Lesbian 69 Position

Updated: JUNE 29, 2021

The lesbian 69 sex position is a simple but super-hot oral sex position. In this position, partners lie down each facing the opposite way. In terms of pleasure and fun, this position is about as equal as it gets!

Lesbian 69 Position. One partner lays down on the bed. The other partner climbs on top of the partner with their face in their partner's genitals. Now both people have easy oral access to their partner's genitals.

More About Lesbian 69 Position

There are no major contraindications for practicing this 69 position, but pillows, props, sex furniture, and position adjustments can make things more comfortable. It's nice to get up in a kneeling position as shown above to allow each partner to have some breathing room.

Because faces are far apart here, it can be harder to read your partner's queues, so be sure to check in regularly to make sure everyone's having fun.

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