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5 Awesome Sex Swing Positions That Will Leave You Flying High

Published: AUGUST 16, 2021 | Updated: MAY 26, 2022
Soar to exciting new sexual heights with these uplifting and arousing sex swing positions!

What would you say if I told you there was a way to free you and those you play with from gravity’s oppressive shackles—and, better yet, grant nearly unlimited freedom to explore sex like never before?


Well, you can! Courtesy of sex swings!

To get you off to a flying start, here are our top five favorite sex swing positions to provide you with an idea of the suspension possibilities awaiting you!

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What To Look For In A Sex Swing

Sex swings aren’t all that complicated, although with those straps and belts and so forth, you can be forgiven for thinking they are. Let's break it down:

For starters, sex swings basically come in two distinct varieties: some are designed to be suspended from a ceiling or overhead support structure while the other kind do their lifting by attaching to a securely hung door.

So when pondering the vital question of what sex swing may or may not meet your sexual needs, the first thing to consider is the space you’re going to be playing in.


Not sure if your ceiling is strong enough to support a living, breathing person? You'll probably want to stick with an over-the-door model, like the Sportsheets Special Edition Door Jam Sex Sling!

If you do have access to your room’s hefty ceiling beams or have a well-made wood or metal framework available to do the heavy lifting, then, by all means, something like the Extreme Sling by XR Brands opens up a world of fun and creative sex swing position possibilities.

Sex Swing Safety

No matter the kind of sex swing you opt for, here are a few essential facts to keep in mind when setting it up.


Whether or not yours is a door or ceiling-mounted design, begin by paying strict attention to how secure it is. After all, one thing you never want to have happen is for it to collapse in the middle of a passionate sex session.

To prevent this, pay attention to the sex swing’s instructions and follow them exactly—and if confused, stop what you’re doing and contact the manufacturer for assistance or consult someone with a lot of experience setting them up.

And remember our motto: that while they may allow you to feel like you’re floating towards sexual nirvana, you must have your feet firmly grounded in reality—and your sex swing as safe and secure as you can make it.


1. Airborne Oral

Oral pleasuring can be amazingly delightful, but we’re sad to say it can also be a pain in the neck to perform.

Between putting oneself into the perfect spot and holding it for as long as it takes, oral sex can tax even the most flexible of contortionists, fellatio or cunnilingus can strain backs, shoulders, and the already mentioned necks.

But it doesn’t have uncomfortable compliments of our first Awesome Sex Swing Position: the Airborne Oral!


So no more cramping, joint-aching, gymnastics trying to put your mouth to good use on your partner’s pleasurable spaces: merely raise or lower them in your sex swing, or do the same to yourself, and bid a fond farewell to discomfort and howdy to luxuriously arousing oral sex sessions—at the end of which you’ll both be smiling wide.

oral sex in sex swing or sex sling


Not that it won’t take a bit of sexual fiddling to get everyone into that perfect position. But keep at it and be willing to adjust yourselves as needed, and you’ll get there.

Plus, this position allows the receiving person to spread their legs wider open than they ever could while lying on a bed or sitting in a chair, therefore providing their partner with greater access to their fun bits.

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2. Swinging Cowgirl

Oral sex isn’t the only position that’s physically challenging. For instance, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl are notorious for straining the knees and backs of whoever’s giving or receiving.

No surprise then, as here too, sex swings alleviate much of this discomfort—and so allow playtime to go on far longer, provide everyone with the means to adjust themselves however they like, and helping to alleviate body aches, strained joints, and overall soreness.

cowgirl sex position with a sex swing or sex sling


Depending on the shape and style of your sex swing, Swinging Cowgirl may require more or more or less fiddling to get into and maintain. If you’re finding yourself getting frustrated, we suggest employing pillows or a very sturdy table to help get the receiving person into position.

A bonus to Swinging Cowgirl—and what a bonus it is, too—is the person on top can twist, turn, move back and forth, lift or raise themselves to their heart’s content: an amazing degree of control you simply couldn’t have without the use of a sex swing.

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3. Doggy in Space!

Our number three position fully embraces the ability for sex swings to make people using them feel as if they’re suspended in mid-air.

Because when you think about it, they are. Suspended, that is. And being so, they’re able to take an old sexual staple, like Doggy Style, and make it way hotter with Doggy in Space.

Without a sex swing, Doggy Style largely depends on how strong the receiver’s knees and back are, and on the receiving side of things how that person’s legs and back hold up.

Add a sex swing and bingo; the doggy can hang as long as they want. Meanwhile, the giver has the option to lift them up or lower them down until everything is where it feels best for everyone.

doggy style sex position with a sex swing or sex sling

And for those with G-spots, our sex swing version of Doggy Style puts this magical pleasure point within easy ... well, easier reach.

But don’t forget folx with prostates, as they also can get in on the fun, compliments of how sex swings are well known as a just-about miracle method for that and other anal sex activities!

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4. Sex Swing 69

Returning to the wet wonders of oral sex, why not lift the mutually enjoyable pleasures of 69 by taking the weight off the person underneath?

69 sex position in a sex swing or sex sling


Not always, but occasionally people down there feel overwhelmed or possibly even a bit smothered. Nothing wrong with that if that’s your thing, but if it isn’t, that sensation may limit how long, and how comfortable, that person is.

Not so with a swing in the Sex Swing 69 position, which is so gloriously adjustable that little or no pressure is on whomever's on the bottom.

Additionally, for those with mobility issues or who get eros-breaking aches and pains doing it the old-fashioned way, the sex swing version of 69 may be the get-out-of-discomfort-free card they’ve been waiting a long time for.

5. Flying Missionary

Sticking with our theme of “sex swings make old favorites new again,” missionary also doesn’t escape receiving its own unique and seriously pleasurable upgrade.

missionary sex position with a sex swing or sex sling


As with other positions, the ability to elevate or lower the receiver places whatever orifice someone desires to be penetrated exactly where they need it to be.

Anal or vaginal—and aiming for the prostate or the G-spot—practically everything sexual can do with a heaping helping of suspension.

Though we briefly touched on it, the Flying Missionary position is a perfect place to praise how sex swings can be of tremendous assistance to people with physical conditions or disabilities by removing pressure from certain parts of the body—and help compensate for what might otherwise be painful limitations.

Sex swings may aid in diminishing backs, necks, shoulder, and leg strain, but that they do all that and be beneficial for people with hip, as well as arm and/or leg issues is why we think no home should be without one.

Lift Yourself Up

Of course, these are merely suggestions on what you might want to do with your newly purchased sex swing—so feel free to do your own exploring.

But whatever positions you and your partner(s) decide to experiment with, before you do anything, check and check again (and one more time to be extra sure) that everything’s 100% secure.

And if you have any doubts or in any way feel nervous or unsure, stop what you’re doing and immediately seek help from the manufacturer or a sex swing mounting and safety expert.

Do this, and you’ll be providing yourself with the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing you did everything possible to keep you and your playmates free from potential injury but also free to discover all the pleasures your sex swing may bring!

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