.50 Moz Rank

Articles, reviews, free ebooks, podcasts and more in a bilingual (English and Italian) website by Italy's foremost expert on unusual sex, author of the Sexual Explorers Manifesto and the best-selling book BDSM - A Guide for Explorers of Extreme E...

Kinkly Rank 92
40.13 Ranking Score
928 Linking Domains
2,490,300 Alexa Rank
3.80 Moz Rank

An education-focused, body-positive blog created by the sex educators at Lotus Blooms, a woman-owned, education-based adult boutique just outside Washington, DC. We offer everything from overviews of toy types, to product reviews, to humor, to queer-...

Kinkly Rank 93
39.65 Ranking Score
2 Linking Domains
1,750,706 Alexa Rank
2.10 Moz Rank

Gay Bathhouse Stories By Gay Asian Male.

Kinkly Rank 94
39.51 Ranking Score
4,669 Linking Domains
4,063,963 Alexa Rank
3.10 Moz Rank

This blog contains a variety of content. In it I write about my experiences as a Submissive Wife, of being physically disabled, and suffering from chronic pain. As if that wasn't enough I also live with depression and anxiety! My two adult childr...

Kinkly Rank 95
39.15 Ranking Score
13,620 Linking Domains
4,954,351 Alexa Rank
2.80 Moz Rank

Kinkly Rank 96
39.04 Ranking Score
159 Linking Domains
289,645 Alexa Rank
3.40 Moz Rank

DisabledSexGuide.com is an adult resource that explores and celebrates the complexity of human sexuality. By representing the sexuality of disabled persons, we aim to help break the stereotype that sex and pleasure are only for certain types of bodie...

Kinkly Rank 97
38.44 Ranking Score
132 Linking Domains
2,071,526 Alexa Rank
1.10 Moz Rank

Queer Courtesan is a BDSM and power exchange focused blog. Written by Calliope, a femme Leather boy in a full-time dynamic, QC explores various areas of BDSM life, integrating power exchange into a relationship, and being queer at the same time. Call...

Kinkly Rank 98
38.41 Ranking Score
160 Linking Domains
5,873,966 Alexa Rank
1.60 Moz Rank

The ramblings of a polyamorous Domme with a passion for educating people about sexuality and BDSM.

Kinkly Rank 99
38.27 Ranking Score
12,474 Linking Domains
5,573,733 Alexa Rank
3.10 Moz Rank

writingdirty is an erotica blog, with both fiction and non-fiction tales of love, sex, BDSM, kink, gender, and other fun.

Kinkly Rank 100
38.17 Ranking Score
3,685 Linking Domains
5,822,328 Alexa Rank
3.90 Moz Rank

Husband, father, slut. Blogger.

Kinkly Rank 101
38.08 Ranking Score
2,056 Linking Domains
4,115,749 Alexa Rank
3.30 Moz Rank

A real couple that has been blogging about their sex life and everything else for the last 5 years.  From opening their relationship, having threesomes, and various sex topics, questions and answers, and more!

Kinkly Rank 102
37.99 Ranking Score
59 Linking Domains
3,014,152 Alexa Rank
3.10 Moz Rank

We're sex toy bloggers, fap fans, male masturbator aficionados ,sex gadget connoisseurs etcWe review sex toys for men with a focus mostly on toys from Japan - from onaholes (Japanese version of Fleshlights) and breast toys to full sex dolls and l...

Kinkly Rank 103
37.85 Ranking Score
2,312 Linking Domains
3,842,837 Alexa Rank
3.00 Moz Rank

Hi there, my name is Jezebella and I’m a sex-positive, sex enthusiasts!My blog contains reviews of sex toys and other adult products, personal blog posts about my life and the adult industry, and a few erotic stories for when my creative spirit...

Kinkly Rank 104
37.84 Ranking Score
1,808 Linking Domains
2,657,062 Alexa Rank
2.60 Moz Rank

A Kinky Autistic is written and run solely by me, Morgan Peschek. I explore autism and kink (naturally) and the intersections between disability, queerness, sluttiness and more through personal essays, erotica and the occasional cute selfie.

Kinkly Rank 105
37.67 Ranking Score
1,007 Linking Domains
1,782,351 Alexa Rank
2.80 Moz Rank

Soft, seductive erotica. Exploring sexual awakening in midlife.

Kinkly Rank 106
37.60 Ranking Score
- Linking Domains
5,989 Alexa Rank
4.10 Moz Rank

Personal thoughts of an affair, as well as kink, toys, and more

Kinkly Rank 107
37.60 Ranking Score
- Linking Domains
5,989 Alexa Rank
4.10 Moz Rank

A weekly video series hosted by Erika Lynae all about sex ed, sex toys, and sex health

Kinkly Rank 108
37.50 Ranking Score
3,258 Linking Domains
4,371,983 Alexa Rank
3.00 Moz Rank

Non-professional femdom, free BDSM erotica & femdom stories, reviews, rants and sensible advice as well as candid lifestyle blogging from a modern kinky perspective.Also the blog of published author Pearl O'Leslie, of "The Pet Gentleman" and other st...

Kinkly Rank 109
36.87 Ranking Score
1,416 Linking Domains
3,325,512 Alexa Rank
3.10 Moz Rank

Bella is a sacred sexuality educator and a lifelong libertine. She is an unabashed sex blogger and is currently working on a memoir about her stint in the sex industry as a stripper and international dominatrix. Her adults-only blog features her sex...

Kinkly Rank 110
36.43 Ranking Score
389 Linking Domains
4,318,761 Alexa Rank
2.20 Moz Rank

I write and record about kink from a femdom perspective, more specifically sensual domination. My blog features educational articles, personal anecdotes, and femdom themed erotica and audio smut.

Kinkly Rank 111
36.30 Ranking Score
8,419 Linking Domains
4,002,664 Alexa Rank
1.80 Moz Rank

Smut Buttons is a sex edutainment site dedicated to discussing the ins and outs of everything considered to be a bit too 'taboo'. From reviews of sex toys and sex events through to explorations of ethical non-monogamy and guides on safe sex p...

Kinkly Rank 112
36.20 Ranking Score
86 Linking Domains
3,169,152 Alexa Rank
1.70 Moz Rank

For men! Launched in 2015, The Bator Blog is updated daily and provides everything you need to know about masturbation, the male orgasm, sexual well-being, and more. TheBatorBlog is an educational and informational supplement to Bateworld.com offerin...

Kinkly Rank 113
36.02 Ranking Score
2,746 Linking Domains
3,529,263 Alexa Rank
2.30 Moz Rank

LeNair Xavier, unashamed of his porn past as "Tré Xavier", continues revealing his observations where he sees beneath the surface of all we've been told about sex, life & love.

Kinkly Rank 114
35.98 Ranking Score
16,231 Linking Domains
6,327,504 Alexa Rank
2.60 Moz Rank

Thoughts, feelings, adventures, and fantasies from an atypical gay dude in Boston, MA. Witty pop culture rants, sex toy reviews, and occasional exhibitionism abound!

Kinkly Rank 115
35.80 Ranking Score
1,619 Linking Domains
4,531,212 Alexa Rank
2.50 Moz Rank

A Submissive's Initiative is a nonprofit that focuses on the intersections of BDSM, mental health, feminism, gender, race and other related topics.

Kinkly Rank 116
35.77 Ranking Score
534 Linking Domains
2,639,211 Alexa Rank
3.30 Moz Rank

This site falls somewhere between female led relationships, pegging, male chastity and a relationship advice site. Written by a woman and intended for women.

Kinkly Rank 117
35.64 Ranking Score
1,434 Linking Domains
2,970,706 Alexa Rank
2.60 Moz Rank

My journey into Domestic Discipline...that led to all sorts of kink - poly, swinging, and much more

Kinkly Rank 118
35.54 Ranking Score
3,376 Linking Domains
5,023,758 Alexa Rank
2.90 Moz Rank

It's getting hot in here...Love, sex, kink, relationships, erotica, humor, advice, and reflective slices of life from a married ethically non-monogamous woman in the U.S.

Kinkly Rank 119
35.00 Ranking Score
9,409 Linking Domains
7,687,815 Alexa Rank
3.70 Moz Rank

The Blog For Gay Bathhouse News From Around The World

Kinkly Rank 120
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5,564 Linking Domains
5,724,375 Alexa Rank
2.80 Moz Rank
34.41 Ranking Score
691 Linking Domains
1,600,008 Alexa Rank
2.10 Moz Rank

Onahole Review is a blog about Japanese male anime-themed masturbators, lubricants, vibrators and other sexy products straight from Japan. As a team of review authors, we share our fun experience and discoveries in the never ending maze of Japan's ki...

Kinkly Rank 122
34.22 Ranking Score
1,343 Linking Domains
4,592,230 Alexa Rank
3.30 Moz Rank

Read weekly blogs from one of Britain's largest online sex toy retailers.

Kinkly Rank 123
34.08 Ranking Score
31 Linking Domains
1,133,686 Alexa Rank
3.50 Moz Rank

I Review sex toys, collect dildos or should I say hoard them. I offer my perspective on sex toys being young and also quite old headed I tend to like the weird and wacky sex toys. Fantasy toys are my thing! Also dabble with fetish items.

Kinkly Rank 124
34.07 Ranking Score
297 Linking Domains
1,878,880 Alexa Rank
2.90 Moz Rank

Hyacinth Jones is a mother of a young child, a feminist, a lover of men and a lover of love. Also, a neophyte Domme. Her blog began as just a place to vent and tell her wild tales, but became the ongoing story of her and "The Neighbor" and then the a...

Kinkly Rank 125
33.83 Ranking Score
6,991 Linking Domains
7,687,637 Alexa Rank
3.60 Moz Rank

A mixture of real life thoughts on sex, dating and disability combined with an increasing amount of erotic flash and the odd Christmas gift guide!

Kinkly Rank 126
33.68 Ranking Score
16,488 Linking Domains
7,687,869 Alexa Rank
3.00 Moz Rank

Sex and power – are any two subjects more connected, important and absolutely fascinating?Mark Cuban says don’t follow your passion, follow your actions. For this reason I’m just going to surrender to writing, and write about what I love to think abo...

Kinkly Rank 127
33.63 Ranking Score
99 Linking Domains
1,798,236 Alexa Rank
3.40 Moz Rank

Bringing sex out of the bedroom and open for discussion. Sex toy reviews with a side of awesome. ToyWithMe offers sex toy reviews as well as stories and articles about sex and relationships.

Kinkly Rank 128
33.37 Ranking Score
33 Linking Domains
904,662 Alexa Rank
3.10 Moz Rank

The MamaSutra is a site for Sexy Mamas of any age. Here's where you can learn more about getting the sex you want, and nurturing the relationship you need, all while raising kids (in a sex-infused world) to grow up to be sexually healthy adults....

Kinkly Rank 129
33.31 Ranking Score
4 Linking Domains
2,449,016 Alexa Rank
1.10 Moz Rank

LongDistanceFun.com is the only website made to help you have more FUN in your LDR life despite the distance! We publish articles aimed to bring more spice to your long distance relationship.

Kinkly Rank 130
33.10 Ranking Score
- Linking Domains
453,678 Alexa Rank
3.30 Moz Rank

Contains all those wild & sassy (personal) experiences, thoughts, opinions from your Favorite little Kitty - Cat. Posts are shared via audio, standard or jpegs. Topics discussed are Erotic Photography, Sexual Adventures (both fiction & non-fi...

Kinkly Rank 131
33.05 Ranking Score
1,172 Linking Domains
5,361,885 Alexa Rank
3.60 Moz Rank

TooTimid's sex ed blog is meant to help educate about sexual health and relationships. We believe in inclusivity and making it our mission to provide the best information possible to answer even the most awkward and pressing questions you have ab...

Kinkly Rank 132
32.93 Ranking Score
- Linking Domains
167,215 Alexa Rank
3.00 Moz Rank

The erotic photography adventures of a 40-something married couple from the southeastern U.S. Posting daily with our own original content and occasional contributors.

Kinkly Rank 133
32.90 Ranking Score
848 Linking Domains
4,607,001 Alexa Rank
3.40 Moz Rank

An adult blog of sexy fantasy stories, humor and other useless insights.

Kinkly Rank 134
32.00 Ranking Score
9,419 Linking Domains
6,851,981 Alexa Rank
2.30 Moz Rank

An adult site sharing original erotic fiction by the author : Posy Churchgate who shares pictures and honest opinions on matters relating to sex, fantasies.Plus reviews of erotic books and sex toys & interviews with bloggers

Kinkly Rank 135
31.83 Ranking Score
3,637 Linking Domains
7,156,909 Alexa Rank
3.30 Moz Rank

PinkLabel.tv is porn with good taste. The site's blog, SEXPLORE, supplements the fair-trade indie, queer, and feminist porn VOD site with Filmmaker Interviews, Reviews, Essays, Casting Calls, Festival Submissions, Guides for Viewers and Tips for Film...

Kinkly Rank 136
30.99 Ranking Score
21 Linking Domains
709,679 Alexa Rank
2.50 Moz Rank

The intimate and erotic exploration of femininity and feminine desire, in prose, poetry and sensual self-portraiture, by an Antipodean minx.

Kinkly Rank 137
30.76 Ranking Score
4,931 Linking Domains
7,687,788 Alexa Rank
3.10 Moz Rank

Sex-positive stories, guides and toy reviews from a diverse team of LGBTQIA+ writers.

Kinkly Rank 138
30.26 Ranking Score
7 Linking Domains
1,184,897 Alexa Rank
3.00 Moz Rank

Peddling the finest smut

Kinkly Rank 139
29.45 Ranking Score
703 Linking Domains
5,889,041 Alexa Rank
3.30 Moz Rank

A site dedicated to reviewing a wide range of sex toys, all from the perspective of a gay British guy in his mid-20s.

Kinkly Rank 140
28.70 Ranking Score
2,572 Linking Domains
7,595,512 Alexa Rank
2.90 Moz Rank

Queer, creative, and wonderfully weird. Quenby explores gender, sexuality, and kink through a unique blend of poetry, filthy erotica, and thoughtful articles.

Kinkly Rank 141
28.43 Ranking Score
- Linking Domains
5,460,695 Alexa Rank
1.40 Moz Rank

A place where I can share reviews of the toys and lingerie I have tested, in addition to sharing my smutty stories ;)

Kinkly Rank 143
28.19 Ranking Score
505 Linking Domains
4,565,815 Alexa Rank
2.60 Moz Rank

BDSM Gear Reviews and Articles for Discerning Specialists The main idea for this site was to highlight gear and ideas that have worked for our BDSM play adventures. Many review sites are ad or free stuff based while we are doing it just to give a lit...

Kinkly Rank 144
28.09 Ranking Score
- Linking Domains
1,654,865 Alexa Rank
3.00 Moz Rank

FIND DELIGHT! Have questions? Choose what content you want! For great information on improving your sex life, intimacy and relationships, check out the Life Coaching and Therapy blog. Get the most common therapy questions answered in our YouTube vide...

Kinkly Rank 145
27.93 Ranking Score
- Linking Domains
433,324 Alexa Rank
2.00 Moz Rank

At Tickle.Life we provide you an encouraging environment to talk about your worries, get expert advice, connect with the tribe and access to products for a fulfilling sexual experience. A home to people of all sexual orientations, genders, LGBTQIA &n...

Kinkly Rank 146
27.78 Ranking Score
- Linking Domains
469,048 Alexa Rank
2.00 Moz Rank

Kink Lovers is the magazine for kinky people into BDSM, bondage, and fetish. Read about kinky dating, fetishes, the BDSM community, and kink dating reviews.

Kinkly Rank 147
27.62 Ranking Score
129 Linking Domains
1,838,431 Alexa Rank
- Moz Rank

Lorotica is our digital haven for inclusive, honest, and accurate pleasure education for all. A place for shared experiences, tips and techniques, affirmation, and joy.

Kinkly Rank 148
27.45 Ranking Score
1 Linking Domains
640,990 Alexa Rank
2.00 Moz Rank

Inky Blue Allusions is the home of erotica/steamy romance writer, Autumn Seave. It's a very personal blog where she shares stories, poetry, and personal anecdotes about her life.

Kinkly Rank 149
27.04 Ranking Score
296 Linking Domains
4,362,103 Alexa Rank
2.50 Moz Rank

A mix of sex education and toy reviews! This blog features articles about relationships, fetishes, kinks, toys, erotica, sex safety, interviews with popular sex workers, and more!

Kinkly Rank 152
26.94 Ranking Score
38 Linking Domains
2,465,390 Alexa Rank
2.40 Moz Rank

I have an obsession. An obsession with sex toys. I can't stop collecting them, reviewing them, photographing them and loving them.My reviews are usually of penis and prostate toys. The website also has reviews written by my girlfriend, so there&#...

Kinkly Rank 153
26.85 Ranking Score
- Linking Domains
651,094 Alexa Rank
1.90 Moz Rank

We are a happily married professional couple exploring the wide world of consensual non-monogamy. We’d like to share our journey with as many people as possible, in a conversational style, and along the way maybe understand it a little better o...

Kinkly Rank 154
26.67 Ranking Score
1,209 Linking Domains
4,483,770 Alexa Rank
1.40 Moz Rank

A blog about BDSM from the perspective of a monogamous, feminist couple with kids in our 40s who practice BDSM in the bedroom and in the scene.

Kinkly Rank 155
26.67 Ranking Score
13 Linking Domains
3,572,583 Alexa Rank
2.60 Moz Rank

Sex for Every Body is an online publication that celebrates sexual and body diversity. Our goal is to make sex education resources easier to access and more inclusive, particularly to people living with disabilities and those healing from sexual trau...

Kinkly Rank 156
26.64 Ranking Score
133 Linking Domains
4,269,220 Alexa Rank
1.40 Moz Rank

Erotica from Guy New York

Kinkly Rank 157
26.57 Ranking Score
12 Linking Domains
4,769,797 Alexa Rank
1.90 Moz Rank

Foxtail is an online community for the sex-positive. We serve the BDSM, Kink, and Fetish communities, but everyone is welcome to join our open, pro-sexploration community. We believe everyone is kinky.

Kinkly Rank 158
26.55 Ranking Score
- Linking Domains
1,644,353 Alexa Rank
2.60 Moz Rank

A totally honest and unbiased adult product reviewer from the UK. Sex positive, fun loving & addicted to sex toys!

Kinkly Rank 159
26.48 Ranking Score
1,487 Linking Domains
6,928,411 Alexa Rank
2.60 Moz Rank

I write, therefore I feel. This is the home of all the naughty thoughts I can’t say out loud, my musings on my own sexual experiences and all the smutty fiction I can dream up. I’m a submissive painslut with Aspergers and Ehlers-Danlos Sy...

Kinkly Rank 160
26.38 Ranking Score
8 Linking Domains
4,021,630 Alexa Rank
1.70 Moz Rank

The STI Project was launched in April of 2012 during STI/STD Awareness Month by STI+ Executive Director, Jenelle Marie Pierce. The STI Project is an independent website and progressive movement dismantling stigma by reclaiming STI narratives through...

Kinkly Rank 163
25.99 Ranking Score
4 Linking Domains
1,720,981 Alexa Rank
2.40 Moz Rank

Exhibit A: Sex, Erotica, & Filthy Photos I'm a 30-something cis man, living in London with my wife, daughter, and two cats. As Exhibit A, I blog about sex and non-monogamy, I write erotic fiction (often with a focus on threesomes/group sex), and I...

Kinkly Rank 165
25.83 Ranking Score
3 Linking Domains
2,828,726 Alexa Rank
2.60 Moz Rank

Tumblr of Guy New York, best-selling erotica writer, and smut peddler. Occasionally NSFW or any place else for that matter.

Kinkly Rank 166
25.82 Ranking Score
32 Linking Domains
5,353,231 Alexa Rank
3.90 Moz Rank

Home base of Elia Winters, author of geeky, kinky, cozy erotic romance. This blog features information about Elia's books and other publications as well as sex toy reviews.

Kinkly Rank 167
25.60 Ranking Score
- Linking Domains
3,561,835 Alexa Rank
3.40 Moz Rank

Started by a self-confessed sex addict, Whoreuro began as a personal blog of a sexual journey across sex clubs, swingers parties, and fetish events across Europe. But it's since grown into a writing space covering porn, fetish advice, and much mo...

Kinkly Rank 168
25.42 Ranking Score
272 Linking Domains
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1.50 Moz Rank

NSFW Archive is guide to living adventurously.

Kinkly Rank 169
25.24 Ranking Score
- Linking Domains
1,203,963 Alexa Rank
2.00 Moz Rank

Food For Thought Friday - a weekly meme designed to get you thinking. Each week, on Friday, we will post a new question. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write a post giving your thoughts/opinions on the topic raised. There are, of...

Kinkly Rank 173
24.48 Ranking Score
883 Linking Domains
7,545,159 Alexa Rank
2.90 Moz Rank

In the last few years, sex toys have become less taboo. The media have no problem talking about sex toys... for women. We frequently see women sex toys showcased in different magazines, websites, or news outlet. Many women are now comfortable talking...

Kinkly Rank 174
24.39 Ranking Score
30 Linking Domains
2,898,078 Alexa Rank
2.20 Moz Rank

A Shared Wife is a sex-positive blog about 'Hotwifing' and the pleasure of being 'shared'. The blog explores non-monogamy and other non-normative sexual relationships. The blog also features Erotica, sex toy reviews and other fun musi...

Kinkly Rank 175
24.34 Ranking Score
624 Linking Domains
6,673,564 Alexa Rank
2.50 Moz Rank

Sex & London City delivers insightful and honest articles on the witty and brutal reality of being a single woman looking for love in the Big Smoke. The relationship and dating features have attracted global followers and have prompted Nixalina's...

Kinkly Rank 176
24.34 Ranking Score
300 Linking Domains
6,386,597 Alexa Rank
2.90 Moz Rank

At SexLoveCoffee we share erotic stories and sexual experiences. We review sex toys and talk about love and intimacy and the bonds that hold us together. We believe that sex is beautiful, masturbation is good, and sexual desire is a lifelong journey.

Kinkly Rank 178
23.83 Ranking Score
- Linking Domains
246,341 Alexa Rank
0.80 Moz Rank

Obsessed With Myshelf is a book blog that strives to bridge the gap between fictional romance and real life pleasure. The blog contains reviews of romance and erotica novels, but I also do a monthly feature entitled LiteralPleasure in which I rev...

Kinkly Rank 179
23.46 Ranking Score
481 Linking Domains
7,762,377 Alexa Rank
3.60 Moz Rank

A philosophical exploration of sex and sexuality, with a special emphasis on sexual ethics.

Kinkly Rank 181
23.05 Ranking Score
582 Linking Domains
6,887,842 Alexa Rank
2.50 Moz Rank

Tiffy kink is a New York based Sex Blogger whose goal is to spread sex positivity and break down barriers for the sexually deprived and repressed through her blog posts and sex toy reviews where she not only talks about her interactions with sex and...

Kinkly Rank 182
22.55 Ranking Score
411 Linking Domains
6,401,984 Alexa Rank
2.30 Moz Rank

An honest blog on which I'm documenting my journey/training as a slave serving a Mistress, during which I slowly become more myself. The posts include tasks, punishments, fun sessions and attending workshops and munches for the first time

Kinkly Rank 184
22.41 Ranking Score
- Linking Domains
2,696,817 Alexa Rank
- Moz Rank

Our journey and experience with Male Chastity - Tease - Orgasm Denial - Female Led Relationship - Wife Led Marriage - Femdom - BDSM - D/s

Kinkly Rank 185
22.40 Ranking Score
548 Linking Domains
6,005,396 Alexa Rank
1.90 Moz Rank

Just like any other skill, sex skills can be learned and improved. The Pleasure Keys is the number one website for men who want to improve their sex skills and become better in bed

Kinkly Rank 187
22.14 Ranking Score
- Linking Domains
1,776,705 Alexa Rank
1.60 Moz Rank

I plan to use this site as a way to show my thoughts and ideas about D/s as well as chronicle my future explorations. There will be topics that will put many people off including but not limited to; DDlg, watersports, Con-noncon, and 24/7 D/s. I don&...

Kinkly Rank 188
22.03 Ranking Score
429 Linking Domains
6,851,912 Alexa Rank
2.40 Moz Rank

A place to pen my thoughts and work on my writing

Kinkly Rank 189
21.93 Ranking Score
- Linking Domains
143 Alexa Rank
- Moz Rank

This blog is a sexual palimpsest with content ranging from reviews to social commentary and the occasional self-reflection in between. It is a sexuality blog untethered, authentic, and unapologetic in its intentions.

Kinkly Rank 191
21.72 Ranking Score
6 Linking Domains
3,675,484 Alexa Rank
2.30 Moz Rank

My blog follows my d/s journey and how it relates to the rest of my life. I’m in a polyamorous ddlg relationship. I’m bisexual and plan on going into sexology after I get my Masters in psychology. I discuss my blindness and how I manage b...

Kinkly Rank 193
21.40 Ranking Score
522 Linking Domains
6,888,029 Alexa Rank
2.30 Moz Rank

Sex should be spoken about without feeling awkward. Our post are focussed on Sex toys and Sex advice.

Kinkly Rank 195
20.64 Ranking Score
- Linking Domains
2,526,728 Alexa Rank
1.60 Moz Rank

Our blog is a place where people can go to post their ten favorite ways to be turned on, touched, have sex, or make them come. We also write and post erotica!

Kinkly Rank 196
20.55 Ranking Score
14 Linking Domains
4,159,735 Alexa Rank
2.10 Moz Rank

From sex techniques and basic education to the vulnerable stuff like shame, doubt, and failure, Sex Coach Dawn Serra offers personal and practical tips for navigating sex, relationships, kink, and how to talk about it all.

Kinkly Rank 197
20.51 Ranking Score
1 Linking Domains
3,272,972 Alexa Rank
2.00 Moz Rank

Sex and spirituality: a journey to enlightenment through the physical

Kinkly Rank 198
20.35 Ranking Score
69 Linking Domains
5,889,368 Alexa Rank
2.50 Moz Rank

Black. Polyamorous. Lesbian. Swinger. Mentally Ill. I write reviews about sex toys and media, articles about erotic communities and experiences, and tweets about living and growing.

Kinkly Rank 199
20.33 Ranking Score
19 Linking Domains
7,766,418 Alexa Rank
1.30 Moz Rank

Just the random musings of a forest dwelling, redheaded submissive slut, who is devoted to Master C.My blog is where I share my observations on sex, kink, and all things that turn me on.

Kinkly Rank 200
20.33 Ranking Score
5,479 Linking Domains
7,156,623 Alexa Rank
- Moz Rank

Raven and Annabel Lee are a monogamous couple exploring the their kinky side after nearly 20 years of a vanilla marriage. D/scovering Kink is the story of their journey and a space to share both their erotica and their photography.

Kinkly Rank 201
20.18 Ranking Score
2 Linking Domains
5,458,419 Alexa Rank
2.10 Moz Rank

For readers who want to be turned on, that enjoy reading about explicit sex, random blowjobs and messy facials, with a healthy dose of group sex thrown in. Nine-tenth's sex journal of slutty and sometimes submissive twenty-something. One-tenth a p...

Kinkly Rank 202
20.13 Ranking Score
556 Linking Domains
4,173,916 Alexa Rank
- Moz Rank

A 100 % real BDSM-COUPLE living in a FEMALE LED RELATIONSHIP sharing fantasies, kinky experiences and everyday life

Kinkly Rank 203
20.11 Ranking Score
- Linking Domains
5,239,883 Alexa Rank
- Moz Rank

I’m Emily; the creator and currently, sole contributor to Sexy Education! Sexy Education was created for anyone who wants MORE from their sexual education. I feature articles and content on a variety of sexuality topics from sex toys to pleasur...

Kinkly Rank 204
20.04 Ranking Score
10 Linking Domains
1,905,222 Alexa Rank
0.90 Moz Rank

Beducated Magazine is the official blog of Beducated.

Kinkly Rank 206
19.76 Ranking Score
- Linking Domains
703,926 Alexa Rank
- Moz Rank

Read all about every Fleshlight Texture, see user ratings, reviews, guides and much more.

Kinkly Rank 207
19.54 Ranking Score
- Linking Domains
780,147 Alexa Rank
- Moz Rank

Sex With Ashley is a sex blog that provides tips, reviews and advice.

Kinkly Rank 210
19.12 Ranking Score
42 Linking Domains
5,628,816 Alexa Rank
2.30 Moz Rank
19.09 Ranking Score
- Linking Domains
876,480 Alexa Rank
- Moz Rank

I publish regular guides on how to get started with sex toys, sex toy reviews and also some BDSM / sex guides both for men, and women! :)

Kinkly Rank 212
19.02 Ranking Score
- Linking Domains
886,543 Alexa Rank
- Moz Rank

Our blog offers practical information and skill-building tools for radiant erotic expression.

Kinkly Rank 213
18.79 Ranking Score
- Linking Domains
962,207 Alexa Rank
- Moz Rank

Sluttish aims to explore our sexuality by creating and curating adult sex ed, feminist and alternative porn, practical sex tips, and everything that turns us on and needs exploring. The site also aims to de-stigmatize female pleasure and stop slut sh...

Kinkly Rank 214
18.68 Ranking Score
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Kiss & Tell Magazine is an online sexual health and wellness magazine for everyone with a focus on women 35 and older. It freely and accurately discusses the topics of sex, sexuality, health, and relationships. Most articles are written by people...

Kinkly Rank 215
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1.20 Moz Rank

We are a mid 40's couple, married 25 years, and we review sex toys from our perspective as a heterosexual couple. We also plan to occasionally post about other topics

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Nikki Nelson is just your average, horny girl- fucking sex toys and letting you know which are worth your time and money.

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1.40 Moz Rank

The wicked world of sex from award-winning sex journalist Jon Pressick

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2.50 Moz Rank

Whether male or female, straight or gay, and anywhere in between, we have the Sex News, Sex Toys, Sex Positions, Sex Tips & Sex Tricks you need to enjoy BETTER SEX

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Reece & Jodie are sex and intimacy coaches, bloggers AND a married couple sharing down-to-earth tips for satisfying sex and fulfilling relationships. They share science-backed tools and personal insights for a life and relationship that rocks.

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Inspired by her own journey past vaginismus, Katrin now finds joy in helping YOU create a pain free and intimate life too. To enjoy a sex life, free of shame, suppression and physical pain... To create an amazing intimate relationship with yourself -...

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Erotic BBW blog which features stories and confessions by Livia Flair

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Fresh Materials is a resource list of the best toys for sexually adventurous guys. Our sex toy reviews are based on rigorous research and testing because we believe guys should spend less time shopping for toys and more time playing with them.

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Ray does sex toy reviews, offers a couple of articles related to sex positivism, and is available for help.

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At TheToy we are passionate about sex toys and adult games. We love to review them and find new and exciting ways to use those toys to spice up our love life. We also love delving in big data and doing research on sex topics.

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1,968,821 Alexa Rank
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A personal mix of memoir, journaling and creative erotic photography

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Steeled Snake is a blog about an FLR and D/s full-time relationship between Steeled Snake and Charmer. The blog explores BDSM, toys, play, relationships, images, erotic stories, and games.

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We collect useful sex tips from couples and submit them online. So do not hesitate and be inspired by real couples or even add your own sex tips.Want to add your own sex tip? You're highly welcome - Add your tip!Top posts: Sex Tip #5: Making...

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A blog about BDSM, kinky sex, monogamy and sex toy reviews.

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4,094,921 Alexa Rank
- Moz Rank

Hi! I’m Kit! I started The Toymaker Project as a place to think about technological empowerment with respect to sexuality, gender and pleasure. How can we make, hack or adapt technology to serve our wants and needs? I’m a maker, and I'...

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Started in 2017, as a simple blog Erotic Spin evolve in something more. Our mission is the promotion and expansion of sexual knowledge & lifestyle through-provoking articles. We talk about areas people are often too embarrassed to discuss with th...

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- Linking Domains
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Having successfully won 8 national blog awards for S&LC, Nixalina moved to Singapore in 2017 to join the team of a leading Singaporean publication as deputy online editor – brought in to take charge of the Fashion, Lifestyle and Women&rsquo...

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Affordable Leather have been making and selling leather bondage equipment and BDSM toys for over 20 years. We've given talks on rope bondage and BDSM play and we blog about stories in the media and developments in politics which may affect BDSM...

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I am an aspiring sex therapist/educator who cannot afford the proper education right now. In the meantime, I blog about current sexual topics and write articles about sexual health and other interesting events. I enjoy giving advice and gladly answer...

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True-life kinky exploits of a queer trans woman.

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4,135,949 Alexa Rank
- Moz Rank

Uncensored Kiss is focused on making your sex toys easy to understand! Sometimes getting a new toy can be daunting... Uncensored Kiss teaches you the in's, out's, if it's got a travel lock and more! And if you're curious about and spi...

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We're a how-to blog that shows gay men how to meet, engage, hook up, date and have sex with other men. Not necessarily in that order. :>)

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This couple blogs about their new journey into the swinging lifestyle, and it also includes past posts when the couple ran a sex toy related blog.

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My-Sex-StOry is your guide in the world of pleasure, joy and sex. We help you to start having satisfaction from sex and discover new positions.

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As a Wild Woman Archetype and Sexual Empowerment Witch. I help teach Witches, Woos, and Mystics (Wildlings) who have experienced trauma that keeps them from fullying enjoy sexual pleasure how to reconnect with their spiritual gifts, so they may find...

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I am an Asian American sex blogger. My blog started on January 14, 2020. Sir originally suggested that I write sex toy reviews as I had a lot of comments about the sex toys I owned. However, my blog became something bigger. I began to write about bei...

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Vorgasms is a blog filled with the best sex, sex toy, dating and love advice.

Kinkly Rank 266
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20 Linking Domains
5,670,604 Alexa Rank
- Moz Rank

We're a kinky couple that reviews female, male, and couple's sex toys. We're dedicated to providing in-depth reviews using a data-driven approach and lots of charts and hard numbers. We empower readers to learn about what toys might be ri...

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My Blog is about life, sex, stuff and junk, whatever I feel like writing about, really.

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5,184,378 Alexa Rank
- Moz Rank

Reshaping sexuality for women of colour.

Kinkly Rank 271
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A kinky blog that teases you with extra sensuality, pushes your boundaries whilst adding a lot of inspiration to your goodie drawer (or closet!).

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I spent 10yrs working at sea and lived an insane sex filled lifestyle

Kinkly Rank 285
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This is my erotic photograph blog with Filthy photographs of myself and friends with stories and comments about my recent adventures too.

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6,788,609 Alexa Rank
- Moz Rank

A webcomic format sex education guide on sex, bodies, and what people do with them

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Christmas bunny:  my journey through kink as submissive, babygirl, primal bunny and subsadist.

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Before you enter my site get on your knees slave!

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The best blog French sexuality for the noobies.

Kinkly Rank 292
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7,614,265 Alexa Rank
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This blog is a glorious compendium of the things that pop into my brain: kinks, BDSM, dating, bisexuality, erotica, and more. You never know what's going to come out of me!

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Sensual potential is a place to find all things sexual and sensual and for support for you to reach your sensual potential

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Louise Kane is a queer erotica author. She writes queer and kinky erotic short stories with a focus on power-exchange relationships.

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I'm Rich a submissive male from UK and I wanted to share my journey on becoming the perfect submissive for my beautiful princess, which started the Submissive Blog.

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Erotic Blog. Real stories from strippers sex workers and porn stars.

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7,762,741 Alexa Rank
0.50 Moz Rank

My journey of discovery into cross-dressing and other adventures

Kinkly Rank 298
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7,722,694 Alexa Rank
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The Journey of a normal girl into the BDSM world. A bit like Bridget Jones but a lot more realistic and funny.

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This blog is for couples who long for more love, sex and desire in their relationships. The blog comes out every Saturday (without fail) to my mailing list, as well as on the LS&D Facebook page.

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There is nothing wrong with asking for help. I am a fan of therapy for mental issues but not for sexual issues. Are you having the best sex you can, as often as you can and in all the ways you like for it to be done? Does your partner feel the sam

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Here at Kinkly, we’re big supporters of sex education and sex-positive content, and if there’s any group of people who make the internet (and the world!) a more sex-positive place, it’s sex bloggers. By sharing their experiences, knowledge, sex toy reviews and even erotica, sex bloggers shine a light on topics that are often, sadly, still seen as taboo. Plus, many of them do it with great writing, humor, heart and a passion for helping others.

Why a list of sex blogs? Well, because while there is plenty of content about sex on the internet, it’s kind of a mixed bag when it comes to quality. Here, we’ve tried to do the work for you by filtering blogs according to their popularity and social media following. We also screen each and every blog before it is added to our Directory to ensure that it includes quality content, and we remove blogs that haven’t been updated within the past year. What that means is that when you visit our list of sex bloggers, you can dive right in to some of the best sex blogs on the web, and even filter them based on your personal interests.

And you really should read them. Not only will you get personalized advice, sex toy reviews and recommendations, but you’ll also gain insight into other people’s sexual selves and sexual lives. Reading a really great sex blog is like having a no-holds-barred talk with that rare, trusted friend you can say anything to without fear of judgment. Unfortunately, for many people, such friends are hard to come by because sex is hard to talk about. It’s personal and it’s scary and it may even feel taboo. Plus, many of us just don’t have much practice. But, by peeking into other people’s sex lives, what you’re likely to learn is that there’s a lot less to be ashamed of than you may have imagined; you aren’t weird, you aren’t broken and if you aren’t having the kind of sex you want to have right now, there are plenty of resources out there to help you find the path to pleasure. Reading sex blogs will also plug you in to an amazing community of people who talk about sex critically, intelligently, openly and without judgment.

As for the sex bloggers out there, we hope you’ll add your sex blog to our list. It’s simple, it’s free and we compiled it because we love connecting with the blogging community online, reading their content and doing our part to help make the internet a sexier, more sex-positive place. Whether you review sex toys, write erotica, talk about rape culture or teach about STIs, we’re listening, and so are our readers. We hope to find you here, and out there on the web.

The Staff at Kinkly