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The corona (also known as corona of glans penis) is the protruding circumference at the base of the glans (or head) of the penis. The corona is visible on uncircumcised penises or when the foreskin is... (Read on)

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First, I commend you and your sex drive. Second, I want to applaud that you recognize the changes that you are experiencing and that you are meeting them head on. I haven’t gone... (Read on)
Sex Blogger of the Month: Dorothy Black of 'The Dot Spot'

Sex Blogger, Dorothy Black, sits down with Kinkly to talk about her blog: 'The Dot Spot.' Learn her #1 sex tip. 
6 Steps to Choosing Bondage Restraints

Interested in bondage restraints? Want to bring some 50 Shades of Grey action into your life? Check out our six steps to choosing the right bondage restraints for you. 
Swedish Sex Video: Hilariously Educational Earworm

So, just what do the Swedish teach their children about the vagina? Kinkly.com has that answer! And it's awesome! 
Grey Areas:

"50 Shades of Grey" isn't about an abusive sexual relationship. In fact, the sex is probably the only sane part of the book. Check out this author's take on the controversial series. 
The Birth Control I Never Thought I'd Use

Female condoms have gotten a bum rap for years. But take it from me: This prophylaxis is way underrated. Here's why I love them. 
Sex Stories We Love: Pray the Fraudsters Away, Suck-ulent Penis Cuisine and Search Terms Don’t Lie

Do you love reading about sex as much as we do? This week's lineup of stories from around the Web is sure to please. 
Sexy Excerpt: 'Alchemy xii' by Tamsin Flowers

This thirteen-part series is sure to keep you begging for more as each new episode unfolds. 
Is This High Libido or a Serious Sex Addiction?

Is there a difference between a high libido and a sex addiction? Should personal opinion be the final determining factor? Click here to read about one woman's personal story. 
110 Interesting, Weird, and Surprising Sex Facts

With so many myths and misconceptions surrounding sex, we compiled a list of 110 facts. 
Mia Khalifa Breaks Boundaries and Defies Expectation with a Career in Porn

So, just how did the Mia Khalifa, the Queen of PornHub, start her career in porn? Learn how she defied social expectations in this Kinkly.com article! 
6 Superstar Oral Sex Positions

Banish mediocre sex! These six positions will help you approach oral from a new - and exciting - angle. 
Sex Stories We Love: Window Undressing, Prison Break Parties, and Josiah and the Giant Testicle

Look what caught our eye this week around the Web. We did the searching so you don't have to! 
Shot In the Dark: Is It Time to Move on From the 'Money Shot'?

Times are changing in the porn industry - learn how the money shot is becoming less popular in favour of a more partner friendly experience. 
What I Really Want for Valentine's Day

What does your lover really want for Valentine's Day? Here's a hint - it's not necessarily candy and flowers. 
Is a Sex Act at a Dead Kennedy's Show Obscene, Criminal, or Just Hardcore Punk?

Should a couple who engaged in oral sex at a rock concert be charged with a crime? Click here to find out what happened at a Dead Kennedy's show. Let Kinkly know what you think! 
Skip the Gym, Get in Bed: 7 Health Benefits of Sex

If you take the time to exercise, eat right and take care of your body, here's one more thing you should add to your feel-good formula: sex. 
Sex Stories We Love: The 50 Shades Countdown, the Fun of Flirting, and What’s in a Domain Name?

Check out what sparked our interest this week in sex around the Web! 
Hook Ups Without Hang Ups: How to Keep Casual Sex Ethical, Drama-Free, and Fun

Learn how to keep your hook up adventures ethical, drama free, and fun. Check out our must read article on casual sex! 
6 Steps to Choosing a Flogger

Interested and confused by the thought of purchasing a flogger for your sexy time? Never fear! Kinkly.com has 6 steps to help you choose the perfect flogger. 
So, You Want A Sexy Job?

Looking for a sexy job? Learn the tricks of the trade, and how to get into a sexy field of work. 
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Felching is a slang term for the act of sucking semen out of any human orifice. It most commonly refers to the act of sucking semen from the anus following anal... Read more 

Anal torture

Anal torture describes the BDSM practice of inflicting pain upon the anus of a submissive individual or slave. Anal torture may be done with or without a variety of... Read more 


A masochist is an individual who takes pleasure in the experience of physical or emotional pain. Masochists often rely on this pain for sexual gratification.... Read more 


Pervertibles are common household objects which can be used as sex toys during BDSM play. Office supplies, kitchen gadgets, home improvement tools, exercise... Read more 

24/7 slavery

24/7 slavery is a BDSM lifestyle choice, which sees an individual taking a submissive role in their relationship 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The submissive... Read more 
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