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BDSM is about more than dominance and submission, it's about earning the trust that makes that dynamic work in a way that pleases everyone. Read more about it here.

Here are some tips to make shopping for your first pair of nipple clamps less intimidating and more titillating!

Men, step away from your personal shaver; your partner may not like the look as much as you do.

IUD earrings? First time sex party tips? That's right - it's time for Sex Stories We Love.

50 Shades changed the game of sex. Here's why it is a bad idea to continue to bash the series.

A video on YouTube lists the top 10 unintentionally awkward sex scenes. The problem? The choices are blatantly obvious.

When you look at what they have in common, feminism and BDSM should be allies in helping everyone achieve smarter sex that takes place within a more egalitarian world.

Thinking about buying some Kegel balls? Not sure where to start? These six steps will have you exercising your pelvic floor - and experiencing greater pleasure - in no time.

Do you love sexy bondage stories? We have the perfect, steamy excerpt for you.

Breaking sex laws in the library, plant sex, sexy spines, and much more! Check out this week's issue of Sex Stories We Love!

Sexting, phone sex, cyber sex, and more. Is virtual sex really sex? Kinky minds want to know!

Want to be awesome at giving head? Here are eight simple steps to get you from the setup to a happy ending.

Boosting your sex drive is one of the most enduring human interests. Here are a couple of things that might just do the trick.

Sex and orgasms don’t have to go hand in hand. Karezza is encouraging many couples to prioritize intimacy over The Big O.

This excerpt from Alison Tyler's collection proves that bondage can bring a partner closer to their object of desire - both figuratively and literally.

Have you been keeping an eye out for new stories, issues and debates in the world of sex? We have! Check out the Sex Stories We Love from the past week.

This unique vibrator promises the BEST. BATH. EVER. But does it deliver? Check out our latest review.

Just because someone is sexual doesn’t make them "sex positive." Find out what this buzz phrase really means.

With sex comes intimacy and with intimacy comes....insecurity? Here are several things you shouldn't worry about when getting down.

LELO's recently released movie trailer is unusual, but leave it to this creator of pleasure objects to leave us crazy with anticipation.

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