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Your Sex Questions

Got a dirty question? Nothing's off limits, no matter how dirty, kinky or random it might be! Kinkly's sex experts are here to help you find answers to all your sex-related questions or inquiries.

a reader husband inquires what is the best way to have a threesome with his wife and another man read on


Undergoing a hysterectomy may raise a lot of questions. We wanted to know, can you still come after a hysterectomy? read on

This reader wants their sexy back but old trauma is cropping up to kill the mood. Certified sex educator Gigi Engle provides some ideas. read on

You do have some options. You can always opt to touch yourself during sex. Clitoral stimulation can be a big help. There are also a lot of positions that can make a penis feel bigger or can hit specific areas of the vaginal... read on

Kinkly asks the expert: How can I have my first threesome without it being awkward? read on

Sexual health for many of us is overlooked and under-supported in many spaces. It can also be underlooked, so to speak, in the case of survivors.Sexual health for survivors involves more than just the physical aspect. There... read on

First things first: As surely as you can state that you are a normal man with a normal anatomy, I want you to remember that your partner is normal with a normal anatomy. Everyone's body is different and while hers may be... read on


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