Updated: APRIL 30, 2019

An analist is an individual whose sexual fantasies and activities focus on the anus. Anal sex, analingus, and other forms of anal play are common interests of analists. Analists can be of any gender or sexuality.

Analists are sometimes called anocrats. Male analists are also sometimes called ass hounds while female analists can be called ass queens.

More About Analist

Analists typically gravitate towards anal-focused activities in the bedroom, including analingus, anal fingering, anal fisting, and anal sex. They may also like experimenting with sex toys designed for anal use, like anal vibrators, prostate massagers, and butt plugs.

Anal play may become fetishized for analists or it may simply be a sexual preference. Some analists may be unable to enjoy sex if it doesn’t have some component of anal play or be unable to feel aroused without it. For other analists, anal play may simply be a favorite activity, the thing they enjoy most sexually.

Some analists may simply enjoy receiving anal pleasure, others may enjoy giving anal pleasure, and some may enjoy giving and receiving. Analists who enjoy giving anal pleasure to others are likely to become anal experts.

Safe sex practices are important for everyone, but analists have extra things to consider. As the anus doesn’t have the natural lubricants of the vagina, using a manufactured lubricant can minimize the risks of discomfort and tearing during anal play. Proper hygiene is important too, as feces carry bacteria. So long as you haven’t expelled fecal waste recently, simply washing the anus with soap and water should make it clean. Enemas can do a more thorough job of cleaning the back passage. Condoms should always be worn during anal sex. Dental dams and gloves can provide further protection during anal exploration.


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