Stand Down Boy Position

Updated: MARCH 16, 2022

A take on the standard Doggy style position, the Stand Down Boy sex position uses an elevated surface (like a bed) for better positioning and more comfortable kneeling for the receiver. This sex position can be as deep and rough - or shallow and gentle - as you want it to be!

Stand down boy position - the receive bends over on the edge of the bed, feet and shins hanging off it, the giver stands against it and thrusts

To get into this sex position, the receiving partner should crawl on top of the surface on all fours. They should place their knees as close to the edge of the surface as possible and hang their feet and calves hang off the edge of the bed. The penetrating partner can then come up behind them, between the receiver's feet, for penetration.

More About Stand Down Boy Position

The Stand Down Boy sex position modifies the Rear Entry position in the best of ways. Not only does it have the receiver kneeling on a softer surface for the knees, but it eliminates many of the height difference concerns by having the penetrating partner stand. All of this comes together for an accessible sex position that allows both partners to be as rough - or as gentle - as they want.

The height of the bed (or other surface the receiver is kneeling on) is the key piece of this sex position puzzle. For many couples, a mattress with box spring might put the receiver too high for penetration. In that case, the receiver can spread their knees further apart which will lower the hips.

You can also equalize the height difference by exploring other surfaces. Plushy living room chairs can be used for this position - as can sex furniture. If your living room chairs have removable cushions, experiment with removing the chair cushions and seeing if that places things at the right height.

As the Stand Down Boy eliminates the need to kneel (like in standard doggy style position), the Stand Down Boy position can be a great fit for penetrating partners who have knee or back concerns. If the typical thrusting motion exacerbates those conditions, the receiving partner also has the ability to thrust themselves onto the penetrating partner; no movement is required from the penetrating partner if that's what makes sex accessible for both partners.

With the penetrating partner's hands free, the Stand Down Boy position also is friendly to sex toys. The penetrating partner can easily hold a sex toy onto the clitoris or the penis of the receiving partner. As the receiving partner may need to use both of their hands to hold up their body weight, this can help equalize the pleasure for both partners - and possibly lead to simultaneous orgasms.

If the receiver would like to hold their own sex toys, the receiver can easily place their chest against the bed to leave their hands free like in the Bound Love Triangle position.



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