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Vacuum Bed

A vacuum bed is a bondage device used in some BDSM play. A person is placed between two sheets of latex held together by a frame, and a vacuum is used to remove the air between the sheets and immobilize... (Read on)

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As with all relationships, no two D/s relationships are exactly the same. So, to make a sweeping statement either way would be wrong. However, as a general rule I think this is a... (Read on)
6 Signs That You Are Having Great Sex

Are you having great sex? Check out our lascivious list to signs that you are having great sex! 
Who Likes Big Butts and Cannot Lie? The Answer May Surprise You

What areas share your sexy interests? Kinkly.com presents PornHub's sexy data! Who likes boobs and who likes butts will definitely surprise you! 
Give a Dam: Your Guide to Protected Oral Sex

Learn about dental dams, sex dams and alternatives to safe oral sex. 
Sex Stories We Love: Frotteurism, How Not to Clean Your Sex Toy and Safe Literature

What a week it has been in sex! Check out this week's Sex Stories We Love. 
Top 3 Tips for Beginners Role Play

Always wanted to try role play, but weren't sure how to start? Check out the top 3 tips for role play virgins. 
Stop Worrying About Orgasms. Seriously.

When you remove the stress about performing and focus on having fun exploring with your partner, you create a recipe for awesome sex. Find out how to do it. 
California Upholds Law Requiring Condoms in Porn Movies - and Porn Stars Are Pissed!

California says Measure B is not unconstitutional. What do porn performers think? Read up on the California condom law on Kinkly.com. 
6 Steps That'll Help You Love Love Love Your Naked Self

Believe it: There's something beautiful, stunning and commendable about everyone, including you. Here's how to find it. 
Sex Stories We Love: Soviet Shenanigans, Squirting, and Marilyn Manson's Secret Fear

This week's lineup of Sex Stories We Love will make you laugh, cry and shake your head! 
The Big Penis Hoax: Why Size Doesn’t Matter as Much as You Think and What Counts Instead

Worried about the size of your penis? You're not alone. Click here to read what women REALLY think about penis size. 
Top 10 Most Unheard-Of Fetishes

Learn about the top 10 fetishes you didn't know existed. 
The 3 Kinds of Men You'll Find In Strip Clubs

Men visit strip clubs for many different reasons but there are only three types of guys: the good, the bad and the creepy. 
Sex Stories We Love: New Techniques, Porn Talk, and Illegal Dieting

Check out this week's lineup of stories we found around the Web that you shouldn't miss! 
Is There a Place for Your Vibrator During Sex?

Curious about trying out a vibrator with your partner? Here are some tips on how to broach the subject and why you'll be glad you did! 
Sex Stories We Love: Sexual Awakenings, Rules of Casual Sex, and Cats & Sex

Check out this week's roundup of Sex Stories We Love! 
Sex Blogger of the Month: Mandi of EROcentric

Join Kinkly as we talk to Mandi of EROcentric. Find out her best sex tip and read the blog's most popular post. 
5 Expert Tips for Getting Your Kink On

Want to get your kink on but not sure where to start? We asked an expert about how to take your sex life from nice to naughty. 
Ovarian Cysts and Your Sex Life

How's your sex life? If you have PCOS, that may be a touchy subject. The good news is, there's a lot you can do to reduce pain and bring pleasure back to the bedroom. 
South Park's Fish Sticks Joke Becomes Science Fact

Was South Park right about fish sticks? Find out how the South Park joke is really science fact. 
How to Know Your Body Is Aroused

If you know how aroused you are, you can avoid jumping the gun. Learn the basic stages here. 
Sexy Selfies

Can technology really improve your sex life? Learn some ways that technology can enhance your foreplay by reading our article on Sexy Selfies! 
Sex Stories We Love: Dornan's Dungeon Visit, Frightened Furries and Infidelity Overload

Check out this week's round-up of Sex Stories We Love from around the Web! 
Review: Liberator Talea Spreader Bar

This sizzling review of the Liberator Talea Spreader Bar will leave you all worked up. 
The Gift of Giving and Receiving

It really is better to give than to receive. These sexy ways to give your partner pleasure during the holidays will be a gift to you as well. 
UK Amendment is Total Buzzkill for Video-on-Demand Pornography

Porn restriction in the UK is trending. What does the Amendment actually say? Is there a way around it? Click here to find out. 
5 Must-Have Toys for Boys

These five categories of male pleasure products are quickly going mainstream. Have you added them to your collection yet? 
Sex Stories We Love: Banned British Porn, Taboo Mormon Porn, Finger Fun, & the Sex Story of the Year

This week's search of the Web found some very interesting reads. Check out this week's Sex Stories We Love! 
Anal Sex: After the Entrance

When it comes to anal sex, there's tons of information about how to work up to it. But what happens after you’re inside? Get some tips on how to make the whole experience pleasurable from beginning to end. 
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French Tickler

A French Tickler is a special type of sex toy that a man wears on his penis for penetrative intercourse. Its distinctive bumps or protrusions are designed to make... Read more 

Lotus Sex Position

The lotus sex position is a popular woman-on-top sex position from the Kama Sutra. This position requires the male partner to sit on the bed or floor in the lotus... Read more 

Big Dipper Sex Position

The Big Dipper is a sexual position which sees a couple having intercourse while one person stands, and the other performs tricep bench dips. Due to its high... Read more 

Big Beautiful Women

Big Beautiful Woman is a term used, typically by people who fetishize large partners, to refer to women of larger than average size. There is no definitive size... Read more 

The Venus Butterfly

The Venus Butterfly is a term used to describe a series of sexual techniques that brings lovers to orgasm without intercourse. The term Venus Butterfly hit the... Read more 
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