Doing It Doggy Sex Position

Updated: MAY 28, 2024

The Doing It Doggy position makes your Doggy style fantasies come to life, with the help of a Liberator Top Dog. It holds a penis stroker at the perfect height for Doggy style pounding.

To get into this sex position, place the Liberator Top Dog onto your desired surface. Slide your penis stroker into the Top Dog, pushing firmly to anchor it inside. Kneel in front of the Top Dog, sliding your shaft inside. Congrats! You're Doin' It Doggy!

More about the Doing It Doggy Sex Position

The Doing It Doggy position really relies on the Liberator Top Dog sex toy mount. This mount features a snug chamber that grips onto a cased penis stroker and holds it firm, allowing you to enjoy yourself, hands-free. No need to hold the stroker!

The Top Dog is also crafted to be the width of the average body, allowing you to grip the sides as if the mount was a body, bringing that fantasy to life. With its lightweight construction, you can really go to town on your penis stroker, moving either your hips or the sex toy mount for the roughest Doggy style sex you'd like.

Most full-sized penis strokers with a case will fit into the Liberator Top Dog. The Top Dog was originally crafted to work with Fleshlights, but full-sized KIIROO strokers will work within its chamber as well. In fact, any cased stroker with similar dimensions can be pushed into the Top Dog. Once there, the tight chasm holds the stroker in place until you actively use both hands to pull it out again.

If you want to go for hands-free Doing It Doggy, we recommend pushing the Top Dog sex furniture up against a wall. Since the Top Dog is lightweight, rough, strong thrusts can push it along the floor when in the middle of the room. Once the shape is anchored up against a wall or other large furniture, though, you can take your hands off the mount entirely, getting off on the feel of pounding into something that feels much more substantial than your hand.

If you have the right couch height for it, the Doggy It Doggy position can also be simulated with a couch. Slide your penis stroker between two of the couch cushions and thrust into it like Doggy style.

Don't forget to think about your knees in this position! If you're playing with the Doing It Doggy position on a hardwood floor, you may want to wear knee pads or lay down a blanket to protect your knees. Doggy style can be hard on the knees, and the Doing It Doggy position is no exception. Make sure to take care of your body as you're riding those orgasmic waves!

When you want to get creative, most Doggy style variations can be done with the Top Dog. It's even easier than partnered sex, too, since you only need to worry about moving your own body! Place the Top Dog on the edge of a bed or table to enjoy something like the Stand Down Boy position. Raise up a leg to enjoy the Carpet Burn position or the Hinge position. Angle the Top Dog downwards if you'd like to explore the Drop Knee position.


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