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It really is better to give than to receive. These sexy ways to give your partner pleasure during the holidays will be a gift to you as well.

Porn restriction in the UK is trending. What does the Amendment actually say? Is there a way around it? Click here to find out.

These five categories of male pleasure products are quickly going mainstream. Have you added them to your collection yet?

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When it comes to anal sex, there's tons of information about how to work up to it. But what happens after you’re inside? Get some tips on how to make the whole experience pleasurable from beginning to end.

My spouse and I are in a committed relationship. We also enjoy sex with other people. And no, there's no drama. Find out how it happened.

India is regulating prostitution. Will this result in safer prostitution for both the prostitute and the customer? Should the United States follow suit? Click here to find out.

Whether you’re in a committed marriage or are looking for some no-strings-attached fun for a night, it’s possible to get pregnant any time a male and female have intercourse. That's why you have to have "the talk" first.

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Interesting in exploring and improving your sexuality? Read about how you can invest in your sexuality.

Sex furniture makes all kinds of kinky comfortable. What more do you need to know? Good. We'll show you how to choose just the right piece.

Scientists are now studying sex fantasies. You won't believe what they found. Oh, and the top three reported sexual fantasies revealed!

Join Kinkly as we talk to Nikki Blue of Vagina Antics. Find out her best sex tip and read the blog's most popular post.

Hammock sex, shower sex, and sex for disabled veterans. Come and check out the Sex Stories We Love.

There are sex toys for men, for women and for couples, right? Wrong!

Escape the bedroom rut and discover the sensual potential within the rest of your house.

Here's to a sexy holiday season - and a happy ending to the year.

Halloween is the perfect time to start experimenting with costumes - whether at dress-up party or in the bedroom...

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