Anal Sex

Here we’ll penetrate the touchy subject of rear entry, no ifs, ands or ... wait a minute.

With so many myths and misconceptions surrounding sex, we compiled a list of 110 facts.

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With great pleasure sometimes comes a little pain. It's important to discuss the potential of both, especially when venturing into the world of anal play.

Anal sex can be healthy - and orgasmic - but only if you do it right.

Pumping away at the same repetitive missionary moves can dampen the flame of passion. To keep things hot and heavy, couples need to keep things interesting.

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Nothing says "I want to watch you have mind blowing orgasms" like giving someone a top-end anal toy as a gift.

Perhaps this holiday season you're hoping to give someone you love something shiny and silver in a satin-lined box - that you can also put in their ass. If that's the case, then look no further

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