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Top Gifts for Prostate Players and Penis-Havers

Published: NOVEMBER 10, 2023 | Updated: DECEMBER 29, 2023
Everybody likes good vibrations! In the front, up the back and all around the town, you'll find something wonderful on our gift guide for people with penises.

Looking to pleasure a penis or find the best prostate massager - whether it's your own or someone else's? Well, this holiday season, you don't need to gift something that might flop. Instead, go with these tried-and-true options to help that gift recipient experience some serious pleasure from their new sex toy! Here are our top gifts for people with penises in 2023!


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How We Chose These Products

There are hundreds of thousands of different sex toys out there. (Really! We're not exaggerating!) But out of those options, we curate this list with a few important factors in mind:

  • It works as intended. While every sex toy isn't made for every body, we only recommend sex toys that provide the sensations they claim to provide.
  • It's as body-safe as possible. For insertable toys, this might mean medical-grade silicone - or stainless steel! For external toys, this might mean plastics or phthalate-free TPR. This also means the majority of these toys are scent-free too!
  • Customers love them! While your body is unique to you, crowdsourcing opinions helps us curate the selection of toys on Kinkly Shop - and this list! We're recommending some of the most well-loved (and best-selling!) toys out there!
  • Staff loves them! In many cases, the toys you see on this list are well-loved by members of our staff. We don't just talk the talk - we use the sex toys too!

For Unique Stroking Sensations: Tenga Spinner

Tenga Spinner masturbator with overlay of positive customer review

  • THE best-selling toy on all of Kinkly Shop
  • 2019 Reddot Design Award winner
  • 9 variations at a budget-friendly price; collect them all!
  • Included drying stand doubles as a storage case

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For Hands-Free Vibrations: Hot Octopuss Jett

Hot Octopuss Jett with customer review

  • Long cord on the remote makes for comfortable use of the remote; no straining required!
  • Pop the two vibrators out of the silicone harness to use them on other parts of the body - or with a partner!
  • Battery operated to ensure you never have to deal with waiting for a toy to recharge
  • Treble and Bass Technology lets you choose your perfect mix of buzzy/rumbly sensations

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To Hit Multiple Spots at Once: Nexus Simul8 - Stroker Edition


Nexus Simul8 vibrating prostate toy

  • Prostate-stroking tip to stimulate the p-spot while you kick back and enjoy!
  • Targeted prostate massager with dual-loop cock ring
  • Leaves the entire shaft open for even more pleasure!
  • Additional vibration motor in the base offers perineum and penis pleasure with 6 vibration modes
  • Control the vibration motor and stroking motor separately for 39 pleasure combinations
  • Rechargeable and waterproof for easy care

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For Penetration without an Erection: Balldo

The Balldo in Purple is shown being used on the testicles of a clear dildo. The image shows how the Balldo works - which is by wrapping around the testicles while simultaneously leaving space for the testicles to receive pleasure during penetration. | Kinkly Shop

  • The only toy on the market designed for ball sex and ballgasm
  • Leaves the ultra-sensitive skin of the balls to rub against your partner
  • Customizable with the included spacer rings for a perfect fit
  • No erection required: ready to play anytime!

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For a Cock Ring That Always Fits Right: Blush Stay Hard Silicone Loop

Blush Stay Hard Silicone Loop | Kinkly Shop

  • Fantastic choice for a great first cock ring; it can't fit incorrectly!
  • Tighten the ring for more restriction - and loosen for less restriction
  • Simple design makes it very budget-friendly
  • Available in multiple colors


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Beginner-Friendly Introduction to Prostate Pleasure: Cloud 9 Flexible Neck Prostate Stimulator

A side-by-side image shows the Cloud 9 Flexible Neck Prostate Stimulator being gripped by a hand upside down. On the left side, the Cloud 9 Flexible Neck Prostate Stimulator is left at-rest. On the right-hand version, the tip of the prostate massager is pressed into the ground to show how well it bends. | Kinkly Shop

  • Targeted p-spot tip offers slight flexibility for rocking stimulation that stays in place
  • Slim tip - and slender shaft - will work for most - even those without anal experience!
  • Sturdy looped base makes it easy to manipulate the toy
  • Simple design makes it very budget-friendly

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For First-Time Prostate Explorers: Fun Factory Limba Flex

Fun Factory Limba Flex - Kinkly Shop

  • Bendable dildo can achieve new angles in seconds
  • Suction cup base makes for hands-free fun against flat surfaces
  • Ultra-thin base makes for comfortable wear within a harness (or a piece of sex furniture!)
  • Multiple diameters for easier insertion; choose from 3!
  • Perfect for g-spot and p-spot exploration; simply remove and rebend until you hit that perfect spot!
  • Shop for future prostate toys after discovering what sex toy angle works best for your body!

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Instantly Add Girth: Perfect Fit XPlay Breeder

Perfect Fit XPlay Breeder | Kinkly Shop

  • Unique design leaves the tip of the penis available
  • Plushy Silaskin material makes penetration feel thicker for the receiver
  • Internal texturing ensures it all feels even-more amazing for the wearer
  • Anchors around the testicles for a secure fit that stays in place

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Flaccid - or Erect - Vibrations: Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Essential

Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Essential - Kinkly Shop

  • PulsePlate Technology offers piston-like oscillations on the super-sensitive frenulum
  • Designed for stationary use - but ribbed interior works magic for stroking too
  • Available in a remote control version with more power in the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Lux.

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Full-shaft Penis Vibrations: Satisfyer Men Wand

Satisfyer Men Wand with overlay of customer review

  • Best-selling penis vibrator on Kinkly Shop
  • Wrap-around "wings" transfer sensation throughout the tip
  • Ribbed interior lends itself well to stroking too - if that's your thing!
  • 50 vibration combinations to easily slide from "teasing" to "extra effective"
  • 15-year manufacturer's warranty

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Prostate Stimulation with a Side of Huge: Nexus Revo Extreme

Nexus Revo Extreme Prostate Massager with customer review

  • Extra-wide tip rotates to hit the prostate - and continue the stimulation
  • Powerful vibrating base offers 34 vibration combinations for perineum stimulation
  • Wireless remote control for easy intensity changes - or partner play!
  • 10 hours of playtime on a single charge!
  • 2.13" diameter at the widest point: we meant it was thick!

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Play with the Balls: Perfect Fit Bull Bag

Perfect Fit Bull bag with review overlay

  • Think about the orgasmic shudders that course through your body when a partner gives your sack a gentle, loving tug; that's what the Bull Bag replicates!
  • Super-stretchy, simplistic design makes it one of the easiest ways to explore these sensations. Just stretch it open and slide in!
  • Available in multiple colors and stretches to find your perfect fit.

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A Porn Lover's Dream Set-Up: KIIROO KEON

Kiiroo Keon with customer review overlay

  • Simply hold the KEON and lay back; it does all the stroking for you!
  • Use the manual buttons on the KEON itself to control the stroke depth and stroke speed.
  • Can reach speeds of 230 strokes per minute; good luck holding out at that intensity!
  • Interchangeable, snap-in stroker design ensures you can swap up your sensations at a moment's notice.
  • Connect the KEON to the free, wireless app to synchronize the KEON to online porn, a webcam playmate, or allow a long-distance playmate to control the KEON for you
  • Take it further and synchronize stroking to any online video with a paid FeelMe AI subscription
  • Range of accessories to change-up your KEON experience

GIF showing the KIIROO KEON synchronized to the movement of a couple having intercourse on a nearby tablet device | Kinkly Shop

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