Gift Guide: 14 Must-Have Pieces for Building a Sex Room

Published: NOVEMBER 1, 2022
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Building a sex room is on a lot of people's minds lately. And we support it! Here are some of the best bets for creating a sexy sanctuary!

Does the idea of having an entire room made for sex excite you? Maybe you're shopping for yourself - or you'd like to surprise your partner with a few surprise additions to the bedroom. ;)

Either way, these must-have pieces for building a sex room can revitalize your space - whether you have an entire basement to work with - or just need to add a few, discreet options you can hide away when you're not using them.


This list has it all!

Outfit your Mattress: Sportsheets Under-the-Bed Restraint System

Illustrated image shows the Sportsheets Under the Bed Restraints in use. A person is tied down on the bed, spread eagle, with their wrists and ankles near the edges of the bed. The straps that hold the cuffs around their wrists and ankles disappear underneath the mattress. | Kinkly Shop

Nobody said you needed an entire room! Just a mattress will work!

  • Strappy frame fits under your mattress to hold all of the cuffs in place
  • Four cuffs poke out from the sides of your mattress to easily restrain your partner's limbs anywhere along the mattress
  • Tighten - or loosen - the tether straps for a secure (or comfortable!) bondage experience
  • Included four Velcro cuffs means the set is ready to go as soon as it arrives at your house
  • When you're done, simply tuck the cuffs back underneath the mattress for the ultimate in discretion
  • Hundreds of bondage options without changing a thing about your bedroom's look

Customers are saying:

  • " I purchased it and surprised my wife and we had one of the hottest and most intense encounters in the history of our relationship. We added another layer to our already great relationship and we've both had huge smiles on our faces ever since." - J.
  • "As much as I tried to lean into pleasurable sensations or dodge ticklish ones, the straps kept me from moving more than an inch or two in any direction. Even when I tried to thrash around as they tickled my feet (which is something that typically turns me), I stayed completely put. Infuriating? Yes. Incredibly H-O-T? Also yes." - Gabrielle Kassel
  • "The straps slide under the mattress & the weight and friction from the mattress combined with the tension in the tethers keep the tethers from moving a significant amount. The cuffs fasten via Velcro but are padded and very comfortable. I was dubious when I bought it (largely because of the packaging), but it works really well. " - D.
  • "If ropes aren’t your thing, no worries as the straps of this system don’t require any nautical knot tying knowledge. And don’t worry about being confined to the bed. We tried it out on our dining room table and it was just as much fun! For all our future dinner guests … we use Pledge. The table’s clean, I promise." - S.
  • "if done right...the person cannot get out of this yet its very comfortable as well" - T.

Your First Sex Furniture Foray: Liberator Black Label Wedge

Liberator Black Label Wedge | Kinkly Shop

Get the best of both worlds: bondage and better sex angles!

  • Liberator Black Label Wedge equips the best-selling Wedge with two bondage points
  • Use the bondage points with the included cuffs and blindfold (when you're feeling it!) or just use the Wedge for better sex angles when you're not
    27-degree angle is specifically crafted to make the g-spot/p-spot more accessible during sex
  • High-density foam offers a soft, comfortable surface that still holds its shape
  • Black Label Wedge really shines with missionary, doggy style, and oral sex - but the only limit is your imagination!
  • Zip-off the outermost cover and toss it in the washing machine for easy clean-up when you're exhausted from amazing sex
  • If you choose to continue your Liberator sex furniture adventure, the Black Label Wedge offers a no-slip surface against other pieces from the company

Customers are saying:

  • "Great product to put we enjoy using this every chance we get easy to keep clean and adjust" - C.T.

DIY "Good Girl Chair": Liberator Tula

Liberator Tula holding a dildo and a wand massager at the same time | Kinkly Shop

Sex toy mount for hands-free use of the sex toys you already love

  • Innovative pocket at the top of the Tula grips the base of most vibrators/dildos to hold them in place
  • Additional pocket on the side of the Tula holds full-size wand massagers in place
  • High-density, supportive foam makes for a supportive "seat" to ride your favorite toys
  • Moisture-resistant interior liner protects the Tula - and lets you go wild
  • Machine-washable cover makes for easy clean-up after your satisfying fun
  • Can be used as a "standard" sex furniture bolster at any point with its sturdy shape

Turn Any Surface Into "Sex Furniture": Liberator Throw

A couple embraces on top of a Aubergine, Standard Liberator Fascinator Throw in purple. | Kinkly Shop


No place is off-limits!

  • Waterproof blanket to keep your messiest sex off of your expensive furniture
  • Super plushy velvish material feels luxurious against naked skin
  • Machine-washable for easy clean-up after passionate sex that leaves you exhausted
  • Looks just like a standard blanket when it's folded up for amazing discretion
  • Available in multiple sizes for the fit that's best for you
  • Great for period protection as well!

Customers are saying:

  • "Bought this for wet fun and we've been impressed. We used to use a medical waterproof blanket but it didn't feel very sexy. This works way better and its handled every bit of liquid we've tossed at it. Wife made me test it out beforehand so we didn't ruin the expensive bedding and I put 4 gallons on it and it still didn't leak through. Were both really impressed." - J.
  • "The blanket makes a little bit of a crinkle noise when you're moving around on it, but it's nothing as long as the old medical waterproof blanket we had. This feels so much more sensual than all of the options we've tried." - M.K.
  • "It is an attractive blanket and excellent absorbent covering for sex. It washes well and the buying experience was easy!" - D.R.
  • "Fabric is superb, comfortable doesn’t hold heat. Comfortable for play or sleep. Unless you’d a gusher a quick wipe will clean up. Launders well." - P.H.

When All You Have is a Door: Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Swing Special Edition

Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Sling Special Edition plus size sex swing shown hanging from an invisible door with a dildo attached to the bottom seat. | Kinkly Shop

Who said you need to make complicated ceiling mounts for a sex swing?

  • Entire sex swing is held by a closed, locked door with a sturdy doorframe (it as a similar functionality as doorway pull-up bars do!)
  • Sex swing provides a large, padded, supportive seat (no tiny straps here!), two bar-equipped handles, and two foot/thigh supports
  • Adjustable-length straps make it easy to swap up the different supports for different positions
  • Sets up, and comes down, in seconds. Easily fold it up for storage.
  • Optional dildo pad can be attached to the seat to secure your favorite flared base dildo onto the seat of the sex swing - perfect for solo play, double penetration, or kink fun!
  • 325 pound weight limit
  • Kinkly even has inspirational sex swing sex positions to get you started

When Penetration is your Fave: XR Bangin' Bench

XR Bangin' Bench up against a white background with the dildo riser attached to it. | Kinkly Shop

This sex stool makes penetration better

  • Unique, supportive sex stool helps support the rider's weight and reduces knee strain
  • Two elastic straps provide a bouncy, comfortable surface for better riding
  • Optional, included red raiser bar attaches to the bottom of the frame to easily fit your favorite flared base dildos for when partner play isn't on the menu
  • A partner can fit underneath the Bangin' Bench for supported oral sex or partner-on-top sex
  • See the illustrated sex position guide on the product page to get a feel for the ways to use the Bangin' Bench

When Your Bed is your "Sex Room": Liberator Humphrey

A couple embraces on top of a Liberator Humphrey. A rabbit vibrator is shown in-between one of the partner's legs. This shows how the Liberator Humphrey could be placed to provide pleasure during foreplay. | Kinkly Shop

The ultimate in sex furniture discretion

  • "Sex furniture" that hides inside of a pillowcase - and looks just like a pillow!
  • Humphrey has built-in pockets that hold wand massagers, vibrators, penis strokers, and dildos for hands-free play
  • Humphrey snuggles nicely underneath the receiver in doggy style position for hands-free play with a penis stroker or vibrator
  • Unlike your standard pillows, Humphrey is made with high-density foam for a very-firm, uncompressing spot for enjoying your favorite toys
  • Outermost layer unzips from the Humphrey and is entirely machine washable for easy clean-up

If Your Sex Room Is Just a Bedroom Door: Sportsheets Door Jam Cuffs

A person wearing lingerie is tied up to the door frame using the Sportsheets Door Jam Cuffs. Their partner stands in front of them, close to their face, in an intimate gaze. | Kinkly Shop

Even your door can become part of your sex room!

  • Unique cuffs with built-in over-the-door stoppers
  • Simply open the door, tuck the stoppers on the other side of the door, close and lock the door, and enjoy an instant bondage point
  • Set up in seconds, remove in seconds - and fit into a sock for hiding!
  • Adjustable, Velcro-fastened cuffs allow for easy on and off in seconds
  • Can be used underneath some doors for ankle cuffing as well

Customers are saying:

  • "These work great, though. I brought them home for my girlfriend, and they slipped really easily into the closet door. They held her up against the door while we did some really naughty stuff. She said they were comfortable too. They don't stay on top of the door when the door isn't closed, though, so you have to carefully set them up right before play. For the price, though, I can't complain." - B.
  • "These aren't the highest quality cuffs I own, but they provide something no other cuff I own does - their own built-in bondage point. I don't need to rely on other furniture, ropes, chains, tethers, or anything else: these cuffs fasten to pretty much any door I've tried them on. This means that they end up coming with me to places where I know I won't have access to my usual kink gear - like hotel rooms where they easily fasten over a bathroom door. I definitely recommend locking the door when possible - just for that added level of security. We've never had these fall unless the door pops open. " - M.K.

For When You Have the Space: Liberator Equus Wave

Liberator Equus Wave | Kinkly Shop


Finally got an extra room to use? Equus Wave brings the magic.

  • Two wavy halves fit together for Liberator's most versatile sex furniture piece
  • Utilize any of the delicious angles from the curved surfaces - or stack them together for a perfectly-positioned flat surface
  • Both sides are made from high-density supportive foam that cushions your body without compressing
  • Equus Wave's unique material provides a no-slip material to other Liberator microfiber shapes; make your own playground!
  • Zip-off velvish cover is machine-washable for when you're exhausted after utilizing aforementioned sexual playground
  • Stacked-up shape looks like a modern foot of the bed chaise for easy discretion

Customers are saying:

  • "Versatile, firm, but soft and comfy. I love it!" - J.

Statement Piece Equipped with Bondage: Liberator Black Label Chaise

The penetrating partner is laying down on the Liberator Black Label Esse Chaise with their back against the taller curve of the shape which supports their upper body and puts them somewhat upright. The Liberator Black Label Esse Chaise has a width that can be straddled, and both of their feet are on the floor and cuffed to the shape. The receiving partner is on top, also straddling the shape, to match their hips with their partner's. | Kinkly Shop

Full-sized sex furniture can also be a bondage playground

  • Loveseat-sized supportive sex furniture equipped with 12 bondage points
  • Two swelling curves offer hundreds of angles to explore - for bondage or intercourse! (They make for amazing g-spot and p-spot stimulation!)
  • High-density, fully supportive foam supports every inch of your body with a soft surface
  • Moisture-resistant internal liner protects the Esse Chaise and keeps it protected from the results of your passionate sex
  • Faux leather material makes it easy to wipe up any messes in seconds
  • Included headrest becomes an instant knee cushion or pillow

A Bondage Room that Folds Up: Liberator Bondi

Liberator Bondi

Take your bondage adventures anywhere

  • Bondi folds up into a smaller, compact size to be hidden away in a bag when not in use
  • Folds flat for a padded, 48" long board covered in bondage points
  • Use it to bring your sex room anywhere - including the floor, bed, or even your backyard!
  • Snap clips make for easy snapping in - and removal - of cuffs to instantly swap up bondage (Prefer O-rings? Each clip also includes an O-ring!)
  • Includes six cuffs, two extenders, and a blindfold to instantly get started with play

Enjoy Hours of Oral: Queening Chair

XR Master Series Queening Chair shown from the front to see the hanging head sling, the under-the-arm bondage straps, and the size of the kinging chair | Kinkly Shop

Take a seat in the coolest chair you've ever seen.

  • Padded, sturdy "box" that allows the receiving partner to sit on top while the giving partner slips in below
  • Removes pressure, breathing concerns, and neck strain from the giving partner while giving the receiving partner a comfortable seat to enjoy marathon sessions
  • Adjustable neck sling can be raised or lowered for the perfect fit
  • Under-the-armpit straps and side D-rings allow for bondage possibilities, if desired
  • Made from solid wood covered in padding and PU leather for easy cleaning

Customers are saying:

  • "It arrived fully assembled and ready to use. (It was a big box!) But really, it was already set-up and we were using it the night we got it.


It has seriously put a whole lot more pleasure back into our oral sex sessions. Not only can we do facesitting again with zero of the discomfort, but he can easily breathe when he needs to and he has had zero spinal flare-ups since using this chair. (If you want more of the "authentic" breath-control facesitting experience, you can easily adjust the head sling to make that the case).

Plus, it's super comfortable, and I find that I can relax into the pleasure a whole lot more than I used to be able to. My knees don't go numb, but the design still lets me "ride" and grind just fine. " - M.K.

When You're Ready to Jump In: DIY Sex Dungeon Kit

DIY Sex Dungeon image | Kinkly

Enjoy savings - and the coolest thing you've ever had sent to you - with this pre-built sex room kit

Keep Your Toys Contained: Liberator Tallulah Bag

A pile of the Liberator Tallulah Locking Toy Bag artfully arranged. This photo shows the different colors of the Liberator Tallulah Locking Toy Bag and how they compare to one another. | Kinkly Shop

Tallulah keeps toys contained - and looking great - between uses

  • Triangular design offers more space for a larger collection
  • Double-zipper design includes a lock and keys to lock up your Tallulah
  • Long length can fit multiple sex toys - including many wand massagers!
  • Interior is lined with water-resistant fabric in case of an unwanted lube spill
  • Microsuede material looks - and feels - amazing
  • Available in four colors to perfectly match your sex room

Customers are saying:

  • "Look very chic on our bedside tables .. match our playroom decor .. hold all our toys & lube .. inside wipes clean with rubbing alcohol .. just the best! Took one on New Year's holiday .. took our favourite toys & lube .. locked it .. tossed it in our checked bag & no worries. The bag holds alot of yummy toys .. do not hesitate in purchasing!! Oh & they are very chic & stylish to boot!!" - R.



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