Butler Position

Updated: JUNE 25, 2021

The Butler position is a sexual position for analingus or cunnilingus. The receiver stands while the giver typically kneels between their legs. The Butler position is suitable for all couples without any variations required. However, it’s more suited to analingus.

Butler Sex Position: The receiver partner stands. The giving partner kneels at their feet to providing analingus or cunnilingus with ease.

More About Butler Position

To get in the Butler position, the giving person kneels down between their partner’s legs. The partner stands with their legs apart and their back to their partner. They may lean forward to give better access to the anus or vagina. They may also like to hold onto a stable surface, as this position can make the receiver weak at the knees. Once in position, the giving partner can then lick their partner’s genitals and anus.

The Butler position may be a part of foreplay or the main event. It’s common for people to move from the Butler position to anal sex or vaginal sex.

Whether you’re using the Butler position for analingus or cunnilingus, you’re likely to appreciate the way it reinforces dominant and submissive roles. The Butler position for analingus can be highly arousing because anal play is still seen as taboo.

The anus is also rich in nerve endings, so having it stimulated with a tongue can feel fabulous. The anus can carry bacteria, so it’s important to make sure it’s clean before attempting the Butler position. It’s best attempted after a shower.

If you and your partner have a significant height difference, don’t despair. If you’re the giver, you could sit instead of kneeling. Alternatively, the receiver could stand on stairs or wear high heels. Essentially, look for anything that can easily and safely support weight, and it can be used in your play to change your heights. (We're looking at you, aerobic step platform!)



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