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Sex is a bit like a secret society; whether we're doing it or not, most of us have been taught not to talk about it.

Screw that. After all, where has it gotten us? Sexuality is a normal, healthy part of being human, and talking about sex is how we learn about it, about ourselves and about our partners. Here at Kinkly, we think that conversation is a path toward sex that's safer, more respectful and, as a result, more pleasurable for everyone involved.

Promoting comfort and conversations around sex is our mission. We aim to create content for people of all genders, sexual orientations and experience levels. We work to answer your questions, teach you some new things and, ultimately, help you discover more about pursuing pleasure in ways that are safe, healthy, consensual - and fun!

No judgments, no apologies, just fearless, straight-up talk about sex.

Kinkly is part of the Janalta family of brands.


Kinkly was founded by Nicole Kelly and Tara Struyk in 2012. It was the era of “Fifty Shades of Grey” and, while we don’t endorse the lessons in that book, it blew open the doors when it came to the public’s appetite and curiosity around topics that had long been considered taboo. Coming from backgrounds in digital media (and armed with questions of their own!), Nicole and Tara saw the need for an educational site on all things sex, one that was open-minded, non-judgmental and fun to read.

So, they set about creating the largest dictionary of sex terms on the web (with more than 3000 definitions and counting!), along with an archive of content on topics ranging from sex toys, sex positions and kink, to body image and sexual health. They also worked to connect with and curate content from a range of pleasure-based sex educators, therapists and other professionals in the field, as well as some of the top sexual health writers. (You can check out our contributors here.)

Kinkly is also home to the Sex Blogger Directory, the largest, most comprehensive list of sex blogs available online, as well as a key industry resource.

Through the years, Kinkly has continued to expand the site and its offerings. In 2018, Kinkly launched the Kinkly Shop. The Shop curates the very best body-safe sex toys and provides them in a space with all the information you need to choose the best one for you - and have a great time using it!


Photo of Tara Struyk

Tara Struyk is a co-founder and the editor-in-chief of Kinkly.com. She's a content creation and management executive with 15 years of experience working in online media.

She is a writer, editor and content manager with a breadth of experience in growing educational websites and creating engaging content for a wide range of audiences. She began her career as an editor at Investopedia.com, eventually becoming Senior Editor and leading the internal content team as well as a stable of more than 200 freelance writers. She also worked as a freelance financial writer and content manager for several years, with bylines at publications including Forbes, GoBankingRates, Dividend.com, WiseBread, Golden Girl Finance, Business Insider and others.

Photo of Nicole Janssen

Nicole Kelly is a co-founder of Kinkly.com and a serial entrepreneur. Nicole started off her entrepreneurial career early, working in family businesses from the age of 12.

This experience and a brief, six-month stint working for someone else helped her realize that her future was as an entrepreneur. Her business expertise is in technology, real estate and corporate event planning. She currently works as the co-founder and co-CEO at machine learning based software company. She is also the co-founder of Janalta Interactive.


Photo of our publications

In 2016, Kinkly published "Sex Hacks: 150 Tricks, Shortcuts and Secrets to Set Your Sex Life on Fire" with Skyhorse Publishing.

It includes tips and tricks for hotter sex, whether you're a newbie to the adventurous scene, or are looking to add more spice to your already stacked repertoire.


At Kinkly, we believe that everyone has the right to pleasure. Our aim is to help readers enjoy more satisfying sex lives and provide a safe space to learn about sexual health, regardless of their gender identity, sexuality or level of physical ability. We aim to ensure that all the content on our site is accurate, empowering and as inclusive as possible. All new and updated content is fact-checked and/or reviewed by an expert in the field.

While our site is advertiser supported, we are always clear about where advertisers were involved and have contributed to content. Advertiser-sponsored content is clearly labeled, and we highlight affiliate relationships when they are present. We're also careful about the advertisers we work with, and aim to work with partners who are sex positive, sell body-safe products and uphold Kinkly's mission and values.

We also abide by a code of conduct where product reviews are concerned - and we don't do them for money!

Our editorial team evaluates the content on the site as a whole on an ongoing basis, and aims to continually update older content as long as it continues to provide value. Older articles are regularly reviewed, updated and re-edited.

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Kinkly's offices are located in downtown Edmonton, Alberta. It's cold up here (but we've learned plenty of ways to stay warm ;-)

Address: 2200 10130 103 St. NW Edmonton, AB T5J 3N9