I want to use genital clamps. Can you give me some tips?


When trying new things it can help to start by playing with things you already have around, before investing in new tools. Sex and kink toys can be expensive! Luckily, if you’re curious about playing with clamps, you probably have something around the house you can get started with — clothespins! Just be careful if they seem flimsy, because if the springs don’t hold, the clamps can twist.

Like any sex or kink toy, material choice matters. So if you’re using wooden clothes pins just know they’re one time use only — the wood is too porous to be sanitized.

Another good choice is to use a toy that doubles as nipple clamps — either the stand alone style or the kind that are attached by a chain.

When experimenting with clamps, get familiar with your tool of choice before it touches any sensitive part of your body. Some clamps are adjustable and some aren’t. Try them out on the pad of your hand, first, to see how intense the pressure is. Also, consider the different sensations between metal clamps and clamps that have a silicone or plastic coating.

Keep in mind that clamps can cut off blood flow or cause damage, so be mindful of time when playing and don’t leave them on too long. Especially if you go numb while wearing them, you may forget how long they’ve been in place. But this will come back to bite you because they generally hurt a lot more when they’re coming off then they did going on! That’s because the tissue has become extra sensitive, plus the blood is flowing back into the area (like the pins and needles you get when your foot has fallen asleep.) So start with short periods and work your way up — cautiously.

For folks with vulvas, the outer labia are a good place to start when playing with clamps. Again, be sure to place them cautiously, keep an eye on how long they’re in place, and then remove them just as carefully. Open the clamp to take it off...don't pull!

While clamps shouldn’t be used on a penis, they can be used on the skin of the scrotum. Just be sure they’re placed carefully, on the skin, and not on the testicles. Feel with your fingers to make sure there is only skin that will be pinched by the clamp. If you feel a "tube" or a blood vessel, reposition and try again.

While the clamps are on, you may enjoy the intense sensation you receive when playing with the clamps. Just jostling them a little will get a bit response, and if you’re looking for even more, try partially releasing the clamp and then placing it back on.

When the clamps do come off, that doesn’t mean the fun is over. You’ve now got some especially sensitive skin to play with. Try everything from temperature play and blowing to stroking to licking for a variety of sensations on these newly sensitized areas.


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