The Waterfall Position

Updated: JANUARY 15, 2022

The Waterfall position is a receiver-on-top position. To get into this position, the penetrating partner lies face up with head and torso off the edge of the bed. The shoulders might rest on the ground. The receiving partner straddles the penetrating partner with legs in front rather than legs behind.

Waterfall Sex Position

More About The Waterfall Position

This position allows the receiving partner to be in control of depth and rate of penetration. The position allows for a great view from the penetrating partner's perspective. The blood rush to the head of the penetrating partner enhances sensation.

Your bed's height will determine how intense this position feels for the penetrating partner. Consider looking into sex furniture if none of the surfaces within your home suit the height you're looking for. Liberator sex furniture, like the Equus Wave, can offer a multitude of angles and heights to experiment with.



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