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The female G-spot exists! Use these 5 positions to reach it and send her to the big O.

Some people thought "Fifty Shades" was unrealistic. But when it comes to BDSM, reality is often even more interesting than fiction.

Solosexuality is the act of preferring masturbation over "normal" sex. Are you a solosexual?

Have you ever wondered what swinging and polyamory are really like? Check out this sexy excerpt.

Reading news stories and blogs about sex always teaches something new. The top lessons this week: eat grilled cheese sandwiches and do naked yoga. If you want to learn more, you'll have to check out some of the top sexy stories from the past week.

Whether they're big and bouncy or cute and pert, breasts - and their nipples - have a lot in common. But they're also all a little bit different, and a little unique. These curious nipple facts will thrill you.

We all have a different relationship to sex, but do you know the line between what's healthy and what isn't? Find out what it means to be a sex addict here.

Sex and technology may seem like an odd pairing, but many people find real chemistry through cyber sex. Find out what new advances may mean for our future sexual selves.

The world's first penis transplant was a success! Check out how it rises to the occasion of such a high honor!

Maintaining a healthy relationship with your favorite appliance will ensure that it remains your battery-powered BFF for years to come. We show you how.

Men say they watch certain types of porn...but are they really watching something else? If they are, why? Porn research tells us the truth!

This week's top sex stories all revolve around the mighty penis. Enjoy!

Oral sex with a strap-on may seem besides the point, but it can actually be a an intimate and exhilarating experience for both parties.

Do you feel trapped in an unhealthy relationship? Follow these five steps and regain your independence.

Can sex toys alter your happiness so much that it will actually make your life better? Kinkly explores the idea. Click here to find out.

Catcalling is annoying and ugly, but thinking throwing down a lesson on feminism like Adult Wednesday Addams does can be wonderfully cathartic.

Consent is more than a one time occurrence. Learn how to make sure it becomes an ongoing exchange in your sexual relationships.

We all have preconceptions - and misconceptions - about sex. The past week's news has been all about busting them. Check it out in this week's Sex Stories We Love.

Little adjustments can make a huge difference. Here are a few positions that are sure to please backdoor enthusiasts.

Want to bust out of that sexual rut? Here's our guide to the body’s most underrated erogenous zones.

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