What is a male chastity cage and how does it work?


A male chastity cage is a device used to fulfill the desires of those with a fetish for chastity and orgasm control. They prevent a man from getting an erection and therefore controls his ability to masturbate or have sex and orgasms. Chastity is a very popular fetish in BDSM. Chastity cages, worn over the penis, are generally safe to use. You do need to play responsibly within defined limits and with the full consent of everyone taking part. In kink circles, the month of October is often referred to as "Locktober," and is when people who enjoy chastity play may challenge themselves to chastity - with or without the help of a device - for the month.

Chastity devices are made from metal or plastic. They are locked with either padlock and key or numbered plastic tags. The plastic tags are numbered so that a Keyholder knows if they've been tampered with. Plastic numbered tags are often favored by those new to chastity or those enjoying chastity devices over long distance because they can be removed by the cage wearer in any emergency. Padlocks require the key to unlock. In an emergency, the options would be bolt cutters or a trip to an emergency room. Neither of these options are advisable or desirable.

A Keyholder is the person designated to hold the key to the cage. This might be a partner in a romantic relationship who wants to help fulfill the desires of the chastity fetishist, a Lifestyle Domme holding the keys of her chastity submissive or slave, or a Pro-Domme who holds keys to chastity devices as a paid service whether during a one-to-one session or over long distance. You don't need to have a Keyholder in order to enjoy chastity and chastity cages. Many men enjoy wearing a chastity cage under their clothes as they go about their lives knowing that their genitals are enclosed in metal or plastic and under lock and key - even if that key is in their own possession.

Metal chastity cages are best suited to shorter sessions where the Keyholder and the wearer are together in person. Longer chastity lockup and distance training works best with plastic devices. Plastic devices are slightly more flexible and comfortable to sleep in and have other hygiene benefits.

To fit and wear a male chastity cage, a ring is secured around the penis and testicles while the penis is inserted into the tube area. The components are locked together. These guidelines may vary slightly from one cage to the next, but most reputable chastity cages come with a full set of fitting instructions.

Controlling someone's ability to get an erection or have sex and orgasms is a responsibility that shouldn't be taken lightly. Always play within set limits, respect safewords or traffic lights, and prioritize the physical, emotional, and mental needs of the chastity cage wearer. Chafing can be eased by the application of a little silicone lubricant beneath the rings on a daily basis. Ejaculation, either through masturbation or through prostate milking, will be required at some point especially after long periods of tease and denial so that the man's sexual health remains at optimum levels.

Check out this guide to chastity kink and chastity cages for more insight. Although I have written about men's chastity cages, women's chastity belts are also available but not quite as readily as the male versions.


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