What is anal gaping and how can I try it safely?


If you have ever watched porn, you may have come across something called anal gaping. This is the act of having extended anal sex with the goal of opening up the anus wide for a period of time. It usually lasts around an hour or so.

Why would someone desire an open sphincter instead of a tightened one? Some people want to fit large objects in more comfortably. Having the gape helps with both pain and fitting in larger objects. A lot of men like anal gaping because it feeds their egos. An anus stretched wide open is an empowering illusion that can make men feel like a raging animal that is hung like King Kong.

Assuming you are into this, what’s the best way to make yourself gape? The first thing is to completely empty your bowels. After hitting the toilet, perform an enema if needed to make sure that the bowels are totally empty.

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Relax! Try massage, hand sex, oral, music, or whatever makes you as comfy as possible. Any sort of anal sexual activity pretty much requires this level of relaxation to be pleasurable. Do whatever you can to arouse yourself. Take your time to combine arousal, relaxation and anal play for an extended period of time. Don't forget a generous amount of lube.

Now that you are relaxed, turned on, and lubed it’s time for anal sex. Start by having the receiver getting into the doggy position on their hands and knees. When it comes to backdoor play, lots of lube is important. The wetter, the better.

The next step is to put progressively larger items in your anus. Begin by inserting a lubed finger. Take the finger in and out, twirl it around from small to larger circles. Now, use a small butt plug using the same motions as the finger. Finally, graduate to something the size of a cock. Now that the hole is widening, engage in some extended anal sex. Pull in and out using circular patterns as before.

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This type of play fools the outer and inner sphincter into believing that the bowel is full. When you are aroused, relaxed, and have had some backdoor fun you will have tricked your anal canal into thinking something is in there. An inner sphincter that feels filled will open up like a blossoming flower!

Like any sex act, not everyone will like this or be able to achieve it. If you want to try anal gaping and think it's something you can do, follow the tips here for a greater chance of success. Good luck and have good sex!


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