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Nose Torture

Nose torture is a traditional Japanese form of BDSM. There are various forms of nose torture. The most common involves the application of a hook, known as a nosehook, which is inserted through the nose... (Read on)

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Tantric sex is a great way to explore erotic expression and discover pleasure in all aspects of life, not only sexual expression. Sometimes, we think of sex as purely physical... (Read on)
Top 8 Indiegogo Sex Toy Success Stories

Crowdfunding allows fledgling toy manufacturers to the public for funding. The results have been nothing short of amazing. Check out these eight innovative toys and read about the highly successful Indiegogo campaigns that gave them their start. 
Can Your Diet Lead to a Better Sex Life?  Mmmmaybe.

By now, most of us have heard that fans of grilled cheese sandwiches may be better lovers than those who aren't. How much does your diet impact your sex life? 
Why Bondage Can Be So Much Fun

Submitting to all of someone else's sexual desires seems to go against everything feminism and Gloria Steinem ever taught us. But a little bondage in the bedroom can go a long way toward building a better sexual relationship. 
Where Is Your Sexual Comfort Line?

Have you ever examined where you sexual comfort line is? Discover how a Temazcal ceremony helped one woman discover where her sexual comfort (and discomfort) could be found. 
6 Countries' Campaigns to Get Citizens to Have More Sex

That's right! Governments around the world are asking their citizens to have more sex. Click here to find out why. 
Sex Stories We Love: Reasons to Masturbate or Not, Sex Toy Storage, and High-Tech Sex

Like you need a reason to masturbate! But we have some reasons why people do (and don't) masturbate! You can also find out a unique way to store sex toys. 
Hard As Nails: Sex and Sensuality With Long Nails

Long nails can get in the way, but they can also be a great tool for your sexual endeavors. Here's how to keep from causing injuries with your long nails and use them pleasurably. 
Take Pleasure Into Your Own Hands: 3 Top Masturbation Tips for Men

Men often go for a quick orgasm rather than slowing down and exploring their sexual selves, but masturbation has so much more to offer. Here's how to find it. 
Why I Don't Want Teachers Teaching Sex Ed

Should teachers actually teach sex ed? Should schools brings in certified or well known sex educators such as Planned Parenthood? Kinkly explores the idea. 
What Kind of Submissive Are You?

Curious about giving up control? Here's a guide to help you cater your experience with submission. 
Pumping Up: The Down Low on Penis and Vaginal Pumps

Want to try a penis or pussy pump, but aren't sure where to begin? Get the low down on what to look for and what to expect. 
The Basics of BDSM Negotiation

BDSM is more than just spankings and other naughty adventures. It's also about negotiation to meet needs. Here's how to make sure that happens. 
Sex Stories We Love: High Bi Times, the Pegging Hall of Fame, and Self Designed Sex

In this week's Sex Stories We Love, you will find out if bi women smoke more pot, which fictional male characters have most likely been pegged, and why it's OK that sex is different for all of us. 
Isn't Swinging Just Cheating?

Have you ever wondered about swinging and thought it's just cheating? Kinkly.com has the low-down. 
You Don't Have to Experience G-Spot Pleasure for It to Be 'Real'

Have you found your G-spot? Consider this: Just because it isn't a pleasure zone for you doesn't mean it doesn't exist. 
What's It Like to Be Molded for a Celebrity Sex Toy? A Day In the Life of Porn Star Dani Daniels

Ever wondered what it's like to have your genitals molded? Welcome to the life of a porn star. We go inside Doc Johnson's molding room with Dani Daniels. 
Water Bondage 101

Into bondage? Curious about water bondage? Kinkly has your water bondage primer. 
The Dungeon Disguised as a Bookshop

There was once a dungeon disguised as a bookstore...and we learned some important things. 
Let’s Talk about Sex Education and Sex Toy Shops

All sex toy shop employees are seen as sex educators, but that doesn't always mean that you're getting the best information. However, most sex shop employees really do want to help! 
Sex Stories We Love: Hello, #MasturbationMonth!

This week we pull together all the stories about self pleasure from around the Web in honor of #MasturbationMonth. 
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The endometrium is the mucous membrane that serves as a lining for the inside of the uterus. A woman of child-bearing age generally has two layers of endometrium.... Read more 

Nocturnal Penile Tumescence

Nocturnal Penile Tumescence is the medical name for a spontaneous erection which occurs during sleep or upon waking. Unlike typical erections, these spontaneous... Read more 


Bustiers are form-fitting women’s tops with built-in bras that are traditionally worn as a type of lingerie. Most are made from soft fabrics like silk, satin, or... Read more 


Babydolls is a term for women’s nightgowns or negligees which resemble empire-waist style dresses. Babydolls are short and expose the legs, typically falling at the... Read more 


Camisole is a term for a women’s lingerie garment. Camisoles are tops with thin, adjustable spaghetti straps. A camisole is similar to a chemise, but shorter in... Read more 
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