The Leapfrog Position

Updated: MAY 1, 2024

The Leapfrog position is a variation of the common rear-entry sex position, the Doggy style position. This position is suitable for vaginal or anal sex.

diagram of the leapfrog sex position - the receiving partner kneels down and lowers their forearms and head onto the bed and raises their rear to be penetrated from behind by their kneeling partner.

To get into the Leapfrog position, the receiving partner kneels down, rather than getting on all fours as in the regular Doggy style position. They lower their forearms and head onto the bed and raise their rear. They can raise their butt as low or as high as they like, depending on what feels comfortable. This will naturally change the angle of penetration.

Once the receiving partner is in position, their penetrating partner kneels upright behind them, with their legs close together between the receiving partner’s. From this position, they can penetrate the receiving partner from behind.

The Leapfrog gives the penetrating partner most of the control. From their kneeling position, they are free to control the depth, angle, and pace of their thrusting. They can place their hands on their partner’s back or grab their hips for deeper, more intense thrusting. The receiving partner can also thrust backwards for more intense sex or to give their partner a rest.

This position gets its name because the couple’s position looks like they could play the game Leapfrog. If the penetrating partner gets to their feet, you could imagine them jumping over the receiving partner.

The Leapfrog position is also known as the Froggy style position. It is also sometimes written as the Leap Frog position.

More About The Leapfrog Position

The Leapfrog position allows deeper penetration than the Doggy style position. When the penetrating partner gets the angle right, they can stimulate their partner’s G-spot. For even more pleasure, the receiving partner can stimulate their clitoris or penis during sex in the Leapfrog position. If their arms are long enough, the receiving partner can also reach back to caress their partner’s testicles and inner thighs.

The penetrating partner can vary their angle of penetration by simply leaning backward or forwards. They can also reach forward to stimulate their partner with their hands or a sex toy.

A variation called the bound leapfrog position may appeal to people interested in BDSM. With this variation, the receiving partner brings their arms back near their feet, rather than resting them near their head. The penetrating partner ties their partner’s ankles and wrists together to hold them in place. This puts the penetrating partner in total control, leaving the receiving partner no choice but to surrender to the sensations.

While the receiving partner can rest their head on the bed, having sex while keeping the rear raised can quickly get tiring. Receiving partners should also be relatively flexible to hold their bodies in the Leapfrog position. Receiving partners can make this sex position easier by leaning slightly over a bed or couch. Household furniture or sex furniture can support weight to reduce how tiring this position can be.

The penetrating partner can also help by supporting their partner's waist and hips. Pillows underneath the receiving partner’s lower belly can also provide support. Varying the position may also help fatigue.

Receiving partners can raise their rear end as high or as low as they like. They could also assume a squatting position on their feet, rather than kneeling, if this is more comfortable. This variation is called the Frog Leap position, rather than the Feapfrog position. If the receiving partner squats, the penetrating partner may also need to get to their feet to match heights.



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