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Updated: AUGUST 10, 2022
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on August 9, 2022

Anal training is the process by which a person’s anus becomes accustomed to different kinds of anal touch, particularly penetration. It most commonly refers to training the anus to stretch to accommodate something larger than a finger, such as a penis or dildo, or something much larger than that.

Anal touch can include many different types of anal play, including massage, rimming and penetration with fingers, sex toys or penises. Because the anus is a hidden-away spot on the body, it can be particularly sensitive. As the muscles surrounding the anus are snug and unaccustomed to letting anything in, they often need practice in order to relax and make anal penetration comfortable and enjoyable. This is often accomplished with the use of sex toys, such as anal plugs, dildos or an anal training kit.

Many people are also not accustomed to anal touch before their first anal sex experiences, so anal training is important to allow them to adjust to the different sensation that anal touch offers.

Anal training can occur as a casual form of sexual exploration or as part of a specific, concerted regime to bring anal touch into a sexual relationship or to prepare the anus for anal sex. In both respects, anal training should be a consensual activity that all players are comfortable with exploring. Anal training is something everyone can participate in and is not confined to specific sexualities or genders.

Anal training is frequently a progressive process that introduces new or increased sensations of touch and penetration to the anal region, it can include anal stretching and dilation to make anal penetration more comfortable.

A typical progression of sensation is:

  • Exterior touch, including massage of buttocks and near the anus
  • Direct exterior stimulation of the anus
  • The addition of lube to coat the exterior of the anus
  • Rimming, or oral stimulation of the anus.
  • Insertion of fingers or sex toys into the anal cavity
  • Insertion of a penis or strap-on into the anal cavity
  • Insertion of sex toys with a larger diameter into the anal cavity

These stages can differ in different scenarios and among people.

Casual anal training can happen in the midst of other sex play, including oral and manual sex and even during intercourse.

Concerted anal training happens on its own, and may or may not incorporate any other types of sex play at all. This type of anal training could incorporate aspects of BDSM, including domination and submission, role play, humiliation and bondage. It is not recommended that blindfolds or gags be included as communication is critical to successful anal training.

More About Anal Training

Anal sex has become an increasing area of interest and exploration for many people. While it was once considered taboo (despite people enjoying it for thousands and thousands of years), bum fun has rightfully taken its place as a source of immense sexual pleasure for a wide range of people; statistics suggest that about 36% of women and 42% of men have had anal sex at least once.

But, anal sex isn’t awesome or even manageable for all folks, so investing some time and consideration into how you might want to slide in through the back door is critical to achieving your anal sex goals. Because the anus' primary function is as an outlet for waste, many people associate the feeling of anal sex with a bowel movement - and not everyone finds that sensation to be sexy! However, with some training, that feeling subsides and your body comes to recognize anal penetration as a distinct sensation - and perhaps a pleasurable one as well.

One of the most critical things to remember in anal training is patience. The sensation of feeling items near, touching, penetrating the anus can be so new to people that it can cause a tensing up reaction. This can both increase feelings of discomfort or pain, as well as increase anxiety over the new act. Anal training should take time, potentially over many different sexual sessions.

To minimize these reactions, it is highly recommended that anal training begins and continues as a solo endeavor. Anal masturbation is a great way to get to know your butthole, even if the topic hasn’t come up with a partner. Look at it. Touch it. Slather it with lube. Push your finger a bit. Push your finger (or fingers) in A LOT. Once you're comfortable with this, you can begin learning to relax around larger toys or objects, if that's part of your goal.

Finally - and this cannot be stressed enough - if penetration is on anyone’s mind, whether you are a giver or a receiver in this anal encounter, be sure you are using lots and lots and lots of lube. Your butthole doesn't lubricate itself so you need to use lubricant if you are going to do anal play.

And, while training should push your limits a bit, it should never be sharply painful.

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