Sex Swing 69 Position

Updated: JANUARY 15, 2022

The Sex Swing 69 Sex Position takes your favorite 69 position - and makes it airborne! Not only does this offer new sensations and angles, but due to the design of the position, it also removes all body weight pressure from the bottom partner - which can be one of the major complaints of the 69 position. It also makes it that much more accessible for disabled and non-disabled partners.

Sex Swing 69 Sex Position. One partner is laying down flat in the air with the help of the sex swing. The other partner stands while straddling the lying partner's shoulders. This partner then bends at the waist to place their head between the suspended person's legs.

To get into the Sex Swing 69 position, the bottom partner lays flat using the sex swing - about a foot or two off the ground. If the bottom is non-ambulatory, the top may have to carry and place them in the sling. The other partner can help position the straps for the most comfortable position possible. When the bottom partner is settled, the top partner straddles the bottom partner's body, near their face. The top partner then bends over at the waist and can make adjustments to ensure both partners are in the right place for the 69 position.

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More About Sex Swing 69 Position

Since the Sex Swing 69 position requires the top partner to support all of their own weight (with their own legs), it drastically reduces any weight that might press on top of the bottom partner. Especially if there is a large weight differential between partners, this 69 sex swing position can make 69 doable when it may not have been previously. We understand that this may not be possible for tops who have chronic pain from standing, etc.

Since the sex swing is adjustable vertically, the Sex Swing 69 sex position can offer angle adjustments that are not possible while laying on the ground. If the top partner finds they are straining in order to hit the right spot, the bottom person's hips can be angled upwards or downwards to make things easier.

If the bottom partner finds they are straining to reach the standing partner's genitals, the entire sex swing can easily be elevated. Getting the sex swing adjustments perfect for both of your bodies is a big part of what makes the magic happen.

Using the proper sex swing can make a world of difference in the Sex Swing 69 position. Many sex swings do not offer a back support strap - which make this position difficult. Other sex swings may offer a back support strap (like shown in the position illustration), but using two slim straps to support body weight may put a lot of strain on the swinger's core. For the ultimate in comfort, using a sex sling (like the Extreme Sling) will fully support the body and allow the swinging partner to fully relax into the activity. If that isn't possible, using a sex swing with a wider hip pad (like the Sportsheets Door Jam Sex Sling Special Edition) may help support some of the body weight in conjunction with the tip below. Ask your sex swing provider about accessibility for disabled users as well, before purchasing.

If you happen to have a sex swing that only provides a single hip strap, you can experiment with things around your household to support your upper body weight. A low stool, for example, could be placed under the chest to support the upper body weight. You might find that a small footrest (like a Liberator Flip-Ramp) would work excellently too. The supportive object just needs to be short enough that it works for the necessary height and small enough that it doesn't get in the way of the top partner's ability to straddle.

If the top partner is finding difficulty balancing, they can grip onto the straps of the sex swing, wrap their arms around their partner for stability, or press their hands into the floor (or a yoga block underneath the bottom partner!) if flexibility allows. This can help the top partner stay stable and upright - especially as they might get closer to orgasm.

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