What are some tips for trying medical play safely?


The term medical play encompasses a wide range of kink and role play activities. So, for starters, you need to pin down what appeals to you about the idea of medical play.

Is it the power differential between a doctor and a patient? Is it something about the equipment involved? Is it the idea of being in charge, or being helpless? Knowing what your turn ons are can help define what kind of scene you’d like to try.

The easiest way to get started is to being with the classic, “playing doctor.” This can be pure role play or you can incorporate a few props — some of which you may have around the house. A stethoscope, latex gloves, tongue depressor, thermometer, or some bandages can all help with realism. Even a blood pressure cuff can help set the mood.

Another underrated tool? The clipboard.

A clipboard can lend immediate authority to anyone holding it. Not only that, it can double as a role play cheat sheet! Simply print out a list of questions to ask — and take notes as you’re getting answers.

You can start with any generic health screening questions you find online, or you can add your own sexy/embarrassing questions if that’s your preferred way to play. Try asking someone when the last time they masturbated was, and what they were fantasizing about. Then let them know you should probably watch as they’re touching themselves — in order to make a proper diagnosis.

With any tool or prop you’re planning to use, think about how you can make the most out of its use. Take time slowly snapping on your gloves, pause as you look at your “patient” and assess their status. A big part of role play is simply committing to your part and playing with confidence.

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Setting the stage can really help, too. If you have a massage table that can easily double as a medical table, especially with a crisp white sheet thrown over it. You can even get medical gowns online and have your play partner change into one. A few details like this can go a long way.

If you’re interested in medical play that gets more involved or invasive, keep in mind that there are a lot of safety issues to address — and a steep learning curve. There’s a reason med school takes so long!

If you want to do any kind of play that breaks the skin — such as playing with needles — please make sure you take classes aimed specifically at this kind of kink. You need to know how to play safely before you start.

A bit less risky, but still worth some research, are tools such as a speculum or enema. They can add some realism to your play but must be used carefully, so make sure you do some research and learn about how to use them properly before diving in.


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