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Top Gifts Your Vulva (or Your Partner’s) Will Thank You For

Published: NOVEMBER 8, 2021 | Updated: NOVEMBER 12, 2021 05:36:17
It's not gonna be a Silent Night! Which of these top gifts your vulva and g-spot will love is going to make you sing?

Looking to pleasure a clitoris, vagina, or g-spot - or anywhere in-between?! When you're looking for sex toys to specifically hit those erogenous zones, we have you covered. With air suction toys, insertable toys, vibrators, and more, this sex toy gift guide offers a wide range of pleasurable toys all designed to hit these nerve-packed sensitive areas.

Make sure your gift (whether it's one for yourself or for someone you love!) really hits it out of the park this year with one of these options. Even better, this sex toy gift guide might introduce you to new toys and technologies you didn't know were out there - and who doesn't love that?!

Let's dig right in:


Satisfyer Wand-er Woman

Who says a powerful vibrator has to break the bank? The Satisfyer Wand-er Woman packages 50 vibration combinations into an XXL wand massager size. Its extra-long length makes it easier to slip into far away areas - no strain required! Whether you want to massage that tough-to-reach spot on your back to use this for the sexual pleasure it can provide, the Wand-er Woman can provide the "relief" you're looking for.

This powerful wand massager also comes with the features you'd want from your sex toy too. Made from body-safe silicone and plastic and crafted with a built-in rechargeable battery, this wand massager seamlessly blends into your life without tethering you to outlets.

(Protip! The Wand-er Woman is one of the few fully waterproof wand massagers out there! Take the opportunity to experience all the fun you can have with a wand massager in your bath or shower!)

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FemmeFunn Booster Rabbit

The powerful rotating shaft you've been looking for - finally in body-safe silicone! The FemmeFunn Booster Rabbit brings that iconic, rotating tip design into the year 2021 with a body-safe material - and internal mechanics that resist jamming and keep the rotations going strong! Partnered with a clitoral arm that features 7 vibration modes, the FemmeFunn Booster Rabbit can provide the dual-stimulation you've been looking for - at a price that rings in lower than most rabbit vibrators!

The FemmeFunn Booster Rabbit earns its name through its "Boost" functionality. Featuring a separate button on the shaft that controls the "Boost", a single press of this button causes the Booster Rabbit's rotations to skyrocket in intensity to the highest speed. The "Boost" becomes your perfect companion when you need just a bit bit more pleasure in order to reach orgasm.

This pleasurable, body-safe sex toy has a full 5-star rating on Kinkly Shop, which isn't surprising with reviews like this one from J.M.: "I ordered this product for my wife she absolutely loves it. It's not if she has a orgasam it's how many! Arrived quickly. Can't wait to order more products from this manufacturer."

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Fun Factory Limba Flex

What if your dildo could always be the perfect shape for your body? With the Fun Factory Limba Flex, that isn't a pipedream: that's reality. With a bend-and-stay design, the Limba Flex lets you bend the dildo into the best design for your body - whether that's a come-hither design, an S-curve, or anything else!

At the same time, the Limba Flex offers a super-slim base (for minimal separation during strap-on harness use with it), an anal-safe base, and a built-in suction cup that ensures you can easily use it on your own - no hands required! Want even more options? The Fun Factory Limba Flex easily works in Liberator sex furniture like the Liberator Bon Bon.

(Protip! The Limba Flex is a slim dildo! We recommend the Small if you love a lot of grinding - and the Medium if you prefer more thrusting length.)

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Vibratex Magic Wand Rechargeable

It's a best-seller for a reason! The Vibratex Magic Wand Rechargeable is everything you love about the standard Magic Wand - but with the freedom to move around without a corded leash!

Offering even more vibration intensities and multiple patterns than the original Magic Wand, you can better customize your pleasure. These settings are easily controlled via the easy-press buttons on the shaft - with a light that helps communicate which setting the vibrator is on - easy for understanding the power at a glance!

(Fun Fact! The Vibratex Magic Wand Rechargeable is one of the only sex toys on the market that offers Plug-and-Play technology! If, at any time, you run out the rechargeable battery, you can plug the toy into the charger and continue using it. That's virtually unheard of with any other toy!)

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Satisfyer Pro 2

Have you tried air suction vibrators? Consider the Satisfyer Pro 2 your perfect introduction to the world of these body-safe sex toys. Instead of offering standard vibrations directly on your body, the Satisfyer Pro 2 features a hollow tip that surrounds the clitoris. Once it's nicely surrounded, flipping on the Pro 2 provides a gentle suction - providing seriously orgasmic sensations without ever making direct contact with the clitoris!

To customize your air suction pleasure experience, the Satisfyer Pro 2 offers 11 levels of suction and pulsation. Start off on the softest level - and gradually build in intensity as you explore this new type of sensation. The Satisfyer Pro 2 also offers the freedom to explore anywhere you want; the Pro 2 is fully rechargeable and waterproof.

(Fun fact: The Satisfyer Pro 2 has a 15-year manufacturer guarantee! That's one of the longest into the entire sex toy industry!)

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Womanizer Duo

It's hard to wrong with the best-selling dual-stimulation toy on Kinkly Shop! This air suction vibrator mixes the best of two toys of stimulation: g-spot vibration and clitoral air suction. Its dual-pleasure design hits both the g-spot and the clitoris - simultaneously!


It's impossible to talk about the Womanizer Duo without mentioning its Smart Silence Technology. Designed to make your vibrator as quiet as possible, the Womanizer Duo won't start up until it's pressed against skin. This means it won't make a peep of noise until you're ready to use it, and when you've had your powerful orgasm and just want to roll over in bliss, the vibrator instantly quiets as soon as it's pulled away from the body.

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We-Vibe Moxie Panty Vibe

We know you've seen those movies that feature public play - with one person bent over a restaurant table in the throes of passion while a sex toy works its magic under the table. That's exactly the play that the We-Vibe Moxie can open up. App-enabled (for cell phone control!) or remote-controlled with a physical remote (for local use), the We-Vibe Moxie provides clitoral vibrations especially designed for your own erotic, out-of-the-house scenarios.

Equipped with a unique magnetic system that allows the Moxie to fasten onto any pair of panties, the We-Vibe Moxie doesn't come with a pair of panties. It fits on YOUR favorite pairs of panties - and into the exact position where you need it too! Wear the lingerie set that makes you feel amazing - then add the Moxie on to add physical pleasure that matches your mental confidence.

Reviews have been great too! As customer G.E. said in their review, "As any good sex pioneer would, I decided to take this baby for a spin in the real world. I’m not going to lie; it was fun wandering around a crowded grocery store with my panties vibrating. It was this kinky little secret I had and no one knew. I found it especially buzz-y all up on my clitoris when I was reaching down for items on lower shelves in the store. I’ll never look at a family-sized jar of [peanut butter] the same way again.

The Moxie is a good way for couples to connect on a new level and try something new. It’s kinky and naughty, without the need for handcuffs or a whip. I’m giving this a thumbs up."

Have a penis and want to experience this same type of teasing? The We-Vibe Bond was made to pleasure the penis in the same way! Get 'em together for a fun way to play together!

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Wild Flower Enby 2

A vibrator for EVERY body! Shying away from any "specific" design to pleasure any "specific" part of the body, the Wild Flower Enby 2's innovative design was crafted to pleasure a wide variety of erogenous zones. Grind on it for hands-free pleasure. Tuck it into your undies for a whole new experience. Press it up against yourself. Rest it on a partner's leg and grind against it. Sit on it. Really, your entire experience is up to you!

The original Wild Flower Enby 1 was a best-seller on Kinkly Shop - and the 2 has been too! The 2 features a stronger motor, more flexibility in the wings, and a redesigned charging port that makes the Wild Flower Enby 2 entirely waterproof! Those are some upgrades we can get behind!

Want more info? We got even more in our Wild Flower Enby 2 review!

(Protip! The Wild Flower Enby 2 is designed to pleasure all bodies. This makes it a fantastic couple's vibrator if you choose to bring it into coupled sex in the future. Rest it on your body as a perfect surface for grinding with a partner - or wrap its wings around any erogenous zones too!)

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8" Glass Ribbed G-Spot

A g-spot-seeking dildo made from sturdy, durable glass! Have you ever tried a glass sex toy before? Not only do they slip and slide with ease (some people don't even need lube with them!), but their rigid surfaces make them the perfect partner for some serious internal pleasure. Just press them into your most sensitive zones and enjoy yourself; the 8" Glass Ribbed G-Spot won't tire under the pressure!

Fracture-resistant (just like your favorite kitchen glass glassware!), the Glas 8" Glass Ribbed G-Spot provides a targeted design to hit the deepest of g-spots! When you're looking for a new sensation, feel free to flip this double-sided glass dildo around - and enjoy the textured handle for entirely different sensations. Both sides are insertable!

(Protip! If you're into temperature play, the 8" Glass Ribbed G-Spot is a great companion to have. Place it into a bowl of warm or cold water, and the dildo will take on the same temperature! Warm yourself up during winter - or cool yourself down during the hot summer months!)

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We-Vibe Nova 2

Constant clitoral contact while enjoying out-of-this-world g-spot sensations? Oh yes, it's here, and it's amazing! One of the best-selling rabbit vibrators on Kinkly Shop, the We-Vibe Nova 2 features an innovative design that ensures the rabbit hits both of your erogenous zones - constantly! The flexible clitoral arm bends with your body with every thrust to keep the powerful, 10 modes of vibration pressed up against the clitoris with no interruptions.

Featuring some of the quietest vibrations we've seen in a rabbit vibe, Bluetooth compatibility, long-distance control options, waterproof capabilities, rechargeability, two motors, and a Travel Lock, this is a rabbit vibrator that's seriously packed full of features you're going to love. (Still want more info? Our We-Vibe Nova 2 review is going to offer a ton of useful info for you!)

(Fun Fact! The
We-Vibe Nova 2 is customizable to your body! The shaft of the Nova 2 can be curved more gently - or extreme - depending on where your g-spot is located. Pick the fit that works best for your body - then enjoy some seriously powerful orgasms!)

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Njoy Pure Wand

It's impossible to talk about toys that please the g-spot without mentioning the Njoy Pure Wand. One of the most-recommended g-spot toys for over a decade, the Pure Wand has earned its reputation - and that's because of its curved design that hits almost every g-spot out there! Partnered with the bulbed ends that provide a lot of surface area for your g-spot, the Pure Wand has helped thousands of vagina-owners discover their g-spot!

The Pure Wand's dual-end design also allows you to "pick your pleasure" at any given moment. Feeling something girthier? The thicker end offers a diameter of 1.5". When you're looking for something thinner, the opposing end offers a diameter of 1". Either way, the bulbs on the end offer broad, continuous contact to your g-spot.

Especially useful for polyamorous people or someone who wants to ensure their toy is always spotless, the Njoy Pure Wand can easily be sterilized via bleach baths or boiling water. Its only enemy is harsh materials and brushes.

Between easy cleaning, lifetime durability, g-spot honing curves, broad ends, and the fact that the Njoy Pure Wand is essentially two dildos in one, it's easy to see why it's been a top g-spot dildo for over a decade now!

(Caution! The Njoy Pure Wand is made from stainless steel. While this makes it - quite literally! - last a lifetime with proper care, it also means that it can be too heavy for some. Especially if you have wrist issues, you might prefer the Glas 8" Ribbed G-Spot toy mentioned above - which is much lighter. The Pure Wand weighs in at 1.5 pounds of orgasmic dildo!)

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We-Vibe Melt

Designed especially for a low profile, small, handheld design, the We-Vibe Melt takes everything you love about an air suction vibrator - and puts it into a small design that can fit perfectly in any tight spaces! While it was especially designed to make it easy to include air suction pleasure during intercourse, the We-Vibe Melt can be used anywhere space is tight - including anywhere you want your solo session!


The Melt is equipped with 12 separate suction intensity levels to let you easily choose your pleasure. Mix it up with the Melt's app-controlled functionality at any given point too! Use the We-Vibe We-Connect app to wirelessly control the intensities, make your own patterns, and experience all new ways to use the Melt's suction sensations.

While the Melt works great for solo sessions, don't forget about its amazing ability to transition to use during intercourse! Enjoy it solo - then move that same orgasmic pleasure into partnered pleasure (if you choose to!)

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Liberator Tula

Expand the functionality of your favorite sex toys! Extremely versatile, the Liberator Tula makes it easier to use your favorite sex toys - by making them entirely hands-free! Slide a dildo or vibrator into the top pocket, and the Tula holds it in place for riding - no suction cup needed here. Better yet, slide a wand massager into the side pocket for hands-free enjoyment of your favorite toys.

Like all Liberator sex furniture, the Liberator Tula is made from high-density, extremely-supportive foam. This supportive design helps alleviate stress on the knees while "riding" a toy - and also allows the Tula to function as a sex positioning shape too. Use it add a bit of height during partnered sex - or just to be the most-supportive cushion out there. (We've even heard of people using the Tula as a bolster during yoga!)

(Want something a bit taller? We recommend the Liberator Bon Bon! Looking for something that exclusively holds a wand massager at the perfect position? The Liberator Axis is your new bestie.)

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Überlube Premium Lubricant

Get a lubricant that lasts and lasts and lasts. To unlock the secret of lube longevity, you'll want a silicone-based lubricant like Überlube. Designed to be thin, Überlube doesn't create a thick barrier between bodies or sex toys; it just slickens all of the sensations that are already there.

Fully compatible with safer sex options like latex condoms, Überlube blends in seamlessly with your sexual routine. With its easy-dispense pump-top, a bit of squirt comes out in seconds - which is all you need to add some serious slickness to your pleasure.

(Compatibility Note: Überlube is a silicone-based lubricant - and may damage some sex toy materials - particularly silicone materials. Before using it on most sex toys, make sure to do a spot test to ensure the two materials can play well together!)

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Lovelife Snuggle

Blended orgasms, here you come! Featuring a targeted design that hits the g-spot and the clitoris simultaneously, the Lovelife Snuggle offers two quiet, yet powerful, motors placed exactly where you want them. Scroll through the 7 scalable pulsation modes to synchronize pleasure from both sides - and have an amazing time!

The Lovelife Snuggle comes with functional features that slide this vibrator seamlessly into your sex life. Enjoy its 2 hour battery life - then recharge it to easily get two more hours! Take advantage of its splashproof design for easier cleaning, and when you're not in the mood for play, the Lovelife Snuggle's battery offers a stand-by time of 90 days!

(Good to Know: The Lovelife Snuggle comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty for some great peace of mind!)

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Oona Smirk

Move over vibrations - licking sensations are the new trend! Instead of vibrations, the Oona Smirk rewards you with powerful robotics that power a tongue that licks back and forth. With a full hour of run time on this rechargeable toy, pleasure has never been easier.

Easy to hold in your hand, the Oona Smirk lets you lay back and relax your fingers as the sex toy simulates oral sex - and lets you fall back into your fantasies while it does it! Use the single, easy-to-use button to scroll through the 7 included pleasure functions.

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Jack Rabbit Heated Thrusting G

Get your rabbit vibrator from the company who started it all: Jack Rabbit. After 30 years of rabbit vibrators, the Heated Thrusting G is the company's most feature-packed rabbit yet. Partnering a targeted, thrusting g-spot tip with powerful vibrations AND self-heating, the Jack Rabbit Heated Thrusting G becomes a treat to yourself every time you pull it out of your bedside table.

This one-of-a-kind rabbit offers so many features that it's hard to really explain the breadth of its power, so let's make it easy:

  • 3 thrusting speeds for the tip.
  • 7 functions of vibration.
  • Pre-heating capabilities.
  • 3-button control panel to easily control each functionality.
  • 2.5 hours of playtime.
  • USB Rechargeable & Waterproof with a travel lock feature.

(Protip! The Heated Thrusting G reaches its maximum, soothing temperature in about 4 minutes. If you want a perfectly-warmed vibrator to play with, turn on the heated function a bit before you sit down to play - then enjoy the results!)

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OhMiBod Esca 2

G-spot pleasure just got a serious technological upgrade. The OhMiBod Esca 2 (Powered by KIIROO!) isn't just your standard g-spot vibrator; it's a technological powerhouse with wireless functionality that expands your pleasure potential through TWO separate cell phone apps!

Use the Esca 2's large expanse of options to truly expand your pleasure potential in some amazing ways:

  • Let your lover control the vibrations - whether at home or in a busy restaurant. The Esca 2's built-in light functionality can be turned off.
  • Control the Esca 2 online with video capabilities for an amazing way to connect when you're apart.
  • Sync the Esca 2 to any other KIIROO devices for devices that respond to one another.
  • Sync the Esca 2 to your favorite Interactive online content.
  • Add Esca 2's vibration functionality to your favorite VR videos. Really immerse yourself in the action!
  • Allow the Esca 2 to pulsate to the beat of your favorite songs for a whole new way to experience music.

(Fun Fact! The Esca 2 features a light on the end of its tail. That very same tail sticks out of the vagina during use. This light allows anyone watching - like your partner or an entire crowd of people - to have a visual representation of the exact settings the toy is on.)

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