Anal Gape

Updated: JANUARY 4, 2021
Reviewed by Andrew Gurza
on December 21, 2020

Anal gape is the look of the anus following anal penetration. Anal sex, the use of anal sex toys, and anal training can all stretch the anal sphincter and create an anal gape. The act of creating an anal gape is called anal gaping. A person of any gender who engages in anal play may develop an anal gape.

Anal gaping is the process of stretching the anus to create the anal gape. This process opens up the anus more, creating a look that some people find arousing compared to the traditional closed sphincter. People can practice anal gaping by placing things inside the anus that stretch it open. Anal gaping may occur after an extended anal sex session or through playing with anal toys, such as dildos and butt plugs. The anus gapes because it's fooled into thinking it needs to pass waste.


More About Anal Gape

It takes a lot of anal penetration to create an anal gape. Ordinarily, the anus will return to normal following anal sex or other anal penetration. Using a large sex toy or having a lot of anal sex a penis larger than average can help create an anal gape.

Many people love the look of an anal gape as it suggests a person enjoys anal play. It can also stroke an ego as it reaffirms a penetrating partner's belief that their penis is large enough to create gaping hole. As people are visual creatures, some say an anal gape can even enhance anal sex.

An anal gape also makes anal sex easier and less painful for the recipient. Anal training to create an anal gape can also be part of the power exchange between a dominant and submissive in the BDSM community.

Before practicing anal gaping, couples should clean the receiving partner’s anus. It’s a good idea to empty the bowels then use an enema. If you have a physical disability, this may require more assistance from a partner. The cleaning, enema process might also be more painful due to disability.


As the anus does not have natural lubrication as the vagina does, using a commercial lubricant makes insertion easier. Since anal gaping is one of the more extreme forms of anal play, it requires much more lubricant than anal sex. The receiving partner should also get into a comfortable position that presents their anus to the giving partner, such as on their hands and knees. If this position is not possible for the receiving partner, they can explore other comfortable sex positions, such as laying on their side.

Creating an anal gape shouldn’t be rushed. It is possible to tear the anus or colon. Prolonged anal penetration helps minimize pain.

After preparing the receiving partner’s body, the giving partner gradually inserts something into their partner’s anus. Anal gaping works best when it occurs gradually. Giving partners may start by penetrating their partner with a finger, then move on to a small sex toy before moving onto a larger toy or their penis. Making circular motions with the penetrating item, rather than simply moving it in and out, can open up the anus more. The giving partner should also be prepared to talk with the receiving partner about comfort levels and the receiving partner should communicate any access needs, especially if they are disabled.

As anal gaping is a kind of extended anal play, receiving partners usually need more lubricant during the process. Keeping a bottle of lubricant handy on a bedside table will make sure it can be reapplied as quickly as required.


The effects of anal gaping typically last for three to six hours. After this time, the anus contracts and returns to its usual state.

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