Slippery Tootsies Sex Position

Published: DECEMBER 28, 2023

The Slippery Tootsies position uses the gooey, slippery magic of Nuru massage to bring a foot job to life.

Slippery Tootsies sex position. Two people, glistening with Nuru massage oil, are laying on their backs on a Nuru massage mat. Their feet are facing one another's heads. The giving partner has their feet in the air, slick with massage oil, to give a foot job to the receiver. To get into this sex position, the receiving partner lies flat on a protected surface. Since the receiver's legs must be fully flat to provide enough space to access between the thighs, we recommend starting your set-up with the receiver's body. Once the receiver is in place, the giving partner should lie on their back between the receiver's spread legs, with the giver's feet pointed towards the receiver's head. The giver can then lift their feet, wrapping them around the receiver's shaft.

More About Slippery Tootsies Sex Position

The Slippery Tootsies position uses the slickness of a Nuru massage to make it easier to enjoy a footjob.

A Nuru Massage is a Japanese-style erotic massage known for its full-body contact with head-to-toe slickness. Participants slide up and down against each other with the help of a Nuru massage gel.

Think of it like spooning, but with both partners covered shoulder-to-toe in a massage oil, so they can slip and slide against one another with ease.

This slippery sensation can make touching and grinding even more pleasurable, and unexpected body parts (like the feet, armpits, or forearms!) can become areas of the body that can pleasure a penis, vulva, clitoris, or anal entrance.

That's exactly what happens in the Slippery Tootsies position. With the help of Nuru massage gel, the feet become slippery enough to provide a gliding surface to wrap around a penis. Using two feet, one on either side of the shaft, simulates the "grip" of a hand during a handjob.

While the Slippery Tootsies position will be especially visually stimulating for those with a foot fetish, it still provides a lot of orgasmic physical stimulation for those who may not have a foot kink.

How Can I make the slippery tootsies position easier?

While the receiving partner gets to lie back and enjoy this pleasurable position with minimal effort, that isn't the case for the giving partner. Holding the feet in the air looks deceptively easy - but it's a surprisingly effective core workout that will probably have the giver needing a break within a few short minutes.

To reduce the strain on the core, most couples will find it easier for the giving partner to lift their feet and hold them in one place while the receiving partner thrusts into the lifted feet. This reduces the weight the receiving partner's core will need to move up and down while simultaneously allowing the receiving partner to set the pace of the pleasure. If you are both mid-way through the Nuru massage, the giving partner may want to towel off the bottom of their feet to provide an easy leverage point for thrusting upwards.

Some couples may find the addition of a sex accessory, like the Sportsheets Sex Sling, to be helpful. This accessory uses straps to anchor the giver's thighs to the back of their neck, reducing the weight that the core muscles need to be able to hold in the air. A similar set-up can be DIY'ed with thigh cuffs fastened to bondage points near the giver's head with a bit of help from the Sportsheets Under-the-Bed Restraints System.

If you have a sex swing, you may also be in luck! Lower down your sex swing to graze the tops of your thighs, and slide the giver's calves into the wrist straps or foot straps. Allow the sex swing to support the majority of the giver's leg weight; all that's left is for the giver to slide their feet in small movements, up and down the receiver's shaft!

Regardless of how you modify the Slippery Tootsies position, ensure the giving partner is careful of their lower back. Especially as the core muscles tire, it can be easy to allow the pelvis to tilt forward, placing a strain on the lower back. Ensure the lower back is as firmly placed against the surface beneath you as possible.

Even with these modifications, some couples, especially those with lower back pain or textural sensitivity to slippery movements, may find the Slippery Tootsies position unpleasant or impossible. If that's you, that's OK! Remember that sex is about enjoying pleasure and exploring intimacy; there are hundreds of other sex positions in our sex position database that may better honor your bodies today.

How do I protect my furniture?

Nuru massage is notoriously messy; after all, the entire point is coating you and your partner in as much slickness as possible to slip and slide against one another.

This is why protecting your furniture - and having a post-massage clean-up plan! - can be so important.

Especially for beginners, we recommend a large, waterproof mat with raised edges like the Nuru Massage Mat. We recommend laying out this mat on a carpeted, soft surface with towels or blankets on the outer edges of the mat to reduce any spills.

For experienced practitioners, a large waterproof sex blanket (like the Liberator Throw) may be all that's needed. People who are experienced with Nuru Massage will understand how much (or how little!) Nuru Massage Gel to add to achieve their desired slickness, and they'll better understand the post-play clean-up requirements.

Before play starts, we recommend laying out three towels and getting the shower ready for clean-up. One towel should be laid flat aside the Nuru Massage Mat to provide a safe space to towel off while the two remaining towels can be used to remove excess gel from the body before walking to the shower. Once in the shower, Nuru Massage Gel washes off easily with warm water and standard body soaps. This can be a great excuse for additional after-sex play - especially if the giving partner hasn't been the center of attention yet!



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