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Safer sex practices between lesbians or two (or more) people who have vulvas and do not identify as women are not always talked about or seen as a need for concern, but they are so important. Why? Because everyone's sexual health is important.

You don't need to read "The Kama Sutra" to step up your sex life. Here are a few new poses to help mix things up.

Sexual harassment isn't uncommon, but it is misunderstood. Here we'll clarify what sexual assault is by digging into what it isn't.

Women who seek advice from relationship experts on how to find a man to marry are told to keep their legs clamped shut. I happen to agree. But what about if your idea of a fulfilled life doesn't include a husband, three kids and a mortgage?

When a woman is unexpectedly bound and gagged by her partner in the company boardroom, the result is as sexy as it gets. Read an excerpt here.

Casual sex isn't harmful or beneficial: It's both. Find out how it's likely to turn out for you by answering these nine questions.

Many of the sex-related stories in the news this week had to do with sex education of some kind. Here are our favorites.

79 million Americans are infected with HPV this very minute. Surprised? Here are some other things you may not know.

Culture is a huge factor in when, how much and how much we enjoy sex. Find out more here.

My job has turned me into an advocate for the sex toy industry. Here's why.

What happens when two strangers plan a sexy encounter in the sky? Read an excerpt here.

Sex is full of ethical quandaries. Check out some of the ones we caught in the news this week.

Picking the perfect toy isn't easy. These 10 steps can help put you on the path to toys that hold the highest pleasure potential for you.

This bra is pretty, but it won't do much for your sex life; it only unclasps when the wearer falls in love.

Want to add a little electricity to your love life? Get an introduction to one basic sex toy designed to do just that.

Where are the boys? Why so few men blog about sex.

Redhead Bedhead gives a sneak-peek of LELO's latest toy, DEXTRUS.

This week has several great sex stories landing in the laps of unexpected civilians. Let's take a look.

You'll be surprised by how much this little organ packs under the hood. Check out the most surprising facts about the clitoris.

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