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Bondage Mittens

Bondage mittens are mittens without separate thumbs that are often used in bondage scenes. These mittens are made from rubber or leather, and can be loose fitting or tight around the hand. Loose-fitting... (Read on)

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First, I would like to start by saying congratulations, and good for you! (Only sort of kidding). Now down to the nitty gritty. There are several key factors that will make sex... (Read on)
Sex Stories We Love: Bisexuality, Vacation Sex and Big Bellies

We searched the Web for you to find the best in sex this week! Here are some of our favorites. 
15 Signs That You're In an Emotionally Abusive Relationship

All abuse is despicable, but emotional abuse can be the hardest to identify or detect. Here are some key characteristics of an abusive relationship. 
The 10 Surprising Health Benefits of Orgasms

Orgasms don't just feel good - they're also good for you! Check out some of the key health benefits of getting it on. 
Aussie Company Starpharma to Release Virus-Deactivating Condoms

New scientific advancements in condom design could make a huge impact on spread of STDs in Australia. 
7 Steps to Choosing a Male Masturbation Sleeve

Whether used solo or with a partner, a sleeve can spice things up and offer new sensations. 
Sexy Excerpt: 'Taped' by Kay Jaybee

This erotic tale of bondage and vocal recorders takes a sexy, playful approach to the word "tape." Read an excerpt here. 
Sex Stories We Love: Disney Porn, Shame and BDSM Education

We're bringing the sexiest news to you each and every week! Here are this past week's top news stories about sex. 
The Right and Wrong Way to Have a Threesome

With multiple partners comes multiple desires and points of view. That can mean excitement and fun, but there's plenty of room for trouble too. 
Degradation: A Type A Confesses

Could you act out a fantasy? How one D/s fantasy lives up to the real world test. 
Sex Blogger of the Month: Erica Jagger

In an effort to find and promote the best sex blogs on the Web, we're highlighting a new sex blogger every month. Here's our interview with Erica Jagger of A Sexy Woman of a Certain Age. 
Sex Stories We Love: Mean Tweets, Cop-a-feel Fundraisers and Sex Dolls

We're bringing the sexiest news to you each and every week! Here are this past week's top news stories about sex. 
Sexy Excerpt: 'Redrawing the Lines' by Bren Emile

A sweet, sexy story of dominance, submission and a couple's first crack at using corporal punishment. 
When Sex Dries Up, How to Get Your Sexy Back

If you aren't having the sex life you want to have, it often seems easier to just settle and get used to it. The truth is, you won't. Here's what to do when you aren't having sex anymore. 
Sex After Sexual Assault: How to Find Joy After Trauma

It's still possible to find joy in your body after experiencing trauma. Here are some things that might help. 
The 6 Little-Known Health Benefits of Kinky Sex

We already know that sex is healthy, but there’s a whole world of additional health benefits … if you’re willing to get a little kinky. Here’s the dirty on the little-known healthy side effects of wilder sex. 
The Two Biggest Barriers to a Satisfying Sex Life

Sometimes you have to confront yourself to love yourself. Betty Dodson's Bodysex workshop helps women improve their sex lives by overcoming two main barriers... 
Why You Shouldn't Have Anal Sex

Anal sex can be healthy - and orgasmic - but only if you do it right. 
Sex Stories We Love: Adventures in Sex and Sexuality

If exploring sex and sexuality is a passion of yours, this week’s round up of Sex Stories We Love is for you. Check it out! 
The 4 Basic Steps to G-Spot Bliss

Every G-spot is unique, but there are a few basic steps that can help coax it out to play. Learn them here. 
5 Reasons Men Over 50 Love Blow Jobs

Oral sex can be a great way to expand our sexual repertoires as we age. Here are five reasons why men love it so much. 
Polyamory: More Than Enough Love to Go Around

According to polyamorists, there's plenty of love in the world to go around, and that love does not diminish when shared - it multiplies. 
Sex Stories We Love: Hometown Porn Hero, Sperm Races and Misconceptions About Sex

We're bringing the sexiest news to you each and every week! Here are this past week's top news stories about sex. 
Why a Feminist Like Me Would Actually Consider Getting a Boob Job

There are reasons to avoid breast augmentation surgery and to let my body continue to age naturally. But there are still powerful moments when I entertain the thought of getting it done anyway. 
The 12 Best Pieces of Furniture to Have Sex On

You can enjoy a relatively ergonomic romp on some of the furniture you already own. Check out your 12 best options. 
9 Sex Moves to Rock a Woman's World

Women are wired differently from men, which means that it often takes a little more than bump and grind to bring them to the big O. Here are a few new moves that might just do the trick. 
How Sex Toys Can Help You Play Nice With a Partner

Sex toys are a great way to bring a little adventure into the bedroom, to experiment with new experiences and to share them with your partner. Here are five things to know about playing nice - with toys! 
Sex Stories We Love: 50 Shades of Real, Everyday Sex and the History of Sex Dolls & High Heels

There are right ways and wrong ways to express ourselves sexually. This week, we explore where we draw the lines and open our minds. 
Arrested for 3-D Vaginas?  Go home, Japan.  You're Drunk!

In a world where phallic representations are found in transportation, buildings, weaponry and plenty of other places, is the vag getting the shaft? 
In Defense of Pubic Hair

In a 1985 issue of Playboy, Madonna sported a full bush. Now, pubic hair is considered so gross that we spend billions of dollars each year to remove it. So should it stay or should it go? 
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Clit Clip

A clit clip is an erotic accessory. The clip, which looks like a long bobby pin, slides over the inner labia to sit over the clitoral hood, behind the clitoris. The... Read more 


The shocker is a particular technique used to stimulate a woman. In this technique, the woman’s partner inserts two fingers into the vagina and another finger into... Read more 


Gaydar is a slang term that refers to the ability to sense whether or not an individual is homosexual. The term originates from the combination of the words gay... Read more 


Girl-on-girl refers to sexual activity between two females. It is also a specific genre of pornography.  

Gold star lesbian

A gold star lesbian is a lesbian that has never had sexual intercourse with a male. The term refers specifically to penetrative penis/vagina intercourse between a... Read more 
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