Giantess Fetish: The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Macrophilia

Published: FEBRUARY 8, 2024 | Updated: APRIL 22, 2024
This fetish is all about big (like, really big) women.

Giantess fetish, aka macrophilia, isn't new. But internet boards and TikTok appear to have breathed some new life into this fetish, causing people's interest in it to spike.


Typically, macrophilia involves arousal from giants or giantesses, often depicted as immensely larger than regular-sized people or objects. It consists of a fascination with size discrepancies and the power dynamics that come with them. People with macrophilia might find pleasure in fantasies, art, stories, or role-playing scenarios that involve immense size differences.

And we aren't just talking about the giantess fetish because it's a cool and interesting fetish (although it definitely is!) The giantess fetish, once relatively obscure, has experienced a remarkable surge in popularity and has been named the 2024 Fetish of the Year by Clips4Sale, the world's foremost kink and fetish platform. When Clips4Sale introduced the giantess category to the site shortly after its launch in 2004, it ranked No.61 in overall popularity. It didn't make the Top 20 until 2017. Since then, however, its popularity has exploded.

This past year, "giantess" secured the top spot as the No.1 searched fetish globally. It's grown to become the third-highest-grossing category on Clips4Sale, surpassed only by bondage and tickling. According to Martin, interest is outpacing supply. The number of giantess clips uploaded to the site in the past year rose 45%, but searches for giantess increased 49% in the past six months alone.


According to Avery Martin, a spokesperson for Clips4Sale, pinpointing the exact reasons behind the surge in popularity of a specific fetish is challenging, but exposure undeniably plays a significant role. "When people see content that appeals to them, they naturally seek out more of it, even if they'd never thought of it before," says Martin. "In some ways, giantess is the new MILF, a fetish that was seen as an anomaly until it exploded into the mainstream a decade or so ago."

Martin suggests that it might be tempting to attribute the growing interest in giantess clips to trends like the prominent "giant woman" phenomenon on TikTok (the trend has resulted in nearly 1 billion views in just a few months).

"The fetishization of giant women is a sign of the times," says Martin. "The giantess is at once sexualized and feared, more of everything you desire but at the same time able to consume you. In the past few years, as public debates have raged over masculinity and femininity, alphas and betas, women have taken up increasing space in the cultural imaginary. Perhaps as a result, we've seen more and more interest in femdom content, and no one dominates like a giantess."


Nevertheless, Martin underscores that the emergence of the giantess fetish has been developing over the course of several decades. "Both seem to be drawing from the same cultural well, which is one of the reasons we made the 2024 Fetish of the Year," says Martin.

"When we evaluate the Fetish of the Year, we're looking not just for popularity or growth, but for something that embodies larger cultural trends, something that speaks to this cultural and sexual moment," explains Martin. "Giantess had both incredible popularity among fetishists and a relevance in the mainstream that made it a natural fit."

What do we know about the giantess fetish?

Some researchers believe that this fetish might stem from childhood memories or experiences, such as a fascination with larger-than-life characters. Others argue that cultural influences, such as the depiction of giant women in popular media like anime, comics and movies, are touchpoints for the macrophile community and could play a role. Finally, because there is clearly a power imbalance in a giantess scene, this fetish may simply be a way to explore domination or submission.


Consider Mara, for instance. She has a giantess fetish, indulging in fantasies of shrinking men and women down to bug size for her personal desires. To bring these scenarios to life, she has super tiny figurines for roleplaying.

On the flip side, Jack derives pleasure from envisioning himself or a fictional character interacting with a giant, whether it be in a gentle manner or through force. His giantess fetish extends beyond a mere sexual kink. More often than not, it revolves around him perched on someone's shoulder, cradled in the palm of their hand, or gazing up from ground level at a gigantic figure looming over a tiny person. "It's challenging to articulate, but I believe the excitement stems from the vulnerability of the situation," he explains.

The giantess fetish extends beyond the portrayal of giant women, though. Let's explore various other iterations of this fetish.


Types of Giantess Fetish and Interests

Giantess Foot Fetish

The giantess foot fetish centers on the concept of a giantess possessing exceptionally large or oversized feet, becoming the focal point of desire and fascination. Frequently, this fetish unfolds in scenarios where the giantess's feet dominate or interact with smaller characters or objects, evoking a sense of submission, admiration, or arousal for the feet or their actions.

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Giantess Growth Fetish

This fetish frequently revolves around the concept of an average-sized woman undergoing sudden and substantial growth, transforming into a giant or colossal figure. It typically explores themes of power, transformation, and the thrill of witnessing or imagining a character becoming larger than life. This can take the form of inflation fetish or even erotic weight gain.

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Giantess Vore Fetish

Giantess vore fetish, a form of voraphilia, entails a sexual interest in scenarios where a giantess consumes or swallows smaller individuals whole, often delving into the fantasy of being eaten alive or swallowed by the giantess. This fetish frequently explores themes of dominance, submission and the sensation of complete consumption or control by a more significant figure.


Giantess Crush Fetish

A giantess crush fetish is spun around the idea of being crushed, dominated, or threatened by the overpowering presence of a giantess. This fetish often involves the fantasy of being at the mercy of a giantess, experiencing a sense of vulnerability or excitement as she looms large, potentially stepping on or overpowering smaller individuals as part of the fetish scenario.

Giantess Buttcrush

In this fetish, arousal stems from the concept of a giantess using her buttocks to dominate or crush smaller individuals. This scenario often incorporates power dynamics, domination, and the feeling of being overpowered by a larger, more formidable figure, with a specific focus on the buttocks as a tool of control. (You could consider it a form of ass play!)

Shrinking Fetish

Individuals with a shrinking fetish, commonly known as "microphilia," derive pleasure from scenarios involving size reduction, often imagining themselves or others becoming diminutive in relation to larger objects or people. This fetish may manifest through diverse avenues such as fantasies, role playing, or consuming media depicting the process of shrinking.


Formicophilia is a specific paraphilia where individuals experience sexual arousal from insects, often focusing on the sensation of insects crawling on their bodies. This fetish involves a sexual interest or attraction to the presence or activity of insects, such as ants or other small creatures.


A worship fetish typically involves a strong attraction or arousal towards specific body parts or attributes, where the focus is on admiration, adoration, or reverence for those characteristics. Common forms include foot worship, where feet are the object of desire, or muscle worship, where muscular physique is admired and revered. It's essentially about finding intense pleasure or arousal in revering and admiring specific aspects of someone's body.

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"Femdom" is short for female dominance, a sexual practice or relationship dynamic where a female partner takes on a dominant role, often in a BDSM context. In femdom relationships or scenes, the woman typically assumes control or authority over her partner, who consensually submits to her commands, desires, or instructions. It can involve various activities like bondage, discipline, humiliation, and other forms of power exchange, where the dominant female partner is in charge of the submissive male or female partner.

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Ways to Enjoy a Giantess Fetish

If you have a giantess fetish or want to dabble in exploring one, you're in luck - there are more ways than ever to do so.

"This year, we saw tools like Midjourney and DALL-E democratize artistic expression and allow people to manifest fantasies that were previously unarticulated," says Martin. "As the year progresses, I think we're going to see a rise in ever more fantastical content."

Here are a few places to look to get your giantess fix.

Giantess Porn

If the data from Clips4Sale is any indication, people are consuming this content more than ever. People enjoy giantess porn for the fantasy of power dynamics, fascination with exaggerated sizes, and the exploration of desires that may not be possible in reality. It often involves arousal from the contrast in size, vulnerability and specific fetishes tied to dominance, submission, or body parts in these scenarios. Giantess porn can include vore (being swallowed or consumed) and growth scenarios where characters become larger than life, along with all sorts of creative niche takes to satisfy macrophiles' diverse interests.

Giantess Hentai or Comics

Enjoying giantess hentai or comics involves finding arousal or fascination in themes like exaggerated proportions, power dynamics and scenarios with immense size differences. People might derive pleasure from imaginative storylines, artwork, or specific fetishes like dominance, submission, vore, or growth. Plus, with AI drawing tools, it is now possible for people to create detailed images of what they want to see.

Giantess Erotica or Stories

These narratives often offer a fantasy world where characters experience extreme size differences, which can be fascinating or arousing. Some enjoy the power dynamics, imagining themselves in scenarios of dominance or submission. Others are drawn to the imaginative aspects, exploring themes of growth, vore, or other fetishes within the storytelling. Ultimately, it's about personal preferences and the appeal of engaging narratives that involve characters in extraordinary size interactions. Giantess erotica also includes audio erotica.


The enjoyment of a giantess fetish in real life typically involves exploring it within the realms of role play, consensual power dynamics, or creative expression. While physically experiencing being a giant or interacting with a giantess isn't possible, individuals might engage in role playing scenarios with a partner to simulate the power dynamics or fantasies related to this fetish. This play could include, but is not limited to, power play, crushing, smothering, humiliation, femdom and more.

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