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Top Gifts for Prostate Players and Penis-Havers

Published: NOVEMBER 5, 2021 | Updated: NOVEMBER 8, 2021 08:07:48
Everybody likes good vibrations! In the front, up the back and all around the town, you'll find something wonderful on our collected Top Gifts for Prostate Players and Penis-Havers!

Looking to pleasure a penis or prostate - whether it's your own or someone else's? Well, this holiday season, you don't need to gift something that might flop. Instead, go with these tried-and-true options to help that gift recipient experience some serious pleasure from their new sex toy!


Tenga Spinner


You HAVE to meet one of the top-sellers of Kinkly Shop in 2021. It has sold out more times than we can count - and that's for a great reason. This 2019 Reddot Design Award winner mixes stroking with swirling in a way that no other stroker has ever done before.

It does it through that colored coil you can see along the outside of the Spinner. That isn't just for decoration. It's actually a springy plastic coil that surrounds the exterior of the soft, squishy stroker. Each time you stroke down, the coil tightens itself up. On the upward stroke, the coil relieves its pressure while simultaneously swirling around the shaft. It's just - WOAH!

Oh, and did we mention? The Tenga Spinner is available in six different textures. Gotta try 'em all!

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Hot Octopuss Jett

How often have you wished for hands-free pleasure for the penis? We'd guess pretty often. "Hands-free orgasms" is a dream for most everyone. Who doesn't want to have their hands entirely free to roam while their orgasm gradually builds?!

The Hot Octopuss Jett makes that a reality. The unique design straps two powerful vibrators onto the shaft of the penis - and the wired remote lets you lay back and really experience the waves of pleasure running down the shaft. With Treble and Bass Technology, each one of the vibrators provides a specific sensation, and you can experiment with combinations to find the perfect frequency that makes the bass drop.

(Protip! For the fastest orgasms, position the
Jett towards the head of the penis - right on top of the frenulum! That's the sweet spot!)

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Nexus Simul8

Pleasure multiple erogenous zones at once with the Nexus Simul8. Featuring targeted prostate stimulation, textured perineum pleasure, and penis rings that spread the vibrations all throughout the shaft, the Nexus Simul8 offers the full package.

With two separate vibration motors (one in the shaft and one in the base), the multiple levels of vibrations can be felt everywhere throughout the toy. At the same time, the cock rings help harden the erection, and leave the entire penis open for other types of pleasure! You could easily pair the Nexus Simul8 with the Tenga Spinner for some serious dual pleasure.

(The Nexus Simul8 offers a whole lot of pleasure combinations! 48 of them, to be exact. Squeeze out 1 more if you want to use the Simul8 without any vibrations for a total of 49 different ways to experience pleasure with the Simul8!)

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Nexus Revo Embrace


Did the idea of the Nexus Simul8 get you going - but you want even more features out of your toy? That's exactly the idea behind the Nexus Revo Embrace. Instead of a static prostate massager that's equipped with vibrations, the Revo Embrace features a twirling tip. Otherwise, the two toys feature an extremely similar design with prostate-targeting action and looped rings that bring the penis into that pleasure too!

Once the perfectly-designed prostate tip hits that internal spot, you can use the included remote control to easily control the vibrations and the rotating shaft. With two rotation speeds and bi-directional control, you can find the exact sensation that works well for your body - and then lay back as the Nexus Revo Embrace does all of the prostate stroking for you.

(You don't have to worry about batteries for any part of the Nexus Revo Embrace. The massager and remote are both rechargeable by the same, included cord!)

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Überlube Premium Lubricant

Lube that lasts for ages - and can be an amazing addition to stroking sessions or anal play. Its thinner, long-lasting performance lets skin feel skin; Überlube doesn't create a barrier between your hands or your sex toys. Much longer lasting than water-based lubricants, you don't have to worry too much about reapplication, but when you do need a top-up, the easy-dispense pump-top bottle makes it simple to add a bit more without interrupting your pleasure.

Fully compatible with condoms, Überlube doesn't get in the way of any of your safer sex activities - whether that's with a partner or for easy clean-up with a sex toy. With no sticky residue when you're done, Überlube provides easier clean-up - which is what we all want when we've had an amazing orgasm and just want a nap.

(Compatibility Note: Überlube is a silicone-based lubricant - and may damage some sex toy materials - particularly silicone materials. Make sure to do a spot test before using any sex toy with Überlube to ensure the two can play well together!)

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Tenga Eggs


Whether you travel a lot or just want to try out your first stroking experiences, the Tenga Eggs are a great fit. A "carton" full of eggs, each one of these plastic-shelled eggs cracks open to reveal a super-stretchy, elastomer penis stroker - complete with lube! - inside.

Inside, each one of these eggs offers an entirely different, immersive texture. Super stretchy, the eggs can fit virtually any penis size - and they stretch to fit the entire shaft! Easily adjust the intensity within seconds as you change your grip strength for tighter (or gentler!) pleasure. The Tenga Eggs are really egg-scellent!

(Protip! The Tenga Eggs are designed to be disposable - and can fit into the pocket of most jeans. This makes them great for times where you need to travel light - or discretion is of the utmost importance. There's nothing to lay out and dry afterwards! If you prefer to wring out every ounce of pleasure, however, with careful use, each Egg can be used 2-3 times.)

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Arcwave Ion

Released just this year to a lot of fanfare, the Arcwave Ion is unlike any penis pleasurer you've ever tried. The best-selling, orgasm-expanding suction technology in the Womanizer toys has been, pretty exclusively, designed for clitoral use - up until now. This year, the makers of the Womanizer released a version especially designed for penis owners, and wow - the praise has been overflowing!

Featuring suction that targets the frenulum (which is one of the most sensitive spots of the penis), the Arcwave Ion surrounds the penis in pleasure. With Smart Silence that keeps the toy as quiet as possible, the Ion is designed to be left in place while it pulsates, thrums, and sucks the penis. It's a very different sensation from the usual!

The innovation doesn't end when you're done; everything about the Ion was designed for luxury - from the recharging base with quick-dry functionality to the discreet case that lets you keep this toy always at-the-ready.

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Orville Anal Vibrator Looking to upgrade from using your fingers for anal play? Welcome to the Emojibator Orville Anal Vibrator! This slender, easy-to-insert toy easily replaces a finger - and then lets you explore the world of anal vibrations with its 10 vibration settings! With the easy-grip finger loop at the base, the Orville can easily be moved in and out of the butt - or left stationary as you enjoy its gentle pressure and vibrations.

Clean-up and care of the Orville is simple with its streamlined design. Not only is the Orville waterproof, but it's also fully rechargeable via the included USB cord. You'll never have to worry about finding batteries - or treating your toy with kid gloves while cleaning it. It's a win-win!

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Fun Factory NOS

Released this year, the Fun Factory NŌS has become the new standard for cock rings. Especially designed for clitoral pleasure while simultaneously pleasuring the wearer, the Fun Factory NŌS features some key innovative changes that make it stand out in a sea of cock rings.

One of those innovations happens to be the non-circular design of the penis ring - because the penis isn't a perfect circle either! Making for a more comfortable fit, the NŌS fits the unique shape of the penis to extend your pleasure and harden your erection. At the same time, the two extending protrusions from the top of the cock ring surround (and pleasure!) your partner's clitoris with two motors and pleasurable vibration settings. It's a cock ring couple's vibrator designed to be a "win" for everyone!

(The "Flirt" setting is particularly amazing on the NŌS! This unique setting is a five-minute loop of lightly varying sensations to ensure neither of you get tired of the same ol', same ol' sensations during use!)

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Fleshlight Go Torque

We're pretty sure you've heard of Fleshlight, and if you haven't, you're in for a serious treat. Brought to you by one of the biggest stroker manufacturers out there, the Fleshlight Go Torque is Fleshlight's answer for a see-through, travel-friendly stroker. Complete with its outer plastic case (and lids!) which make it fantastic as a travel buddy, everything about the Fleshlight Go Torque allows you to enjoy pleasure anywhere you go.

The see-through design makes this penis stroker a great way to share the experience with someone else, but with the ultra-textured design of the Fleshlight Go Torque, you might prefer to keep its existence all to yourself. Tight, textured channels greet every surface of the penis throughout the entire stroker. After trying the Fleshlight Go Torque, you'll see what all of the fuss is about.

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Nexus Glide


Beginner-friendly and perfect for your first explorations into prostate pleasure, the Nexus Glide sits perfectly flush with that internal, orgasmic spot. Foregoing any vibrations, movements, or high-end materials, the Nexus Glide is extremely affordable and designed to be a great first option for exploring the prostate.

(Some people are able to experience hands-free orgasms with the Nexus Glide! We recommend being patient, however, as it can take awhile to train the body to fully immerse itself in these new sensations.)

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Satisfyer Men Wand

If you've ever tried penis vibrations, the Satisfyer Men Wand can be a great way to start your experiment. Available at a low price point, the Men Wand offers pleasurable vibrations that are specifically crafted to hit the best erogenous zones down the shaft!

With a long, cylindrical design that wraps around the shaft, this pleasurable penis vibe can easily be handled with one hand. Add a bit of lube, and it can be stroked up and down while the 50 vibration options increase your pleasure with every stroke. It really is an entirely different experience from a standard stroker!

Satisfyer Men Wand comes with a Satisfyer 15-year warranty! You'll be enjoying your pleasure for a long time!)

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Nexus Revo Extreme

Do you like your anal toys big? Then the Nexus Revo Extreme is for you. Following the same prostate-seeking design as all of Nexus's toys, the Revo Extreme was crafted especially for those who prefer thick toys.

And we mean thick! The Revo Extreme is 2.13" at the widest point - well beyond an average prostate stimulator. Once this thick toy is inside, you have TEN HOURS of playtime to experiment with including a rotating, bi-directional tip with 6 powerful vibration settings.

(The Revo Extreme is remote-controlled. Use it to relax and enjoy controlling the 34 pleasure combinations from afar - or hand it off to a partner to let someone else take the reins!)

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Mistress Kay has a fondness for all things sexual. With a house that's quickly running out of room for all of her reading and vibrating pleasures, she spends her free time reading, writing, and learning about the sexual universe with her partners. She can be reached at Kinky World.

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