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Afraid to try a strap-on? We dispel some common misconceptions.

In this week's Sex Stories We Love, we discuss a printing press that says masturbation is the highway to hell (but only for women), what it's like to rub one out for science, and the beauty of self-service!

Masturbation can help shape who we are sexually and emotionally. Isn't it time that we remove the secrecy and the shame?

Masochists like all types of pain, right? Wrong! You don't have to like all types of pain to be a masochist.

It's Masturbation Month! Follow these feeds for all the best tips, tricks and insight about solo sex.

May's features sex blogger is Lanae St. John of The MamaSutra. Her posts are a bouquet of honest and beautiful conversations and insights for parents who are ready to talk to their children about sex, sexuality and sexual health.

One reason masturbation is still so stigmatized is that not enough people talk about it. We won't let that stop us though! Discover the benefits of masturbation here.

Why should you masturbate? Masturbation can relieve stress and improve your health!

Given the right stimulation, our bodies know what to do. But discovering how to trigger powerful sexual response is often something we have to learn. Here are some things you might not know about discovering your sexual side.

Porn isn't just an orgasmic good time. It also helps us grow more as sexual beings. Read more here.

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