The Ape Position

Updated: JUNE 28, 2021

The ape is an unusual sex position that requires balance and strength. To get into the ape, the man lies on his back and brings his knees as far up to his chest as he can. He may also need to tuck his erect penis between his legs, so he can penetrate the woman as she faces away and sits down on him. At that point, the woman can plant her feet on the floor and lean back to support her back against her partner's feet.

Ape Sex Position

More About The Ape Position

Staying in this position for long periods of time can be difficult, especially for the woman. To make it easier, she can lean her arms back and prop herself up on the bed or floor, or she can grasp her partners hands or wrists.

Thrusting is also easier when the woman slides her body up and down on her partner's legs. Besides vaginal intercourse, this position can also be used for anal sex, making it acceptable for both heterosexual couples and gay couples.



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