Superman Position

Updated: MARCH 21, 2022

The Superman position is a rear-entry sex position where the penetrating partner holds up the receiving partner so they are horizontal in the air. In this position, the receiving partner looks like they are flying through the air, like Superman.

Superman sex position illustration. The penetrating partner is standing in a partial squat. The penetrating partner is holding up the entirety of the receiver's body. The receiver's hips are joined with the penetrating partner's as they are face-down, nearly horizontal, using their hands on the penetrating partner's squatting knees to brace their upper body. | Kinkly

To get into the Superman position, the penetrating partner stands behind their partner with their feet flat on the floor. The penetrating partner then supports the hips of the receiving partner and lifts their pelvis up so their feet are off the ground. The receiving partner can place their hands on the legs of the penetrating partner for support. Penetration occurs from this position.

The Superman position is sometimes called the Superhero position.

It should not be confused with a sex act called the Superman, which involves ejaculating on a person’s back, then sticking the bed sheets to their back so they resemble a superhero cape.

More About Superman Position

The Superman position takes a significant amount of strength, as the penetrating partner must hold up the receiving partner. The position is a little easier to achieve if the receiving partner bends over another object, such as a bed, table, or desk, which can help support their weight. Alternatively, the receiving partner could support their weight by holding something higher, like a door frame or shelves. During group sex, the other people involved could help hold up the person being penetrated.

As it’s so difficult, the Superman position can be exhilarating for anyone who can achieve it. However, it’s important participants don’t get too caught up in the moment and remember safety. The penetrating partner should listen to their body and never push themselves beyond their limits. It’s much better to let a partner down gently when strength wanes than to abruptly drop them during the act.


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