Front Row Position

Updated: APRIL 24, 2024

The Front Row Position is a titillating position that allows one partner to sit back and enjoy the show while the other partner masturbates in front of them.

Front Row position. One person is sitting on a flat surface. Another person is standing in front of them with one leg propped up on the flat surface. This standing person is using a sex toy on themselves while their sitting partner watches. | Kinkly

One partner sits or lounges on the bed, making themselves comfortable, while the other stands in front, resting one foot on the bed. They then tease and pleasure themselves with a pleasurable sex toy like the shown rabbit vibrator.

More About Front Row Position

While not a "traditional" penetrative sex position, the Front Row can lead to more if you want it to or be a joy in itself.

People who have voyeuristic or exhibitionist tendencies will get a kick out of this one. The addition of a sex toy means you can show your partner how you like to use your favorite toys: whether that's thrusting, swirling, or just letting the toy work its magic.

If you want to introduce some BDSM power exchange dynamics, there are a few ways this position could be used. If the watcher is Dominant, they may instruct the sub how to use the toy, how to stand, or if and when they may orgasm.

Conversely, if the "performer" is Dominant, they may prohibit touching; the sub may not touch themselves or their partner while watching the Dom pleasure themselves.


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