Swinging Cowgirl Position

Published: SEPTEMBER 23, 2021

The Swinging Cowgirl is a modified rider-on-top/cowgirl sex position that adds in the fun of a sex swing! The sex swing helps support some of the rider's weight which reduces strain on the rider - and reduces pressure on the partner underneath.

Swinging Cowgirl sex position. With the sex swing lowered near the sex surface, the penetrating partner lies down flat. The receiving partner then climbs on top like in the Cowgirl sex position while getting onto the swing. The swing provides support while on top for the receiver.

To get into the Swinging Cowgirl position, the penetrating partner should lie underneath the sex swing with their penetrating bits positioned directly under the swing. The receiving partner should then climb on top of the penetrating partner while getting into the sex swing. The receiving partner can then slide their partner inside, but once the partner is inside, the receiving partner should take a few moments to adjust the straps of the sex swing to the exact length necessary to support the movement.

More About Swinging Cowgirl Position

The magic of the Swinging Cowgirl Sex Position is all in the sex swing's support. The thigh straps help support some of the rider's weight and reduce the strain on the knees. At the same time, the rider can grip onto the hand grips to easily pull and provide vertical movement that doesn't rely solely on the thighs and knees.

Since the Swinging Cowgirl supports more of the rider's weight than in the traditional Cowgirl position, this also reduces pressure that's pressing onto the partner underneath.

Don't expect to hop into the Swinging Cowgirl position with ease. Getting the magic right for this sex position is a bit of trial and error, and most people will find that they need to spend about 5 minutes getting all of the straps to be at the perfect tension. The thigh straps of the sex swing, in particular, need to be tight enough that they help support the body weight of the receiver - while still being low enough that they allow for successful intercourse. This can be a bit of a balancing act!

The choice of sex swing in this position is vital, too. In order to make this sex position work with a sex swing, the genitals must be open for business. This means that any sex swing with a covered seat (like the Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Sling Special Edition) won't work. Make sure your sex swing works with this position before purchasing a sex swing just for the Swinging Cowgirl Sex Position.

Don't be afraid to get a bit playful with the Swinging Cowgirl sex position too! The swing allows for more horizontal movement than the hips can generally provide - and it's just generally fun to play with a swing! If the sex swing allows for 360-degree rotation, the Swinging Cowgirl can also easily become the Reverse Cowgirl mid-intercourse just by turning around! (We recommend disengaging from each other before attempting that!)

If intercourse isn't on the table today, the Swinging Cowgirl can also be used just as easily for frottage while the receiving partner grinds against the penetrating partner's genitals - but never engages in intercourse. If the bottom partner owns a penis, to ensure this is as safe as possible, we recommend the bottom partner wear a pair of comfortable underwear to prevent the penis from being unintentionally bent in an uncomfortable manner.

Despite its name, the Swinging Cowgirl sex position can work great for anyone of any gender for either vaginal or anal intercourse.

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