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Sex Positions That Work Seamlessly With Air Suction Vibrators

by Kinkly
Published: DECEMBER 16, 2021 | Updated: APRIL 30, 2024
Hopefully you've tried an air suction vibrator by now (and if not, get on it!) They are great for solo sex, but if you want to bring a partner into the mix, these sex positions pair perfectly with a sonic vibrator. 

Have you tried an air suction vibrator yet? Also known as clit-sucking sex toys, these massagers are mainly made for clitoral pleasure, although there are some toys coming out that use air suction to please penises. And whew boy - pleasure they do! I AM A FAN.


The toys feature a nozzle or mouth that surrounds your clit and delivers waves of pleasure concentrated on your sweet spot. (Just a note, if you have a VCH or other piercing in the area, the toy can’t make the required seal so it doesn’t work as well.)

Despite having “suction” right there in the name, don’t think of these little powerhouses of joy as tiny clit vacuums. While some brands do operate on a gentle suck and vibrate principle, lux toy manufacturer LELO uses sonic waves to create pulses of sensational sensation. They call their toys that operate this way (namely the SONA line, SILA, and Enigma) “sonic clitoral massagers” and I feel like it’s a pretty safe bet your clitoris would really love a sonic massage.

The result is basically magical kisses pulling orgasms out of you in waves. Oh man. I’m getting kind of worked up just thinking about it.


LELO has a range of air suction vibrators that work very, very well for solo sex. But sometimes you want partnered sex. Luckily, you don’t have to choose between your LELO air suction vibe and your partner...folks, you can have both!

Here are some sex positions that work seamlessly with air suction vibrators. You can thank me later.



Earmuff Oral Sex Position

Earmuff Oral Sex Position with LELO Sona 2 Cruise

Start out with a classic muff dive maneuver. The giver rests their head on the receiver's thigh to dispense some oral loving in the Earmuff position. Bringing one of the Sona 2 Cruise (shown a little larger than it is in real life to give you a better view!) toys into the mix leaves the giver free to explore the non-clit areas of the vulva. They can deliver nice long, broad tongue strokes across the vulva, kiss the inner and outer labia, or use their fingers to penetrate, all while the “sensonic” sensations of the Sona focus on the clit.

The Butler Position

Butler Oral Sex Position with LELO Enigma

Introduce yourself to the LELO Enigma, it pairs nicely with many things, but we especially like it with a bit of analingus. The Butler position has the giver kneeling behind the receiver, focusing on dat ass which leaves the front open for business. The Enigma has an internal arm to thrill your vagina and g-spot in addition to the suction action on your clit. Pair that with the rimming and you are on track for a blended orgasm that will knock your socks off. If you were wearing socks during sexy times that is. No judgement.


The Spider

The Spider Sex Position with LELO Sila

The shape of the LELO Sila (kind of like a fat hockey puck...but pretty) doesn’t lend itself particularly well to sex positions that require your bodies to be close together. Y’know, aside from the uglies you are bumping. The Spider sex position connects you with your partner at the saucy bits while you each lean back and bend your legs over each other. Either you or your partner can hold the Sila over your clit while enjoying the bump and grind of penetrative sex.

The Frogtie Bondage Sex Position

Frogtie Bondage Position with LELO Sona 2


Kink your world a bit with some bondage and delicious teasing! The Frogtie Bondage Sex Position has the receiver immobilized to their liking, with legs bent open, ankles secured to thighs. Depending on everyone’s comfort level, the arms can also be fastened behind the back. Once the receiver is satisfactorily restrained with vulva fully exposed for fun, the giver can use the Sona 2 to bring their partner to the edge of orgasm, over and over until they beg to finish

The Waterfall

Waterfall Sex Position with LELO Sona

Finish with something a bit physically demanding. The Waterfall sex position has the giver’s legs on the bed with their arms and shoulders “falling” off the bed onto the floor. The receiver perches on them to be penetrated. Regular thrusting won’t work in this position as you can’t really get adequate leverage, but rocking movements provide some good motion for your ocean. To really get your wiggle on press the mouth of the budget-friendly Sona over your clit. Once the sonic waves start your responses will feel very pleasurable, for you and your partner!


Sonic Sensations

Pairing partnered sex with a LELO sex toy is pretty much always a good idea. Incorporate a sex toy that vibrates your clit in a whole new way into these creative sex positions (or go through our sex positions guide to find something that works perfectly for you and your partner!) You are going to wind up feeling sensational!


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