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I Built a High-Tech Masturbation Station. (It Was Pretty Awesome.)

Published: OCTOBER 10, 2023
A high-tech stroker and desk mount that does all the penis stroking for you? Our reviewer used The Handy and new Handsfree Desk Mount to set up the ultimate masturbation station.

When I was offered the opportunity to try out the latest iteration of The Handy, I relished the opportunity because I love to see forward movement in the sexual pleasure world. I previously reviewed The Handy back in 2020 for my own site and I remember that experience vividly. (I called the motor "very, very impressive," and noted that the product will "curl your toes in the best possibly way.") At the time, the product had some really good aspects and other improvements I hoped to see in future versions. Well, the future is now, three years later, so I was stoked to check it out.


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The Handy Sex Toy: An Overview

One of the great things I enjoy about The Handy is that there is definite thought, purpose and drive behind its creation. Ohdoki, the Norwegian team behind the product, has clearly invested in an overall presentation that demonstrates this toy is a significant player in the sex toy market. Right from the beginning of agreeing to give this newer version of the product a try, I received shipment emails and then follow-ups. The package itself is both slick and responsible - the toy and its components were packed in tight and secure, no superfluous packing material or wasted space. Great thinking when so many products include so much waste.

Because The Handy includes some really cool-looking peripherals, we’re dividing this review into two parts, and this time around we’re focusing attention on the main unit and the Handy Handsfree Desk Mount. Along with a TrueGrip Sleeve, these items can all be purchased together as the Full Handsfree Bundle.


So first, The Handy itself. If you aren't familiar, The Handy is a motorized penis stroker that is going to rival other similar products already in the sex product space. Featuring a powerful motor that can be operated by buttons on the device or via smartphone or computer using the app, the premise behind the toy is quite simple: a strong velcro strap moves up and down the side of the toy, into which a specialized penis sleeve is inserted. And now you're ready! The user can then choose the speed of the stroking motion, as well as the depth, depending where you want to focus your penis pleasure.

The Handy Masturbating Sex Toy and SleeveThe Handy in its native habitat: On the bedside table.


The mechanism of this toy is phenomenal. The motor is quite advanced, and the motion is great for both long, langorous strokes or burst-of-energy blasts of pleasure.

There’s no denying that The Handy is a high-quality product designed by folks who understand most of the aspects of penis pleasure. The mechanism of this toy is phenomenal. The motor is quite advanced, and the motion is great for both long, languorous strokes or burst-of-energy blasts of pleasure. But be warned: this toy is powerful if you want it to be. It offers pleasure potential for a wide variety of penis types, whether long or short, thin or wide, and should also work well for folks with curves in their cocks.


Ohdoki sells a line of sleeves that can be used with The Handy. Each sleeve is meant to replicate a realistic sensation or target a specific type of use. To complement the Handy unit, the Extra TrueGrip sleeve is made from a nice, soft thermoplastic elastomer that seems a better quality than what I experienced a few years ago (I don’t keep sleeves that long, so I can’t compare). This much I know from recent experience: The sleeve's combination of flexibility and various pleasure nubs and textures will drive you wild.

In the last iteration, I remember that the sleeve was too thin to properly stay in place, but now it fits perfectly. (It's nice to see a company paying attention and improving their product over time!) The opening for the sleeve is also nice and tight, a welcome departure from other sleeves that, I've found, are just too loose and rely on the user to grip and hold. I appreciate the toy taking some of that out of my hands, and it makes for a greater simulation of partnered sex.


Handy Extra TruGrip Sleeve designed for various penis sizes and shapesThe Handy Extra TrueGrip sleeve is designed to work with a number of different penis sizes and shapes.

Creating the Ultimate Masturbation Station

One of the most significant challenges that I have noticed over the years is the actual size of masturbation units. This is a situation where size isn't the best, but when technology and motors are involved, some size is clearly required. I have found many stroking devices to be unwieldy when operating solo. The device's function and purpose are useful, but the action is hampered by a toy that needs to be supported - or even held - with two hands.

And I'm not gonna lie, I find the Handy unit somewhat falls into this category. If you have to let go of it, for whatever reason, it can't really just sit there on your penis comfortably.


Fortunately, the makers of The Handy have taken this into consideration - and possibly noticed some (ingenious!) DIY solutions people have been posting online. To complement the toy, the new Handsfree Desk Mount is a great addition for many reasons, chiefly comfort and accessibility.

Featuring a strong clamp, multi-directional twisting arm and secure cup to hold the Handy, this peripheral showcases Ohdoki's design standards. When I first opened the arm attachment, I was skeptical that it would be strong enough to support both The Handy's weight and its powerful movements. But, to my pleasant surprise, this thing is very secure. You can set it into whatever position you need it and let the Handy work its magic … at whatever speed and stroke length you desire!

You can set it into whatever position you need it and let the Handy work its magic … at whatever speed and stroke length you desire!

The Handy Handsfree Desk Mount set up at a deskThe Handy Handsfree Desk Mount all set up and ready to go at my desk.

What also excites me about this addition to The Handy line is the opportunity it presents for folks with accessibility concerns to now access this toy's pleasure potential. Setting the unit into a place that is comfortable and offers hands-free use (particularly by using the app) gives many more people the option to enjoy this product and is a great step forward in inclusive sex toy creation.

One thing that must be noted is that setting up this arm attachment and toy is not necessarily a quick process. The attachment is easy to use and understand, but configuring your optimal masturbation station is going to take some work. You can attach it to a wide variety of furniture (desktops, table tops, chair arms, bed posts, coffee tables, etc.), but you're going to have to play with factors such as angles, heights, distance to outlets, positions and more. When I got to the optimal spot, it was a golden experience. But I certainly played a game of up and down a number of times trying to get there. Pro-tip: do most of this trial and error without the frustration of managing an erection!

Configuring your optimal masturbation station is going to take some work ... but when I got the optimal spot, it was a golden experience.

Overall, this is a strong addition to The Handy experience and I highly recommend adding the Handsfree Desk Mount to your order. Once you're all set up, you can literally sit back and enjoy.

The "Handyverse"

This review wouldn't be complete without a nod to The Handy’s interactive qualities. This is part of what takes this experience to another level - and it's especially fun to play with once the Handsfree Desk Mount frees up your hands.

First a disclaimer: I’m never a fan of setting up sex product apps - I seem to have a fair bit of trouble with them. I'm putting the blame equally on both the apps and myself. But The Handyverse app was definitely one of the easier ones I’ve ever connected. The app instructions are clear and concise, accompanied by simple, well-produced explanatory videos. I had a bit of trouble getting the toy connected to my network, but accomplished the feat is less time than most other apps. Bonus, it will re-connect very easily to your network the next time you fire it up!

The app instructions are clear and concise, accompanied by simple, yet well-produced explanatory videos.

So what's that app for? Well, like many other products, you can now connect The Handy to a phone (yours or someone else’s via Bluetooth) or computer. Personally, I like this method, even on my own. You can control the stroke depth and speed, and also use presets and (my favorite) the randomizer setting to really mix things up! But if you really want to get into something fun, you can now also connect The Handy to read pleasure cue scripts from preset porn clips and films, or even add scripts to your own favorites! In other words, you can synchronize The Handy's stroke to erotic content, creating a more immersive experience. This feature goes much more into programming and API than I know anything about, so I won’t be delving too far into it. But I am familiar with the companies that Ohdoki has partnered with (FeelMe, SexLikeReal, BadoinkVR and more) and I am confident that The Handy’s easy digital interface and connection will work well with sexy clips.

So ... should you get one?

While overall I loved using The Handy and I believe the overwhelming likelihood is that you will get significant sexual satisfaction from the plaything, it can be a bit cumbersome to use. This is not out of line with other powerful strokers.

First and foremost, because The Handy isn't rechargeable, there is a power cord and transformer to contend with, which means a plug needs to be nearby if you want to masturbate in a bed or comfortable chair. Plus, while The Handy is well constructed and the design looks great, the shape makes it hard to hold. Ultimately, I don’t think this is a major concern, as any dedicated user will figure out quite quickly the best way to hold The Handy. Especially when you turn it on high speed! Plus, the Handsfree Desk Mount really changed the game on this and made The Handy much easier to use.

Finally, I wouldn't mind a sleeve with a little more squeeze factor to provide a more hand-like experience. I like some random tension and release, some grip and then free. In its current configuration, this isn’t really possible, but with a longer, incorporated grip mechanism (where the sleeve is held), it might be possible in the future.

Overall, though, I'm not about to complain about a quality toy that stroked my penis for me. I am a big fan of The Handy. It definitely gets a one-handed clap and I’ll absolutely be enjoying it again and again. Definitely consider adding it to your collection! [For a limited time, you can get 10% off your order with the code KINKLY2023.]

Next time, I think I'm going to be even happier with The Handy, because I get to review the Chrysm, Ohdoki's latest sleeve that's designed to simulate anal sex. Looking forward to tonight! And stay tuned!

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