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Why Different Sex Positions Are an Important Part of Sex

Welcome to Kinkly’s one-stop shop for all your sex position needs. With countless articles out there touting a million different sex positions to try (and all claiming they are the best), it can be a bit overwhelming.

Thinking of sex as some acrobatic feat you need to conquer in order for it to be enjoyable is not only unrealisitic, but it takes all of the fun out of things. Who is going to orgasm their face off if they’re doing their best not to break a hip? New sex positions can be exciting, but is a sex position called the Flying Saucer wherein your partner has you bent over a balcony really where it’s at?

I kid (sort of), but in all seriousness, sex positions should be about exploration and enhancing sex, not ticking off a bunch of boxes. Good sex is about enthusiasm and pleasure, not your ability to contort your body like a pretzel. (But props to you if you are into that).

When choosing a sex position, you’ll have to think about your specific situtation, what you’re looking to get out of it, what kind of pleasure you’re hoping to have (with or without a partner), and what is both possible and comfortable for you physically. No position is better than any other. It’s about what feels good for you.

OK, let’s get after it.


Why Are Sex Positions Even Important?

Human beings are naturally drawn toward sexual variety. Sure, we are creatures of habit in a lot of ways, but in order to keep sex spicy and fun (solo, partnered, or otherwsie), we need to change it up and try new things. And there is so much to try!

hat said, the sheer number of sex positions that exist should not be viewed as a challenge to complete, but rather as a menu, a set of options you for you to peruse until you’ve found one (or several) that you truly enjoy. Sex and pleasure are one of the luxuries in which one and all can dabble, no matter your genitals, relationship status, or physical abilities. Positions go far beyond penises in vaginas. When it comes to sex positions, there is something for everyone.


How Many Sex Position Are There?

This is a question that comes up a lot. And the answer? There is no answer! The Kama Sutra (aka: the original sex manual from ancient Hindu tradition) names 64 different sex positions. And this number is a rough estimate given the ways Western culture has twisted and remolded this text.

In 2021? There are hundreds and hundreds of different sex positions. There are so many different sex positions that trying to quantify them would be like trying to name all the fish there are in the sea. Hyperbole? Maybe. But you get it. It feels like a bit of an errant task to try to count them all - and pretty boring, if you ask me.

There are new sex positions being invented every single day by people all over the world. Some people are sexuality professionals and some are just people who like having sex. Don’t get bogged down by figures, get bogged down by orgasms - it’s what all the gods and goddesses of lust and love would have wanted.


Trying Different Sex Positions

People are wildly different in their desires and wants. Come to sexual exploration with an open mind and curiosity, and your options are endless. Why try different sex positions? That’s an easy one: Because it’s fun!

Here’s the deal: if you find a few positions that you absolutely love, that’s perfectly valid. There is enough content out there that both simultaneously shames sexuality and makes us feel like we’re not good enough at sex until we try *insert product/position that you do not need.*

Think of different sex positions as an adveture, a way to get to know yourself sexually (and a partner or partners).

How to Try New Sex Positions

Want to try some new positions? Do a little research and get right to trying things out. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Sex is not always hot, sexy and movie-perfect. It’s silly, weird and awkward too. That’s part of the fun of it. If you’re solo, try masturbating in a different way. Are you usually on your stomach? Try it on your back. If you’re with a partner and are a missionary-legend, maybe try swapping it up for doggy-style or a rider position.


What Are Some of the Best Sex Positions?

Honestly, the best sex positions are the ones that feel best for you. Let’s start by making something very clear: None of these positions require penetration. Using toys, grinding, or getting hands involved is totally on the table.

Everyone wants something unique from sex and that’s why sex is so swell.

If you’re looking for more clitoral stimulation, positions like the Rider (aka: Cowgirl, Cowboy, Cow-person), Lotus, or the Butterfly can be great. And, of course, oral sex on a clitoris is fantastic as well.

Looking for deep penetration? Doggy style, the spread eagle, or flat doggy can be good options for this.

Shallow penetration? The Amazon will not only give you less intense cervix-action, but will make you feel like a warrior god/goddess.

And nearly all of these can be adapted for anal sex. Are you a high priestess/priest of anal? We have a page of everything you want to know about anal sex.

There are really no “must try” sex positions. Everything is a bit of trial and error. If you aren’t sure where to start, here are some of the most popular sex positions to help you get inspired.

Or, use our easy-to-use filtering tools to find something that fits your tastes.

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