9 Ways to Super-Charge Your Sexual Connection

by Kinkly
Published: JANUARY 19, 2016 | Updated: AUGUST 20, 2021
Having better sex isn't necessarily about crazy positions and kinky things - it's about creating greater intimacy between partners.

Sex is a wonderful thing. So, if you're stuck in a rut and you've found yourself wondering how you can have better sex, you're not alone. Here are nine ways that you can have better sex with your partner and enhance your relationship!


Grooming Activities

Share activities such as grooming. Often, shaving your partner, or having your partner shave you, can be intimate and lead to more and better sex.

Boost His Ego

Stroke your partner's ego whenever necessary. Your partner should always feel hotter, sexier and more desirable than some other hot person walking past you in the street.

Get Them to Sit in Your Lap

Invite your playmate to randomly sit on your lap. It's sexy, suggestive and intimate. Intimacy always gets things going!


Be Thoughtful About Playtime

Be thoughtful about playtime (and during other times, too). Always remember things like your partner's favorite lube, and always have plenty of it on hand - and on you! Think about how you can enhance your partner's day in other ways too.

Compliments Are King

When your partner's having a bad day or feeling self-conscious, look them in the eye and let them know how fucking sexy they really are!

Create a Sexy Playlist

Send your partner sexy (and suggestive) songs all day.


Sexy Shower Time

Offer to grab a towel or turn the shower on and invite your partner in to shower with you. It's both intimate and fun!

Plan a Kiss

Always remember to plant a cheeky kiss on your playmate's lips ... or any other part of their body after sex before you jump up and clean off. Don't be the blow and go type - even with a short-term partner you're not emotionally knee deep into. You've just been about as intimate as you can be. Respect the act of sex and seal it with an acknowledgement of what you both just experienced together.

Sex Is a Two-Way Street

Always expect to get back as much as you're giving. However no-strings-attached your sexual relationship is, sex should be a two-way street.



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