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Updated: JUNE 27, 2023
Reviewed by Marla Stewart
on June 27, 2023

An anal funnel is a sex toy for enema play. The anal funnel is connected to a flexible tube, which is usually clear for the visual effect. This tube connects to a hollow anal plug. Anal funnels are usually made from heat-, cold- and rust-resistant metal. An anal funnel is sometimes called an ass funnel.

Anal funnels allow people to enjoy enema play on their own or with a submissive partner. They can fill the funnel with any liquid of their choice. A dominant may remove the butt plug and encourage their submissive to hold the liquid inside them or let it run free.

Why are people into anal funnels?

"It offers a unique experience in terms of anal play as it provides a new sensation not typically found with traditional toys. Additionally, it can help those who are looking to experience bigger toys without the fear of discomfort or potential injury. It also provides a more gradual introduction to both anal play and larger toys, which can help to alleviate any anxieties associated with them," explained Mak Adikami, a certified sex expert and co-founder of "Furthermore, it allows users to customize their experience, as they are able to control the speed and pressure of the insertion with the funnel. Ultimately, anal funnels offer users a safe and enjoyable way to explore their bodies and expand their sexual repertoire."

Using an anal funnel on a partner can reinforce a dominant-submissive dynamic that many people find arousing. Receiving an anal funnel puts someone in a vulnerable position, where they must take in any liquid that their dominant partner chooses. Administering an enema can be a power rush for dominants.

The physical sensations surrounding the use of anal funnels and their associated paraphernalia can also arouse submissives. Some like the feeling of having a butt plug attached to an anal funnel inserted into their anus, getting this butt plug removed, or both. Some people feel turned on by the feeling of having a belly full of liquid after receiving an enema. Some people say they can orgasm from enemas as well.

People who have an intense sexual desire for administering or receiving enemas using anal funnels are klismaphiliacs. Dr. Joanna Denko coined the term klismaphilia in 1973 to describe a fetish for enemas. People often discover they have this fetish through routine enemas used to treat conditions like constipation or fecal incontinence, or prepare people for medical tests or surgery. After enjoying these enemas, they may incorporate play with anal funnels into their sex lives.

More About Anal Funnel

People may use anal funnels during foreplay before intercourse or as the main event of sexual play. Submissives may focus on the use of the anal funnel or masturbate while receiving the enema for greater stimulation. Anal funnels can also be used for sensation play with cold or hot liquids. Dominants should take care to never burn the submissive with the liquid, though.

Anal Funnels in Pornography

Some people who enjoy observing the use of anal funnels may like pornography featuring these sex aids. There are several subgenres of anal funnel porn. Anal funnel bukkake porn features groups of people jerking off into an anal funnel inserted in a submissive’s anus. Anal creampie funnel porn features a single dominant jerking off in a submissive’s anal funnel. Anal pee funnel porn sees a dominant urinating into the anal funnel.

Playing Safely With Anal Funnels

While varying the liquid can make using anal funnels exciting, some liquids are more suitable for enemas than others. Pure water is the best option, as it does not contain additives that damage your body. Common drinks such as fruit juice and coffee can impact the balance of gut bacteria and cause rectal burns or even death. Urine and semen enemas can also introduce viruses and bacterial infections into the body. Enemas with alcoholic drinks, such as wine, beer and whiskey, can elevate the body’s blood alcohol level much faster than drinking these beverages. This can lead to alcohol poisoning. As for other risks, it's important to use common sense in terms what shouldn't be introduced in to the body; someone once needed surgery after receiving an enema with concrete, which hardened in their lower bowel.

There are additional risks to be aware of, regardless of the liquid used. Carefully inserting the butt plug can reduce the risk of damaging the rectum, colon, bowel, or other internal organs. It’s a good idea to use commercial anal funnels with butt plugs, rather than homemade devices without butt plugs, which are more likely to cause damage. Sterilizing the butt plug before use minimizes the risk of infections. People receiving enemas might experience some bloating and cramping, although these problems resolve quickly. They may also get dehydrated if they lose too much of their body’s own fluids, so it’s best to drink plenty of water after receiving an enema. The walls of the rectum can become overstretched if someone uses an anal funnel incorrectly or too often, so it's best to use anal funnels as just one tool for anal play.

A clean play area minimizes the risk of introducing bacteria or germs into the anus. Dominant partners should also wear disposable gloves for safer insertion and removal of butt plugs.
Inserting the butt plug may be challenging, especially for people new to anal play. It’s important that submissives stay relaxed for the best results. Lubricant can also make insertion easier.

How to Clean and Care for an Anal Funnel

While metal anal funnels are non-porous, users should clean their anal funnels, their tubes and their butt plugs thoroughly after play. Thorough cleaning with mild pH-neutral soap and warm water helps keep anal funnels and their accessories free of germs and bacteria. Users should store their anal funnels in a dry, dust-free place until they’re ready to play again.


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