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5 Best Guided Masturbation Apps and Why You Should Be Using Them

Published: MAY 23, 2023
Guided masturbation has evolved a lot over the years. And whether you want to go for a more traditional approach or one that tests your sexual boundaries, there’s an app for that.

Guided meditation involves closing your eyes, relaxing and letting an instructor verbally walk you through a meditation. There’s usually talk of visualizing landscapes or visualizing light of specific colors coming from your body in an effort to bring you peace and tranquility. Now, what if we kept that general idea, but added a sexy spin to it?


That’s exactly what Sayra Player had in mind when she founded her erotic audio app Guided by Glow. “I was listening to a meditation and this gentleman had a nice voice, and he was really calming my body. And I thought, ‘Sure would be interesting if he got sexy!'"

Player was intrigued by the idea of someone talking her through a relaxing guided meditation and then having it turn into something more sexual. “I thought, ‘That is such a beautiful idea!’ To bring someone in this mindful, present state and then bring in imaginative sexual play.”

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This is the idea behind many guided masturbation apps -- to merge meditation with masturbation and guide someone through a self-pleasuring session.

What is Guided Masturbation?

According to Player, guided masturbation starts off innocently enough. “It opens with a guided meditation and it’s usually sensory,” she begins. “It’s dropping into your senses, and breathing, and moving, maybe. Just ways to really get present and in your body.”

Player differentiates guided masturbation from guided meditation thusly: “It becomes this creative erotic guidance directly spoken to the listener. It is fully climactic and erotic content.”


Caroline Spiegel, creator of the audio erotica app Quinn has her own definition. “You know how people have incorporated a meditation routine into their day? I think it’s, like, a similar kind of thing. You just turn on the guided masturbation and you get to orgasm so much more quickly. It’s a pleasurable experience for a lot of people that are not into dealing with the graphic imagery.”

Best Guided Masturbation Apps and Sites

Guided by Glow

Guided by Glow is big on getting you present and relaxed by tapping into your senses and then guiding you to sexual bliss.

And if you’re interested in creating your own guided masturbation audios, there’s a section for user submissions.


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Variety is the name of the game with Quinn. It has an extensive library with countless categories. So, you can pick whatever tickles your fancy from bondage to praise. There’s even a new series starring the voice of “Mr. Green Eyes” himself, Jesse Williams. is an award-winning site that hosts ethically produced feminist porn and it’s amazing. It has a catalog of guided masturbations that is sure to leave women feeling empowered, positively represented and titillated in more ways than one.


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Ferly is all about healing, expansion and -- of course -- pleasure. In addition to guided masturbations, Ferly has online courses and weekly challenges that will help you build confidence, feel sexier and better understand your body.


Dipsea has so much to offer -- from guided self-touch to help with exploring your limits. There’s even a section dedicated to sleep where you can have “characters tuck you in, then stay close by” as you drift off to sleep.


The world of audio erotica has so much to offer, and all you have to do is pop in your earbuds, sit back and prepare to be carried away into a sexual fantasy of your choosing.

Reasons to Try Guided Masturbation

Get Individualized Pleasure

Guided masturbation audios are made with the intention of feeling like a personalized sexual experience. It’s like POV porn but with an audio element instead of a visual one. “The one thing that all of these different forms of audio porn have in common is that it really invites you in and it makes you feel like you are in the room with someone having sex with them. So, it’s so immersive,” says Spiegel.

Erotic audio apps are also profoundly customizeable. Feel like having someone with an accent walk you through three different types of orgasms? There’s an audio for that. “Accent is one of our most popular tags,” says Spiegel. “British accent; Australian accent; French accent. All over the board.”

Or how about those who want to explore public sex, sex with a coworker or the good ol' friends-to-lovers trope? You’ll find audios about those as well. There’s a flavor for just about everyone.

You can find tags catering to different genders, as well. “Male voice, female voice, male for female, male for trans female, or things like that -- which are unique tags,” Spiegel says of what can be found on the app. There’s even same-sex inclusion: “'Lesbian' is our most searched term,” she shares.

Tap Into Your Sexual Creativity

Player quips that the very act of masturbation is a creative one. “Masturbation, for me, is a very creative state. It’s very imaginative. There’s so many different things happening. It’s energetic and it’s elemental.”

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This is something Player tries to incorporate into each of the guided meditations on her app. “There are exercises, which are mindfulness exercises, which are dropping into the body. They are igniting the imagination through the senses,” she explains.

Spiegel believes the creativity within guided masturbations can translate to partnered sex. “We also have a lot of audios about couples trying new things,” she says. “And I think that’s awesome because you can listen to that and you can immediately use it in your own sex life.”

Get More Intentional with Your Pleasure

Traditional pornography can feel too impersonal and cold for some, but guided masturbation isn’t like that. “It communicates intimacy, passion, mystery, build-up -- all of those things that are sometimes missing in visual porn,” says Spiegel.

Player echoes these sentiments, saying, “It’s not a typical erotic experience. Most erotic inspiration is straight-to-it.” She wanted to create something that made the consumer feel more special. “Every guide’s intention is to create a meaningful, intimate experience with a listener," she says. “These are actors who know what it means to come from a truthful place.”

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Experience Sexual Growth

“Personally, I have just grown so much in who I am sexually and what I want just by creating this,” says Player, who uses Guided by Glow herself. She credits her use of the app for helping her to overcome certain mental blocks she had surrounding sex. She explains that by using and marketing it, it’s helped with “navigating sexual shame, personally and in the world.”

Spiegel feels audio erotica has made her more articulate in the bedroom. “My dirty talk has improved a million times over,” she says. “It‘s crazy because, when you’re listening to these audios, it just naturally goes into your brain. Like, ‘Oh, OK, when I want to say, 'A little bit rougher,' what are other ways to say that? And what are other ways to say, 'A little bit harder?' It’s just a million different new vocabulary words that sound, actually, pretty hot and pretty easy to use.”


Guided masturbation is a surefire way to usher more mindfulness into your solo sex life.

Whatever your sexual preferences are, and wherever you are in your journey to discovering and fulfilling them, you can benefit from the creativity, growth and intention guided masturbation apps have to offer.

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