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Dendrophilia is a paraphilia where an individual is sexually aroused by trees. The term translates literally as "love of trees," but has been adopted by... Read more

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I’m unsure of whether you mean a physical location or a metaphorical/psychological one, so I’ll cover both aspects. It’s interesting that you’ve...read on
Sex Stories We Love: For the Love of (Good, Informative) Sex Education

Many of the sex-related stories in the news this week had to do with sex education of some kind. Here are our favorites. 
HPV: Separating Fact From Fiction

79 million Americans are infected with HPV this very minute. Surprised? Here are some other things you may not know. 
The Sex Files: Sex Around the World

Culture is a huge factor in when, how much and how much we enjoy sex. Find out more here. 
Why I Love Working in the Sex Toy Industry

My job has turned me into an advocate for the sex toy industry. Here's why. 
Sexy Excerpt: '34B' by Bill Kte'pi from Rachel Kramer Bussel's 'Flying High'

What happens when two strangers plan a sexy encounter in the sky? Read an excerpt here. 
Sex Stories We Love: Sex Toy Recycling, Sex Ed and Boobie Love

Sex is full of ethical quandaries. Check out some of the ones we caught in the news this week. 
Pick Your Pleasure: 10 Steps to Choosing a Vibrator

Picking the perfect toy isn't easy. These 10 steps can help put you on the path to toys that hold the highest pleasure potential for you. 
Want to Know If You're In Love? Check Your Bra. No, Really.

This bra is pretty, but it won't do much for your sex life; it only unclasps when the wearer falls in love. 
Electrify Your Orgasms: TENS Units for Beginners

Want to add a little electricity to your love life? Get an introduction to one basic sex toy designed to do just that. 
Why Is It Mostly Women Who Write About Sex?

Where are the boys? Why so few men blog about sex. 

Redhead Bedhead gives a sneak-peek of LELO's latest toy, DEXTRUS. 
Sex Stories We Love: Rough Sex, Cocks in Socks and the Best Shaggin' Wagon Ever

This week has several great sex stories landing in the laps of unexpected civilians. Let's take a look. 
Holy Clit, Batman! 9 Amazing Facts About the Clitoris

You'll be surprised by how much this little organ packs under the hood. Check out the most surprising facts about the clitoris. 
What Does 'Sex Positive' Mean to You?

Wondering what this term really means or how it's defined? We asked some very sex positive people for their thoughts. 
Financial Worries Keeping You From Getting Jiggy With It? Join the Club

Recent studies suggest that income affects sexual satisfaction - but there are ways to beat the money blues. 
Sexy Stories We Love: The Sexy Dance, Transgender Surgery and Why People Hate Porn Stars

This week's round-up is quite a random mix of topics, from sexy dancing to sexy literature, porn stars and trans* surgeries. Let’s just dig right in! 
Why We Should All Be Talking About Sex A Lot More Often

For many people, sexuality is surrounded by confusion, misinformation and suffering. Talking about sex in an educational, meaningful way can elicit clarity, understanding and even joy. Any questions? 
Sexy Excerpt: 'My Journey Into the World of the Dominatrix' by Anne O Nomis

This books delves into the long history behind female domination as a profession. Here we share the forward, where the author describes what led her to the project. 
A Beginner's Guide to Submission

The fantasy of being ordered around, spanked, and generally coerced to perform sexual acts can seem thrilling. The question for those who haven't actually done it, however, is where to start. 
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Kneel Position

The kneel sex position is a simple, intimate sex position. To get into the kneel position, the male partner should kneel down on his knees and the female partner... Read more 

Lady Godiva Position

The Lady Godiva sex position is an oral sex position that is designed specifically for cunnilingus. The giving partner lies down on his or her back, head near a... Read more 

Reclined Crouching Tiger Position

The reclined crouching tiger sex position is similar to the crouching tiger position, which is a rear-entry position, except that the giving partner is in a... Read more 

Booster Seat Position

The booster seat sex position is a rear-entry sex position that is usually performed with the giving partner standing and the receiving partner squatting as if... Read more 


Feminization is a type of roleplay that involves imposing traditionally female attributes on a submissive male partner. This is often used with female dominance.... Read more 
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    - Brendan Behan

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