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Violet Wand

The violet wand is a common toy used for electrical play. The toy creates a shocking feeling through static electricity, and can provide a wide range of sensations from tame to extreme. The violet wand... (Read on)

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It sounds like that you're most likely just really tense. After all, you've only known the guy for a couple of months. Vaginas have an amazing capacity to stretch; think about... (Read on)
Sex Stories We Love: Playing with Peckers, Curing Cocks and Phallus Facts

This week's top sex stories all revolve around the mighty penis. Enjoy! 
Strap-On (Fore) Play

Oral sex with a strap-on may seem besides the point, but it can actually be a an intimate and exhilarating experience for both parties. 
5 Tips For Walking Away From An Emotionally Abusive Relationship

Do you feel trapped in an unhealthy relationship? Follow these five steps and regain your independence. 
6 Ways to Improve Your Life Using Only Sex Toys

Can sex toys alter your happiness so much that it will actually make your life better? Kinkly explores the idea. Click here to find out. 
Is This the Perfect Response to Catcalling?

Catcalling is annoying and ugly, but thinking throwing down a lesson on feminism like Adult Wednesday Addams does can be wonderfully cathartic. 
Why Consent Is More Complicated Than a Cup of Tea

Consent is more than a one time occurrence. Learn how to make sure it becomes an ongoing exchange in your sexual relationships. 
Sex Stories We Love: Past Partners, Sexually Empowered Women and Penis First-Timers

We all have preconceptions - and misconceptions - about sex. The past week's news has been all about busting them. Check it out in this week's Sex Stories We Love. 
6 Positions for Great Anal Sex

Little adjustments can make a huge difference. Here are a few positions that are sure to please backdoor enthusiasts. 
The 6 Most Underrated Erogenous Zones

Want to bust out of that sexual rut? Here's our guide to the body’s most underrated erogenous zones. 
Casual Sex at Our Age?

Casual sex should be an informed decision regardless of age. But if ever there were ever a time in life to defy convention, to live a little wildly, this would be it. 
Sex Blogger of the Month: Crista Anne

Check out our profile on Crista Anne, the rainbow loving "progressive pleasurist" behind CristaAnne.com. 
Sex Stories We Love: To Blow or Not to Blow, Porn to Avoid, and the Dry Spell Opportunity

Sometimes, the most interesting sex stories are those about not having sex. Check it out in this week's top sex news. 
The Talk: What I Wish My Mom Had Told Me About Sex

The Talk can have widespread repercussions not just on a kid's future sex life, but on relationships in general, marriage, gender roles, and more. Here are some things I wish The Talk had included. 
My First Taste of Erotica - and the Joy of Sexual Discovery

Do you recall the way you felt the first time you stumbled upon something erotic? Come and read this hot and steamy perspective from a first-time reader. 
Why Trust Is the Most Important Element in BDSM

BDSM is about more than dominance and submission, it's about earning the trust that makes that dynamic work in a way that pleases everyone. Read more about it here. 
5 Steps for Choosing Nipple Clamps

Here are some tips to make shopping for your first pair of nipple clamps less intimidating and more titillating! 
Enough With the Extreme 'Manscaping'

Men, step away from your personal shaver; your partner may not like the look as much as you do. 
Sex Stories We Love: Contraceptives, Consent and First-Timer Tips

IUD earrings? First time sex party tips? That's right - it's time for Sex Stories We Love. 
Why We Need to Stop Bashing '50 Shades of Grey' Already

50 Shades changed the game of sex. Here's why it is a bad idea to continue to bash the series. 
Top 10 Unintentionally Awkward Sex Scenes

A video on YouTube lists the top 10 unintentionally awkward sex scenes. The problem? The choices are blatantly obvious. 
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A mamasan refers to a female in a position of authority. It is usually the head of a brothel or adult massage parlor. The term originated from a combination of... Read more 

Double Digit Penetration

Double digit penetration (DDP) refers to sexual penetration using more that one digit. A digit is referring to the digits of the hands. DDP can be used during both... Read more 

Japanese Clover Clamp

A Japanese clover clamp is a variation of nipple clamp that has a distinct shape. It is known for its ability to increase tension on the nipple by pulling on the... Read more 

Lymphogranuloma Venereum

Lymphogranuloma Venereum (LGV) is a chronic infection of the lymphatic system that is caused by the Chlamydia trachomatis bacteria. The bacteria is transferred... Read more 


A ProDomme is a woman who can be hired to perform BDSM services. "Domme" is feminized version of the word "Dom" which is used to refer to the dominant partner in a... Read more 
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    - George Burns

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