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Your Ultimate Guide to Anal Masturbation

Published: JUNE 6, 2023
Anal play can provide a new way to explore your body and enjoy new types of pleasure. All it takes is a little knowledge and preparation.

Whether you're an occasional masturbator, an experienced pro, or curious about trying something new, anal masturbation is one way to discover new sensations and unexplored pleasure. While a quick solo sesh is satisfying (and, honestly, efficient), what about those moments when you yearn for a deeper, more fulfilling experience? Enter, anal play.


Anal masturbation is when you stimulate the rectum, anus, or prostate using fingers, toys, or other objects, for sexual pleasure. So, if you're touching your anus as a part of your masturbation routine, you're engaging in anal masturbation.

"People often find a way of masturbating and stick with it for years, but anal play during masturbation is a great way to mix up your routine," says LELO's resident sex expert and AASECT-certified sex therapist, Casey Tanner. Tanner also notes that anal masturbation is a great, low-stakes way for people who are curious about anal sex (but are hesitant to try it with a partner) to explore their bodies and see what feels good.

That said, there's no doubt anal play can be intimidating, especially if it's your first time. With the right preparation, an open mind and lots of lube, however, anal masturbation can be an incredibly delicious experience.


This article covers the ins and outs of anal masturbation, including how to prepare, what toys to use, and which positions are best for maximum pleasure.

The Benefits of Anal Masturbation

Before we get deep (pun intended) into how, let's talk about the why people might be into anal masturbation. Here's a quick rundown of some of the benefits:

  • Improved prostate health: For cisgender men and people assigned male at birth (AMAB), anal masturbation can help with prostate health and function by improving circulation and reducing inflammation. Additionally, stimulating the prostate may help prevent and treat prostate-related issues such as prostatitis (though more research is needed in this area).


  • Increased pleasure: Anal masturbation can be incredibly pleasurable and a wonderful way to get to know yourself and your body better. "Anal masturbation is a great way to explore a different erogenous zone in your body at your own pace, without the pressure or expectations that can happen with a sexual partner," says BedBible sex expert Rachel Worthington. "The anus and the outer two-thirds of the anal canal are packed with nerve endings that are highly sensitive to touch and share a sensory nerve with the rest of your genital area (called the pudendal nerve), which kicks into arousal mode when stimulated just right."

  • Over-the-top orgasms: For many people, anal play can result in intense and mind-blowing orgasms. This is likely because, as mentioned above, the anus is covered in sensitive nerve endings. But also because for cisgender women or people assigned female at birth (AFAB), stimulating the anus can indirectly stimulate the A-spot (also known as the anterior fornix) and the G-spot, both of which are a part of the clitoris' network of nerve endings. For people with prostates, anal play can lead to explosive prostate orgasms which, according to Worthington, "many say feel deeper and more intense than penile orgasms, and can be felt throughout the whole body."

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    How to Prepare for Anal Masturbation

    Like any other sex act, prep is key in anal masturbation. Here are some tips to help you get ready and make the experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible:

    Make sure you have plenty of lube.

    The anus, unlike the vagina, is not self-lubricating, so it's important to find a good quality anal lube to prevent friction, discomfort, or injury. Some recommendations include Überlube, Sliquid Sassy and Maximus.

    To make things even easier, consider using a lube injector or lube launcher, which can help you get it exactly where you need it without wasting product or making a mess.


    "A lube launcher will prevent the 'squeegee effect.' When something is inserted into the anus, the tight anal opening wipes off the lube like a squeegee, essentially leaving the rectum dry," says sex expert and founder of, Mayla Green. "If you use a launcher first, the rectum will be nice and wet."

    Avoid numbing agents or desensitizers.

    Lube is more than enough to make things slippery and enjoyable, and using numbing agents can be dangerous. After all, if you can't feel what's happening, you won't know if you're pushing too far or injuring yourself.

    "Do not use numbing creams!" warns relationship, sex, and intimacy coach and consultant Jeni Simas. "Just because you can’t feel yourself getting hurt doesn’t mean you won’t. You need to know if something is causing tearing or so deep that it hurts."


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    Cleanse the area.

    Do a bit of grooming beforehand. This could include trimming your nails, taking a warm shower or bath, or using an anal douche or enema. Just be careful not to overdo it! Excessive enema use can cause dehydration or damage the delicate lining of your rectum.

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    Make sure you're hydrated.

    Staying hydrated is essential for overall health, but it's especially important before anal play, as dehydration can lead to constipation and discomfort.

    "If cleanliness is a concern, it's best to stay hydrated and eat plenty of fiber," advises sexologist, relationship coach, and inclusivity consultant, Lilithfoxx. "It might seem counterintuitive to eat fiber leading up to this, but you want to keep things regular and flowing. It's important to note that this should be in the days leading up to anal play, NOT right before."

    Find a comfortable, private space.

    Remember, relaxation is the secret to a positive experience. So, be sure to find a time and place where you can be alone and really feel yourself. If you're a beginner, you may want to lay a towel down or get in the shower to reduce the anxiety of "making a mess." This can also make aftercare easier.

    "If you’re struggling to relax or have concerns about the mess, experimenting with anal masturbation in the shower is a great first step," says Tanner. "The heat of the water, and the knowledge that any mess would be prevented, can be enough to help you let go."

    Start slow and be patient.

    Getting started is a part of the prep work; it takes time and patience. "While some people might enjoy warming up with anal play, many find anal more pleasurable after they are already aroused," adds Tanner. "Try exploring other erogenous zones (the neck, chest, inner thighs, clitoris, penis, etc.) before making your way to anal. The more physically relaxed you are, the more comfortable anal play will be."

    Anal Masturbation - How To + Best Positions

    Now that we've covered some of the basics of prepping yourself for anal masturbation, we can get into the fun stuff: the best positions for an unforgettable, orgasmic experience:


    The missionary position is a classic for a reason, and it works the same for anal play. Lie on your back with your legs spread wide apart (you can bend your knees if you'd like), and use your lubricated fingers or a toy to stimulate your anus.

    Remember to use lube and go slowly; if you're feeling adventurous, you can try bringing your legs up towards your chest to change the angle of penetration.

    Doggy Style

    Doggy style is another popular option for anal play, but navigating it alone can be trickier. To do this position, get on all fours (you can lay your head on a pillow for extra comfort) and reach back to stimulate your anus with your lubricated fingers or toy.

    If you're struggling to reach with your arms, try positioning yourself near the edge of a bed or couch so that you can angle your body for easier access. Pro tip: If you have a suction-cup dildo, stick it to a wall or other stable surface and back onto it for a hands-free doggy-style experience.

    The Squat Position

    Speaking of suction-cup dildos, the squat position can be a pretty good option if you've got one handy. To get into the squat position, stick your dildo to a sturdy, clean surface (in this case, it may be the floor, a chair, or maybe a wedge), then stand over it with your feet shoulder-width apart or wider and slowly lower yourself onto the dildo.

    With this position, you can control the depth and speed of penetration and have a free hand to stimulate other erogenous zones. If squatting is difficult, try holding onto a sturdy piece of furniture for stability.

    Spoon Position

    The spoon position doesn't get enough credit, but it can be a great way to explore anal masturbation. To try this position, lie on your side with your knees bent (like you're in the fetal position) and use your lubricated fingers or a toy to stimulate your anus.

    For added pleasure, vulva owners can stimulate their clitoris, G-spot, or both during this position. A fun toy like the Evolved Trifecta can take your pleasure to a new level. (If you have a prostate, get more toy and masturbation tips in Guys, Here's How to Hit the P-Spot Using a Toy.)

    Tips for How to Enjoy Anal Masturbation

    Let us leave you with a few final words of advice before you go:

    • Toys can be fun, but if you're a beginner, start small and work your way up. "As far as toys go, I first recommend no toys," says Simas. "Get to know how your butt hole feels. Learn what motion you enjoy to entice your hole to open, and learn how much pressure or penetration you enjoy," Simas continues. "If you would like to use sex toys right away, then I would start with an anal training or dilator set. That way, you're not hurting yourself going too big too fast."

    • When choosing lube, water-based is usually the way to go. "A thick water-based anal lube is useful for making anal play more enjoyable by reducing friction on the skin and encouraging a slippery glide, which is more comfortable during initial insertion," says Green.

    • Once you're ready to use toys, the possibilities are almost endless. "I cannot stress this enough: do not use anything not specially meant for anal play," says LillithFoxx. "Even toys for vaginal penetration may not be safe for anal play; toys can (and do) get lost in the rectum." Safe toys for anal play will have a flared base, ensuring the toy won't get stuck inside you. Anal toys include butt plugs, anal beads, prostate massagers, and more. (Check out Kinkly's selection of body-safe anal play toys.)

    • Be sure to clean up afterward — this includes any toys you use. "Make sure to clean any toys or objects used for anal play thoroughly before and after use to prevent the spread of bacteria," adds LillithFoxx. "I recommend using a condom on a toy for easy cleanup and to prevent infection or pH imbalance if the toy is to be inserted vaginally at any point." (To learn more, read Keeping It Clean: Top Tips for Sex Toy Sanitation.)

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