Satisfy Your Inner Exhibitionist: How to Masturbate in Public Without Getting Caught

Published: MAY 27, 2024
While jerking off in plain sight of unconsenting onlookers is an absolute no-go, you might be surprised by all the creative ways to masturbate in semi-public settings.

Over half of both men and women have fantasized about sex in a public place. The good news about this fantasy is that you don’t need another person to fulfill it. You can get a similar thrill by pleasuring yourself in public.


The bad news, obviously, is that there are legal restrictions on how freely you can indulge this desire. Still, there are some clever workarounds that can make public masturbation private enough to not get you in trouble and public enough to experience that ecstatic thrill.

Public Masturbating: Think before you wank

First things first: Masturbating in public places not can only result in legal punishment, but also violates the consent of those around you. Whipping out your genitals in front of other people is never OK unless they’ve agreed to it. And if you get caught masturbating in public, you very well could get arrested and/or put on a sex offender list.

“This will vary by state and country, but if you’re caught in public with your genitals in your hand, it’s considered some variation of public indecency or lewdness,” says Dr. Eric Sprankle, a professor of clinical psychology at Minnesota State University, Mankato, and the author of DIY: The Wonderfully Weird History and Science of Masturbation


“Penalties vary based on the nature of the offense, the criminal record of the masturbator, and the age of the person who was exposed, but it can range from a simple misdemeanor to a felony,” Sprankle explains. “Even a first offense and getting caught by an adult, though, could result in jail time and some embarrassing articles about you in your hometown newspaper.”

Not to mention, there’s no guarantee someone won’t film or photograph you — and you probably don’t want to go viral for that.

Creative ways to masturbate in public without getting caught 

If you want to indulge your exhibitionist fantasies, here are some ways to do so — with caution, of course. 


Find a sex-positive setting

The best places to masturbate in public are semi-public locations such as sex parties, swingers’ clubs, sex-themed resorts, jack-off clubs, and bathhouses.

“Just make sure the event is dedicated to nudity and sexual behavior, including masturbation,” says Sprankle. “Just because nudity and sex are permitted in some of these spaces, solo masturbation may still be prohibited. Always know the rules before unzipping alone.”

If you’re uncertain, ask the hosts in advance.


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Get someplace where you won’t be seen

The next best place to jerk off in public would be somewhere like a bathroom with locked doors, gym shower stall, or retail store dressing room — “essentially any public place designed to remove clothes without onlookers,” says Sprankle. You may not be seen, but you’ll still get the thrill of masturbating in an unexpected spot. 

One proviso: Learn how to masturbate quietly.

“Just because someone can’t see you masturbating doesn’t mean someone can’t hear you,” says Sprankle. “Loud moaning and fapping sounds coming from a bathroom stall can be considered a lewd act by an unsuspecting person just trying to pee in peace.”


Buy a wearable vibrator

Some vibrators tuck into your underwear and can be controlled by you or your partner via a remote control or phone. If you’re willing to invest in one, this can be an effective way to experience public pleasure without letting anyone in on what you’re doing. The Satisfyer Top Secret, OhMiBod Club Vibe, and Lovense Vulse are all good options.

But again, it’s still important to know how to masturbate secretly with these aids.

“These are great because they don’t require exposed genitals in public, but the social etiquette (and laws) regarding ‘masturbation noises’ would still apply,” says Sprankle. “Be sure to find a device that is very quiet, and that it doesn’t rattle against a clitoral hood piercing. Also, be mindful of who is in your surroundings. There’s a difference between looking as if you’re taking a nap in your own car in a parking lot versus heavy panting on a crowded bus.”


Get on camera

Another way to be witnessed masturbating is to use a site like LoyalFans that lets you live-stream your sessions.

“There are plenty of websites and social media sites that cater to those wanting an audience while masturbating,” says Sprankle. “Whether someone is just watching you or you are masturbating at the same time, these sites afford the opportunity to fulfill this desire without having to navigate the legal risks mentioned above.”

Obviously, this comes with its own risks, the biggest being someone screenshotting you and sharing the images on a porn site or using them as blackmail.

“Unless you really trust the person on the other side of the webcam, you may want to wear a Michael Myers mask to protect your anonymity,” says Sprankle.

The Bottom Line

While jerking off in plain sight of unconsenting onlookers is an absolute no-go, you might be surprised by all the creative ways to masturbate in semi-public settings. Seek out local sex-positive spaces, consider an inconspicuous toy, hide out in stalls if you must, and go online if you dare — but you may want to conceal your identity.

And remember, Sprankle adds, “‘Dr. Sprankle said I can jerk off in here’ doesn’t hold up in court.”

Suzannah Weiss

Suzannah Weiss is a feminist writer, certified sex educator, and sex/love coach. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, and more.

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