Hole Lot of Love Sex Position

Updated: MARCH 29, 2022

The Hole Lot of Love position uses the magic of a sex toy mount to make self-penetration easy and hands-free. Whether using a dildo or a vibrator, the Hole Lot of Love position makes it easy to insert that toy for solo pleasure.

Hole Lot of Love sex position. A person straddles the sex furniture piece with a dildo held upright in the piece of furniture. They can now use the toy hands-free.To get into the Hole Lot of Love position, firmly place the toy inside of the sex toy mount of your choice. Once the toy is in place, get on top of the sex toy mount, straddling the toy. Slowly insert the toy as you rest more weight on top of the sex toy mount.

More About Hole Lot of Love Sex Position

The key ingredient to the Hole Lot of Love sex position is the use of a sex toy mount. The Liberator Tula is pictured, but other sex mounts, like the Liberator Bon Bon or Liberator Wing can also be used instead. A specially-designed pocket grips the inserted toy within the high-density foam of your chosen Liberator sex shape - and it holds the toy within the shape. This provides hands-free use of your favorite toy - regardless of whether it's a vibrator or dildo!

There are no weight limits on the Liberator toy mounts so they are a good choice for lots of bodies, although people with short legs have noted the Bon Bon is a bit tall to be perfectly comfortable.

Once you've chosen your toy and your sex toy mount, we recommend paying special attention to the surface you choose to kneel on. While your chosen sex toy mount will provide some support to the thighs, the knees will still be left resting on the surface you've chosen. For many people, especially those with knee concerns, choosing to use the Liberator Tula on top of a bed or plushy surface can help reduce strain on the knees.

Since the Hole Lot of Love sex position leaves both hands free, this can also be a great position to partner with other sensations. The hands can hold a second sex toy for additional pleasure (like a clitoral vibrator, wand massager, electrosex toy, or penis stroker), or the hands can explore other parts of the body - like providing additional nipple stimulation. The Hole Lot of Love sex position also leaves the hands free if you enjoy erotic material - so you can easily scroll through erotica or pornography on a cell phone, your computer, or in a book or magazine.

As shown, the Hole Lot of Love sex position requires the core strength and thigh strength to "ride" a sex toy. For some people, this may be uncomfortable, difficult, or impossible - especially while staying upright. If that's the case, consider placing a chair in front of you while straddling the toy. This way, you can lean forward, resting weight on the chair, while enjoying the toy. If this position isn't accessible to you, that's okay too. There are other sex positions out there that may work better with your body.

Don't be afraid to minimize movements as well. While straddling a favorite sex toy, you might find that you enjoy the sensations of rocking or grinding against the toy; full up and down thrusts are not required in the Hole Lot of Love sex position!

The Hole Lot of Love sex position, while shown as a solo sex position, can quickly become a coupled sex position. The hands-free design of the sex position means that it leaves both partner's hands available for touching one another - while simultaneously adding sensation through the held dildo or vibrator. Especially if using the Liberator Tula mount, which allows for simultaneous mounting of a wand massager, both partners can use the sex toy mount to provide genital sensations - while enjoying the freedom to caress, make out, and explore one another.



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