Anal Gape

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Definition - What does Anal Gape mean?

Anal gape is the look of the anus following anal penetration. Anal sex, the use of anal sex toys, and anal training can all stretch the anal sphincter and create an anal gape. The act of creating an anal gape is called anal gaping. A person of any gender who engages in anal play may develop an anal gape.

Kinkly explains Anal Gape

It takes a lot of anal penetration to create an anal gape. Ordinarily, the anus will return to normal following anal sex or other anal penetration. Using a large sex toy or having a lot of anal sex with a man whose penis is larger than the average can help create an anal gape.

Many men love the look of an anal gape as it suggests a person enjoys anal play. It can also stroke their ego as it reaffirms their belief that their penis is large enough to create gaping hole. As men are visual creatures, some say an anal gape can even enhance anal sex. An anal gape also makes anal sex easier and less painful for the recipient. Anal training to create an anal gape can also be part of the power exchange between a dominant and submissive in the BDSM community.

Creating an anal gape shouldn’t be rushed though. Otherwise you might tear the anus or colon. Prolonged anal penetration helps minimize pain. Some people use anal sex toys to create an anal gape, inserting increasingly larger toys for longer periods over time. Regular anal sex can also create an anal gape. Both types of activities should only be undertaken when the receiver is aroused and relaxed, to minimize discomfort. Lubricant can also make anal gaping easier.

Note that the anal sphincter helps the body hold in fecal waste. An anal gape stretches the sphincter and reduces its ability to hold waste. Fecal leakage and difficulty controlling the bowels is common once people develop an anal gape.

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