The Squat Position

Updated: JUNE 25, 2021

The Squat position is a receiver on top position that offers thrusting leverage by way of the laying partner's knees.

Squat Sex Position. Receiving partner squats over penetrating partner who is lying down.

To get into this sex position, the penetrating partner lies face up on the bed. The receiving partner then straddles the penetrating partner and squats down to achieve penetration.

More About The Squat Position

Think of the Squat Position as a more challenging version of the Cowgirl position. Instead of the bottom partner lying flat, they bend their knees, bringing the front of their thighs to rest against the receiver's butt. With the legs bent, the receiving partner can lean backwards, placing their hands onto the bottom partner's legs for leverage.

This change of pace comes with some benefits; with the penetrating partner's knees there to act as upward leverage, the receiving partner can get deeper, faster thrusts than they may be able to get otherwise. Using the arms can also reduce leg fatigue, allowing you both to go longer before quaking legs force you both to swap to a new position.

All the while, the Squat position offers the same benefits as your favorite receiver-on-top positions. Benefits like:

  • Deep penetration. With the knees pulled up to the chest and most of your bodies out of the way, the Squat position offers really deep penetration.
  • Receiver-controlled speed and depth. With the receiving partner on top, they can control how fast and deep sex goes. Not only does this reduce any pain from "bottoming out", but it can help ensure the receiving partner gets the stimulation they need if they want to climb to orgasm. (It can also be extremely helpful if anal penetration is on the menu! The receiving partner can work at their own comfort level.)
  • Easy g-spot/p-spot pleasure. Since the receiving partner controls the angle, they can help direct the penis or strap-on dildo to easily hit those pleasure spots inside of them.

Modifying the Squat Position

However, all of these benefits come with a more complicated sex position that's harder to pull off than the standard Cowgirl position. In particular, the Squat position is hard on both partner's knees.

The receiving partner's knees need to be able to hold a squat position and bounce up and down in it. Unless you have those viral "Megan Thee Stallion knees", this can be a difficult ask for most people, and it places a lot of strain on the knee joints.

The penetrating partner needs to be able to draw up their knees against the resistance of the top partner's body weight. Once there, their knees and inner thighs need to be able to support some of the top partner's bodyweight as the top partner presses downwards on them. This is a lot of strain on some often-overworked muscles!

To reduce some of the load on both partner's bodies, we recommend modifying the Squat position with a sex swing, turning the position into the Swinging Cowgirl position. Adding a sex swing alleviates a lot of the pain points of the Squat position by using an external support (that sex swing!) instead of each other's bodies. The sex swing provides upwards support for the top partner's body, reducing the strain on their knees. With the receiving partner gripping onto the swing instead of the bottom partner's knees, the load on the penetrating partner is drastically reduced.

(Plus, then you have a sex swing to experiment with all sorts of new sex positions!)

Even with these modifications and a sex swing, however, the Squat position will not be for everyone. If that's the case, there are hundreds of other sex positions that can better work for your bodies. Remember: sex is about connection and pleasure, and if it's too uncomfortable or painful, you'll be too distracted to enjoy yourselves! Simply select a different sex position that works better for the two of you.


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