Updated: FEBRUARY 10, 2020

Femanal is a slang term for the act of anal sex with a woman. During femanal, a man inserts his penis inside the anus of a female partner.

Femanal is the opposite of menal, which is anal sex with a man. These terms are most commonly used on online communities and pornographic websites.

More About Femanal

Femanal is one of the most common fantasies for heterosexual men. While pornography has normalized anal sex with women to some degree, the practice is still seen as taboo and thus alluring to men. Some men are also intrigued by femanal because the anus is tighter than the vagina, and thus promises more intense sensations. The anus also has many nerve endings which can make anal sex pleasurable for the receiving female as well.

However, femanal can be painful for women. Relaxing the body, especially the sphincter muscle, and the use of lubricant can make femanal easier. The anus has no natural lubrication, as the vagina does, and commercial lubes can help. Femanal can also be more pleasant for a woman if she sits down on the man’s penis. This allows her to go at her own pace, as opposed to doggy style where the man has greater control.

It’s important to always wear condoms for femanal, even if a couple is monogamous and free of sexually transmitted infections.


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