Last Updated: June 29, 2020

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Definition - What does Scrotum mean?

The scrotum is a pouch made from skin and muscle located underneath the penis. The main purpose of this sac is to hold the testicles. The scrotum plays a big part in protecting the testicles from fluctuating temperatures, which can decrease the amount of viable sperm that a man produces. When the temperature around the scrotum drops, the muscles in it contract, drawing the testicles up toward the body to keep them warm. On the other hand, when the temperature gets too warm, the muscles in the scrotum relax, allowing the testicles to hang lower and cool off.

The scrotum is also known as the scrotal sac.

Kinkly explains Scrotum

For most men, the scrotum is very sensitive and a great source of sexual pleasure. The scrotum can be licked or sucked during oral sex, for instance. It can also be stroked, tickled, lightly scratched, or gently tugged on or squeezed during sexual activities. The scrotum is also a target during cock-and-ball torture, a fetish involving the painful stimulation of the male genitals for sexual pleasure.

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