Ear Muff Position

Updated: JULY 26, 2021

The Ear Muff Sex Position is a unique twist to cunnilingus where the receiver wraps their legs around the partner’s face.

This position has a lot going for it. It's kink-friendly, and it allows the receiving person an excellent range of movement, depending on their ability/disability level, thus putting their genitalia where they think will do the most good.

Ear Muff Oral Sex Position. The receiver of oral sex spreads their thighs while laying on their side, and the giver lays at 90-degrees with their face between the receiver's thighs. The receiver then relaxes their top thigh to have both thighs surrounding the giver's head like

More About Ear Muff Position

The fun here isn’t merely for the receiver, as the Ear Muff Position also grants the performer the ability to change their position as well if they are able to. That, as any cunnilingus enthusiast is no doubt well aware of, can take care of annoying back or neck stiffness.

To top it off, the Ear Muff Position is relatively simple, depending on your ability levels or energy levels. Take a gander at our picture for it: each partner lays on their side with the genitals of one intersecting with the mouth of the other.

Having a person’s head clamped between a pair of legs is a vital part of this position’s allure, providing the partner doing the clamping a pleasant sense of control, with an exciting sense of envelopment for their partner. Plus, putting the squeeze on a partner plays exceptionally well with power exchange scenes.

Finally, there's not much to worry about, safety-wise, with the Ear Muff Position. Talk to your partner about any anxieties or issues with breathing or comfort if you have disabilities/chronic illnesses and are attempting this position, though.

Kinky or not, if you and your partner like nothing more than a rollicking cunnilingus romp, then there’s no reason not to try the Earmuff Position on for size to see if it’s an exciting and accessible fit for you!



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