Reverse Oral Sex Position

Updated: APRIL 18, 2022

Reverse oral is a variation of cunnilingus which is oral sex performed on a person with a vulva. In reverse oral, the vulva is licked from behind rather than the front as in traditional cunnilingus.

Reverse Oral Sex position - reverse oral, the vulva is licked from behind rather than the front

This sex position should not be confused with the sex industry term which refers to a client orally stimulating a sex worker.

Reverse oral is sometimes shortened to the acronym RO.

More About Reverse Oral Sex Position

Even the most passionate of oral sex fans need to shake things up a bit, and a fantastic way of getting a unique perspective on cunnilingus is by turning things around with the Reverse Oral Sex Position.

Turning things around quite literally, as instead of having the recipient lay on their back, with their partner on their stomach to put their tongue and mouths to good use, the Reverse Oral Sex Position has the receiver facing down, on their stomach.

Then, to get things going, the performer orally approaches their genitals from behind. To help even more, if it’s comfortable for them to do so, the receiver can also put their legs up onto the shoulders of the person providing the oral sex.

While you may assume it won’t be as exciting as giving the giver free rein on someone’s clitoris, the Reverse Oral Sex Position allows for greater access to parts of a vulva owner’s fun bits--some of which are in hard-to-reach places if they’re laying on their back.

Besides, the receiving person can manually stimulate their clitoris, if they have one, or employ any number of sex toys to do the same. Speaking of toys, if penetration with one of these along with getting orally pleasured gets you excited, the Reverse Oral Sex Position works exceptionally well for this.

It’s also ideal for delivering anal stimulation in conjunction with genital with fingers or mouths. And if you find it uncomfortable to receive oral sex while lying face up, the Reverse Oral Sex Position may be a perfect solution.

However, keep in mind that if the person on the oral sex side of things has issues with their back or neck, the Reverse Oral Sex Position can exacerbate this discomfort. Saying this, the use of sex furniture or each participant being able to shift the position around can aid a great deal in getting and keeping smiles on everyone’s faces.

Finally, depending on everyone’s body types and range of mobility, you may have to make other adjustments, such as further using pillows to lift the receiving person up a bit. Or tweaking the Reverse Oral Sex Position so the giver is not on but kneeling beside the bed--a version that can aid them if they find laying flat on their stomachs difficult.



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