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Spider Gag

A spider gag is a medical or ring style gag that holds the mouth open. There are several different designs but most are metal with a ring that goes in the mouth and curved metal pieces that hold the lips... (Read on)

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Since pegging is a term associated with a strap-on used anally on a male partner, I don't think he's ready for pegging. It sounds more like he is ready for anal exploration. This... (Read on)
Sex Stories We Love: What the Twerk, Dangling Dildos, and Trump Your Tush

In this week's Sex Stories We Love, you'll find out more about the Twerking Butt that just about broke the Internet (sorry, Kim, it's not about you anymore!), the dangling dildos in Portland, and just who is behind the Donald Trump butt plug! 
Sound Off: Audio Erotica

Porn continues to expand online, so why would people choose to just listen? We delve into audio erotica. 
Exhibitionist? 5 Sexy Ways to Make Money in Your Spare Time

They say if you do what you love that you'll never work a day in your life. But what if what you love is baring it all? We have some tips. 
Why It's Best to Think of BDSM Like a Kinky Buffet

What do you really know with BDSM? It's more like a kinky buffet than one size fits all! 
How to Have Hot Sex (and Stay Cool) In the Summer Heat

It's getting hot out! If you hate the heat, check out these tips on how to have sex without getting hotter (no pun intended)! 
Sex Stories We Love: Millennial Porn, Virtual Threesomes, and Uncovering the Nipple

The type of porn millennials really watch, how you can have a virtual threesome, naughty nipples, and so many more delicious Sex Stories We Love on Kinkly! 
What Is it REALLY Like to Wait Until Marriage to Have Sex?

Some people practice chastity because they see sex is a good thing, not a bad thing. Read one woman's story about waiting. 
Got a Penis? Here's How to Have Sex Without It

Trouble with erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, or other male sexual dysfunction? Don't worry - Kinkly knows how you can have sex without your penis. 
Why I Took a Caning on Camera to Fight Censorship

In the U.K, the censorship against pornography has been ramping up. Read about what the writer did in protest. 
The One (Sex Toy) to Rule Them All

Many companies try to hawk their sex toys as "the one" that will make everyone have explosive orgasms. This isn't possible, and Kinkly tells you why. 
Sex and Mindfulness: Things I Have Genuinely Worried About During Sex

You're not the only one whose mind wanders during sex. Find out why you should practice mindfulness during sex. 
3 Ways to Get Kinky When Vanilla Life Intervenes

Creativity isn't just useful in being kinky. It's sometimes necessary for getting a kink-fix, too when your regular, vanilla life gets in the way. 
8 Tips for Choosing a Butt Plug

Is anal play on your to-try list? Butt plugs are a great way to get started. Here are some tips on how to choose your first toy. 
5 Cross-Genre Erotic Novels You Must Read

Do you love erotica? Then, you will love this list of 5 cross genre erotic novels you must read. 
Sex Stories We Love: Write It in a Letter, Get Your Motor Running, and Get Your Fill

In this week's Sex Stories We Love, we focus on some fun stories from the world of sex! 
Smack! 3 Thrilling Types of Erotic Spanking

Not all spankings are created equal. Find out about the different types of spankings that can be used with your consenting partner. 
Your Relationship: Keeping the Kink Alive

Sometimes it can be hard to keep the sex steamy and fun. Kinkly shows you how to do it. 
8 Steps to Purchasing a Sex Machine

Effortless orgasms? Thank you, technology! Here's what you need to know when you're in the market for a sex machine. 
Has Sex Become Painful? Here's What to Do About It

More than half of women report that intercourse becomes painful after menopause. But that doesn't mean your sex life is over. Here's how to move from pain to pleasure again. 
Masking: Newfound Fetish or a Solution Whose Time Has Come?

Want to look like a sex doll? Then, you should look into masking. 
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Smothering is a term used to describe the obstructing of airways for sexual pleasure. Smothering typically occurs when a person covers a partner’s mouth or face... Read more 

Adult Baby Creche

An adult baby crèche is a venue which caters to full-grown adults who enjoy role-playing as infants or toddlers. This may be a sexual fetish or simply a way for the... Read more 

Covered Full Service

Full covered service is a term used in the sex industry to describe an offering of sexual services during which the client wears a condom. Unlike some others in the... Read more 


Bacchanalia refers to the ancient Roman festival of Bacchus. The festival is infamous for drunken revelry and sexual promiscuity.  

Pink Boxing

Pink boxing is a slang term for anal fisting. The term, generally, is used to refer to fisting a female anus.  
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