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Sex is a bit like a secret society; whether we’re doing it or not, most of us have been taught not to talk about it.

Screw that. After all, where has it gotten us? Sexuality is a normal, healthy part of being human and talking about sex is how we learn about it, about ourselves and about our partners. Here at Kinkly, we think that conversation is also how we can all learn how to have sex that’s safer, more respectful and, as a result, more pleasurable for everyone involved.

That’s why our mission is to promote conversations around sex, answer readers’ questions and, ultimately, help them discover more about sex, their bodies and pursuing pleasure in ways that are safe, healthy, consensual and fun.

No judgments, no apologies, just fearless, straight-up talk about sex.

About Kinkly's Founders

Kinkly was founded by two Canadian women who had plenty of sex-related questions – but found the online space short on answers, especially when it came to things like kink, sex toys, and content that explored sex and sexuality from all angles. So, they built that resource by creating the largest dictionary of sex terms on the web, along with an archive of content on all aspects of sexuality presented from a pleasure-based perspective. Through the years, we’ve continued to expand the site and its offerings to provide a comprehensive resource for adult sex education as well as the Kinkly Shop, where people can purchase authentic body-safe sex toys curated by our editors.

About Kinkly's Content

Kinkly’s content is written by sex educators, coaches, therapists and writers with a background in sexual health - as well as people like you. (Check out our list of contributors here.) We aim to provide a mix of information that is based on facts or, when appropriate, personal experience and insight. We understand that when it comes to sex, everyone’s tastes differ; our aim is to provide the full palate of flavors in a way that is respectful, insightful and fun.

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