Top Gifts Your Vulva (or Your Partner’s) Will Thank You For

Published: NOVEMBER 1, 2022
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It's not gonna be a Silent Night! Which of these top gifts your vulva and g-spot will love is going to make you sing?

Looking to pleasure a clitoris, vagina, or g-spot - or anywhere in-between?! When you're looking for sex toys to specifically hit those erogenous zones, we have you covered. With air suction toys, insertable toys, vibrators, and more, this sex toy gift guide offers a wide range of pleasurable toys all designed to hit these nerve-packed sensitive areas.

How We Chose These Products

There are hundreds of thousands of different sex toys out there. (Really! We're not exaggerating!) But out of those options, we curate this list with a few important factors in mind:

  • It works as intended. While every sex toy isn't made for every body, we only recommend sex toys that provide the sensations they claim to provide.
  • It's as body-safe as possible. For insertable toys, this might mean medical-grade silicone - or stainless steel! For external toys, this might mean plastics or phthalate-free TPR. This also means the majority of these toys are scent-free too!
  • Customers love them! While your body is unique to you, crowdsourcing opinions helps us curate the selection of toys on Kinkly Shop - and this list! We're recommending some of the most well-loved (and best-selling!) toys out there!
  • Staff loves them! In many cases, the toys you see on this list are well-loved by members of our staff. We don't just talk the talk - we use the sex toys too!

Make sure your gift (whether it's one for yourself or for someone you love!) really hits it out of the park this year with one of these options. Even better, this sex toy gift guide might introduce you to new toys and technologies you didn't know were out there - and who doesn't love that?!

Let's dig right in:

Give Your Finger Superpowers: FemmeFunn Dioni

FemmeFunn Dioni | Kinkly Shop

The Dioni is the "Superhero Cape" your finger wants!

  • The best-selling bullet vibrator on Kinkly Shop
  • Finger vibrator slides overtop of a finger to instantly add vibrations to your usual movements
  • 20 vibration modes let you choose how intense - or gentle - you want to go
  • Instantly tip yourself into orgasm with the Boost function that instantly flips the Dioni to the strongest setting
  • Available in a Small and Large to fit different finger sizes

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Blast from the Past - Now Updated: FemmeFunn Booster Rabbit

Next-generation rotating shaft with Boost mode

  • Classically-styled rabbit vibrator with the features you expect from modern luxury toys
  • Tip of the rotating shaft provides 360-degree motion with 3 rotation speeds
  • "Rabbit ears" clit stimulator offers 7 vibration intensities
  • Shaft and clit vibrator are independently controlled with the control panel base
  • Hit the Turbo Boost button to push the toy to its most powerful for instant orgasms
  • Rechargeable and waterproof for play anywhere you want

Customers are saying:

  • "New, absolutely favorite toy!! Love the silky soft feel & sleek design. The different settings & speeds are great, along with the 360 degrees rotating head! Super fun, orgasmic pleasure! And a wonderfully pleasurable must have! Thank you, Kinkly!" - L.B.
  • "I ordered this product for my wife she absolutely loves it. It's not if she has a orgasam it's how many! Arrived quickly." - J.M.
  • "Well priced (on sale), good quality and a fun toy. Meets and exceeds expectations (once we found the directions). Order was put in the system and sent rapidly. " - W.T.
  • "!!!!!! Tried this out in the shower, and the bunny rocked the house!" - S.C.
  • "I give the FemmeFunn Booster Rabbit 4 out of 5 stars. While it’s an excellent, versatile choice for its price, I’d like it better if the intensity of the vibrations carried throughout the length of the shaft. I also think a locking mechanism would be a good call." - Molly Lazarus

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Penetration The Way You Want It: Fun Factory Limba Flex

Change up your dildo's shape in seconds for sensations that always match your needs

  • Bendable dildo can achieve new angles in seconds
  • Suction cup base makes for hands-free fun against flat surfaces
  • Ultra-thin base makes for comfortable wear within a harness (or a piece of sex furniture!)
  • Slimmer diameters for easier insertion
  • Perfect for g-spot and p-spot exploration; simply remove and rebend until you hit that perfect spot!

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Portable Wand Massager Power: Magic Wand Mini

Vibratex Magic Wand Mini Wand Massager | Kinkly Shop

Everything you love about the Magic Wand - but in a smaller size!

  • Top intensity at an incredible 6,000RPM!
  • Rechargeable design means freedom to play anywhere you want
  • Two and a half hours of playtime to support your marathon sessions
  • Plushy silicone head feels fantastic against the skin
  • 3 vibration intensities easily controlled by the push-button control panel

Customers are saying:

  • "My wife and I love the Magic Wand mini, it’s the perfect size and weight, very simple easy to use controls, and of course I love that it’s rechargeable. The only negative for us is that my wife is very sensitive and even on the lowest setting it can be almost too much for her. But I would highly recommend this product." - L.
  • "The size is SO much easier to handle than the full-sized Magic Wand versions. As some of the full-sized versions are about a pound and a half, this feels downright featherlight. It fits between my partner and I's bodies better during sex, and it just feels more reasonable. It doesn't "feel" as much like putting a powertool between my legs because the handle doesn't extend up to my chest. I'm in love with how much more seamless and fluid handling it feels. " M.K.
  • "A new magic wand in half the size? Yes please! This wonderful wand is so much smaller and easier to use. I advise everyone go out and get one right away! The only downside is there are no attachments for it like there are for the larger one. The vibrations are a little broad so it can be less accurate when you want specificity." - D.J.
  • "If you plan on primarily using your Magic Wand between close bodies in intercourse positions, I'd recommend the Magic Wand Mini—unless you're 100% sure you need the full power of the full-sized counterparts. On that note, the Magic Wand Mini feels ridiculously lightweight compared to the full-sized wands; so if grip strength and sex fatigue tends to be on your mind, I'd probably lean towards the Magic Wand Mini as well. " - Mistress Kay

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Try Air Suction: Satisfyer Pro 2 Rechargeable

See how your body responds to air suction instead of vibrations

  • The best-selling air suction vibrator on Kinkly Shop
  • Gentle suction seal provides clitoral sensations without direct clit contact
  • 11 suction intensities to start gentle - and go hard
  • Removable silicone tip makes for extremely easy cleaning
  • 15-Year manufacturer's warranty

Customers are saying:

  • "Gives a nice powerful orgasm. Brought me to climax quickly and put a little smile on my face. I like the handle too, seems easier to use than some other options out there." - N.
  • "This results of using this is so different than just a vibrator. I just cannot believe all the feelings from far the most intense O’s I’ve had from a toy!" - T.
  • "As another user stated, this orgasm comes from somewhere much deeper than my others. And I thought those were pretty deep! I can literally feel the “waves” or “pulsing” for minutes afterwards. It’s just stunning in every single way!" - P.D.
  • "This is our third vibrator and the best. Takes her to very intense orgasms, especially with me inside her too. You can work out the best positions for that yourselves." - K.A.
  • "The Satisfyer Pro 2 is one of my old favorites—so I wasn’t surprised it delivered. I enjoy this classic suction toy’s squishy silicone head, which you can press down as hard as you want without worrying about discomfort. The nozzle is also wide and perfectly round so it covers the whole clit area." - Suzannah Weiss

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A Vibrator You Can Sit On: Orion VibePad 2

Orion VibePad 2 with the remote control | Kinkly Shop

Instantly create your own vibrating chair for hands-free fun

  • Entire wide seat of the Orion VibePad 2 vibrates
  • Simply set the VibePad 2 on a flat surface, sit on it, and ride to orgasm!
  • Take things to the next level with the VibePad 2's pre-heating functionality and flicking tongue
  • Equipped with 7 vibration modes and 7 levels of licking
  • Firm, swelling mounds of the VibePad 2 crafted to hit the clitoris, labia, and anus
  • Instantly control all of the functionality with the wireless remote control

Customers are saying:

  • "Enjoyed the product but had to shift around a bit to get the sweet spot. Have a little extra in the Thighs made it a bit more difficult to reach. But did the job eventually." - B.C.

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Panty Vibrator with Penetration: Cloud 9 Remote Control Panty Leaf Vibe

Cloud 9 Wireless Remote Control Panty Leaf Vibe in Plum | Kinkly Shop

Enjoy g-spot and clitoral stimulation with a vibe designed for hands-free play

  • Hands-free vaginal and clitoral pleasure in a cute, leaf-like design
  • 7 vibration patterns and 3 vibration intensities lets you go from gentle to intense at a moment's notice
  • Wireless remote control offers a 50-foot range for public play opportunities
  • BYOU (Bring Your Own Underwear! It fits into any pair!)
  • Rechargeable and splashproof design makes for easy clean-up

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Pocket-Sized Vibrator: We-Vibe Tango X

A hand holding the We-Vibe Tango X to show the small size of the pink bullet vibrator | Kinkly Shop

The most power you can find in a toy this tiny

  • Ultra-powerful bullet vibrator known for unbelievable strength in its little size
  • 8 vibration intensities with 7 equipped patterns
  • Easily scroll through functionalities with a multi-button control panel. No clicking 20 times just to get to your favorite pattern!
  • Travel Lock allows you to lock the vibrator "off" - no accidental turn-ons if you slide it into a pocket!
  • Silicone "base" makes for an easy-grip handle while the plastic length transfers every ounce of power possible

Customers are saying:
  • "(From someone used to a magic wand) This item is pretty strong especially taking into consideration the size." - Anonymous
  • "The thicker, silicone base makes it much easier to hold, and it reduces the vibration transfer to the fingers while holding it. The three-button control structure makes it a lot easier to flip through the vibration patterns; you can get exactly what you want much faster. To top it off, the updated charging port and charging cable design makes charging much easier. " - Mistress Kay

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Simultaneous Anal and Vaginal Pleasure: Rocks-Off Cocktail

Rocks-Off Cocktail in Burgundy | Kinkly Shop

An anal plug with simultaneous vaginal pleasure

  • Anal plug designed to be worn with simultaneous vaginal play
  • Cocktail's vaginal attachment can be slid in concurrently with the plug
  • Equipped with 2 motors for targeted sensations
  • Wireless remote control allows for adjustment without interrupting your fun
  • People who are sensitive to UTIs may want to skip the Cocktail. The b-Vibe Vibrating Snug Plug can offer a similar sensation without the vaginal involvement.

Customers are saying:

  • "This definitely gives the feel of DP. Which my woman loves. The vibration is good. The size of the butt plug is ok. The vaginal insert could be a bit longer to go deeper in the vagina and have a little more vibrations" - K.A.


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Rethink Bathtub Masturbation: Waterslyde

Waterslyde Bathtub Water Diverter in Pink | Kinkly ShopSimple bathtub attachment makes water faucet masturbation more accessible

  • Easily ties onto the faucet to redirect and target the water to the center of your bathtub
  • Fits most forward-facing faucets
  • Ties on in seconds - and unties in seconds

Customers are saying:

  • "Bought this because it sounded like something my wife would enjoy. Boy was I right! She was immediately intrigued and wanted to try it out. It took no time to install and she was cumming in no time flat! Highly recommend!!!!" - E.D.

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Upgrade Your Favorite Toys: Liberator Tula

Sex toy mount for hands-free use of the toys you already love

  • Innovative pocket at the top of the Tula grips the base of most vibrators/dildos to hold them in place
  • Additional pocket on the side of the Tula holds full-size wand massagers in place
  • High-density, supportive foam makes for a supportive "seat" to ride your favorite toys
  • Moisture-resistant interior liner protects the Tula - and lets you go wild
  • Machine-washable cover makes for easy clean-up after your satisfying fun
  • Can be used as a "standard" sex furniture bolster at any point with its sturdy shape

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