Which sex positions do men like best?


Every guy will give you a different answer. His favorite sex position depends upon how your bodies are shaped, how your pleasure anatomy lines up, where he is having sex, how able or disabled his body may be, who he is having sex with and a multitude of other variables. Nevertheless, let’s look at the statistics.

Esquire magazine did an extemsive poll in 2012 in which 30 percent of men said cowgirl was their favorite position. And I can tell you why. Every woman, no matter how big or small her body may be, no matter how big or small her breasts may be, looks amazing when she’s on top. His view from under your breasts will drive him crazy every time. (It’s the same reason they put strippers up on platforms: They all look perkier up there!) This position also gives women a lot of control over depth, speed and movement. Lean forward so you are face to face and chest to chest to achieve a very different sensation.

In that same study, missionary position came in a close second, with 28 percent of men reporting it as their favorite position. The two of you might like missionary position because you are face to face or you enjoy the submissive nature of letting your partner be in control and you being pinned down. You can go slow and deep or he can grab you by your ankles, tip your pelvis up and create a stellar G-spot connection. A sex sling can be a simple way to vary your experience with missionary position.

Not surprisingly, doggy style is the favorite position of 26 percent of men. For him, the vision of your eager ass in the air is divine. This position also allows for deeper penetration. I think the Doggie Strap is an awesome way to play with this position.

Bringing up the rear (so to speak) is reverse cowgirl at 4 percent. Spooning and standing position each received 2 percent of the votes.

We can look at the statistics for some insight, but your guy is the ultimate authority on his body and pleasure. Ask him what he likes!

You could also get a pack of sex position playing cards and lay them out on the table. Or shuffle the cards up and ask him to pick one! Then play and explore together to expand your sexual repertoire. If a little time passes, ask him again and see if he has something new in mind!


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