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To take part in the BSDM lifestyle means to enjoy bondage, submission, dominance or masochism. This may also involve wearing leather or PVC and going to fetish clubs.

Past Terms: LeatherLeather VirginRefractory Period

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With the rise of the number of people meeting because of internet dating sites, social media, and speciality interest sites relationships that start online are increasingly... (Read on)
Yes, Your Condom Has a Sell-By Date

Think you're on top of your safe sex game? Do you have a condom that you carry with you at all times, just in case? It may work as a lucky charm but make sure to check its shelf-life - they have expiry dates for a reason. 
Why We Love Orgasms

What exactly happens during orgasm, anyway? And why does a great orgasm feel so whole-body good? We have the answers. 
Open Relationships: Can Sex With Others Bring You Together?

If you're looking for a little sexual adventure, an open relationship can be a way to have your cake (each other) and other people on the side. Here's how to figure out if it'll work for you. 
Sex Stories We Love: Drones, G-strings and Cooking With Cum

Check out this week's roundup of stories in sex we collected from around the Web. 
10 Good Reasons to Get It on with Yourself

Why should you masturbate? Masturbation can relieve stress and improve your health! 
What Exactly Are Sexual Side Effects Anyway?

Antidepressants may elevate your general wellbeing, but they can wreak havoc on your libido. Here's a few side effects that you may encounter. 
I Don't Think Lena Dunham Is a Child Molester. Here's Why.

Is Lena Dunham a child molester? She might not be - and here's why. 
Surely You Can't Be Serious?  The Sex-Toy Box Grows

Would you get off on a butt plug in the shape of Vladmir Putin? How about a bouncy castle made of inflatable breasts? Here, a roundup of the latest in sex toy curiosities... 
8 Steps to Picking a Dildo That'll Rock Your World

Want to spice things up with a dildo? We've got you covered, from length to material to sanitation - follow these 8 steps and find the perfect fit for you. 
Sex Stories We Love: So Much to Love About Our Top 10 Sex Blogging Superheroes

This week's roundup comes from our Top 10 Sex Blogging Superheroes! 
Top 10 Sexy Scenes from Horror Movies

Want to get racy this Halloween? Forget the sexy nurse costume - stay in and rent one of these flicks instead! 
Our Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2014

These sex bloggers have raised the bar for sex blogging - and the conversation about sex. 
Does Monogamy Kill Desire?

As soon as we decide to settle down and become monogamous, there goes our desire, forever taken over by practical everyday life, by babies and school and who paid the bills. Unless we decide to spice things up. 
Review: Liberator Flip Ramp

This product really inspires creative, comfortable, playful sex. Learn more about it in the this full review of the product and features. 
The Top 3 Things I've Learned About Navigating STIs

Wondering how to approach the topic of STIs with your partner(s)? Sometimes just opening up to a conversation like this is the hardest part. 
Sex After Breast Cancer

Reclaiming your body after breast cancer can be tricky, but here are some tips to ease the transition. 
5 Reasons Why Americans Need Sex Toys

Can sex toys solve all the world's problems? Maybe not, but they can't hurt either! Find out what they have to offer. 
Sex Stories We Love: LOL, OMG and WTF

Check out this week's line up of Sex Stories We Love which will leave you saying LOL, OMG and WTF! 
Why 'Comfort Sex' Rocks - and How to Have Some

Sometimes the best, most satisfying sex happens when you get comfortable. We provide 5 tips on how to make it happen. 
Get It On: Top Solo Sex Tips for Women

Studies show that women who masturbate regularly report greater sexual satisfaction and a more positive view of sex. But self-sustainable sex has another benefit: It feels good. 
Injectable Contraception for Men?  What Will They Think of Next?

A new injection for men could take some of the pressure off women to consider contraception. 
Sex and Menopause: A Beginning, Not an End

Menopause doesn't have to be the sex-crushing event that people think it is. Ladies, ease your way into better sex in your older age with these tips. 
Sex Stories We Love: Let's Talk About Sexual Stigma

This week's stories are all about working to break down sexual stigmas by rebelling against the norm. 
For Better Orgasms, Flex This Muscle

Want a simple method to increase the strength of your orgasms? Try Kegel exercises. 
Sexy Excerpt: 'Reclaiming' by Teresa Noelle Roberts

Eyes blindfolded. Mouth gagged. Hands chained to the headboard. You’re on display, ready for him - ready to be used. And the only sound in the room is your own breathing ... until you hear him close the door behind you. 
Fifty Shades of Misconception - Debunking Common Myths about BDSM

It's not unusual to be afraid or judgemental about what we don't know - here we help set the record straight about the commonly misunderstood practice of BDSM 
Should We Talk About the Fact That Anal Sex Might Hurt?

With great pleasure sometimes comes a little pain. It's important to discuss the potential of both, especially when venturing into the world of anal play. 
Chemical Romance: How Hormones Influence Sex, Love and Relationships

The many chemicals flooding our system influence who we choose and how we feel, which means we don't have much control over who we're attracted to. Learn about the hormones that govern our chemical romances. 
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Celebrity Fake

A celebrity fake is a photograph or video which has been doctored or otherwise manipulated to present a false image which is generally detrimental to the... Read more 

Cave, Gape

Cave and gape are two slang terms used to describe any bodily orifice that is open, either for or as a result of sexual penetration. These terms are most commonly... Read more 


Catamite is a term that refers to a young male who is the passive or receiving partner during sexual intercourse with a grown man.  

Breast Self-Exam

A breast self-exam is a manual exam that women can perform on themselves to check for unusual lumps, in an effort to detect breast cancer at an early stage.  

male, male, female

Male, male, female is a form of threesome. As its name implies, the participants in this sexual interaction are a female and two males. The female participant is... Read more 
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  • Sex: the thing that takes up the least amount of time and causes the most amount of trouble.
    - John Barrymore

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